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  1. Steve Case

    Methane emissions from fossil fuels vastly underestimated.

    Methane IS continuously emitted. It's been monitored since 1984 and has gone up at an average rate of around six or seven parts per billion for over 35 years of measurement. LINK What we aren't being told is how little methane's effect on global temperatures will be. At current rates...
  2. Steve Case

    So why isn't there more hype about the hole in the ozone being fixed?

    There's nothing to see here, move along.
  3. Steve Case

    We won the war on Climate Change!

    Meanwhile United States cities are banning natural gas because of "Climate Change". Claims that the war has been won is bullshit.
  4. Steve Case

    Gate Keeping is alive and well in Climate Journals and Bloggs...

    A few years ago I thought the tide would turn. OK it eventually will, but it won't be anytime soon. The other side has propped up a child messiah to follow, and the press has gotten on board with that in spades. One of the definitions of hell is to live in interesting times.
  5. Steve Case

    Gate Keeping is alive and well in Climate Journals and Bloggs...

    It seems that Democrats are wanting to provoke a civil war. So far they've started to ban natural gas hook-ups in several cities around the country - most in California but a few elsewhere (Cities are banning natural gas in new homes, citing climate change CBS News)* I've wondered what a...
  6. Steve Case

    How much warming, business as usual, will methane produce?

    Here's a typical news headline (yesterday): Methane issues at Peterborough landfill a concern for nearby residents The Peterborough Examiner* They say: “In the first two decades after its release, methane is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.” You know what? That doesn't actually...
  7. Steve Case

    The Green New Deal..... In Reality.....

    Hmmm, I'm sort of thinking about wearing my "CO2 is NOT a Problem" button and wander around downtown during the "festivities" a walking troll I suppose to see if anyone wants to talk about it.
  8. Steve Case

    Where did the 'colder' go?

    Who wants colder? I don't. The only reason to hope for colder is to put the brakes on the "Green New Deal" and other insanities such as geoengineering, banning fossil fuels, carbon taxes etc.
  9. Steve Case

    CO2 is NOT a Problem

    CO2 is NOT a Problem

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