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  1. Crepitus

    Just in case you forgot

    Here's an explanation of Flynn's crimes. He wasn't coerced into lying. The FBI didn't force him to lie. There was no trap. It was not a deep state plot. It was a real crime.
  2. Crepitus

    When covid19 cases surge

    Should we all be able to sue the governors and other politicians who opened up too early? What about the "protestors" who pressured them to do so? There are clear guidelines for reopening that are being ignored. Can we sue the tRump *administration* for not enforcing them? How about for...
  3. Crepitus

    Fauci to testify before Senate

    After the Whitehouse says it would be counterproductive for him to testify before the house. The Whitehouse is full of liars. They are ok with testimony in the Senate because Moscow Mitch will not allow questions tRump doesn't want asked, much less answered...
  4. Crepitus

    Threats of violence in small town Oklahoma.

    Over a requirement to where a mask. These almost certainly conservitard hicks are threading to harm the people in the stores because their almost certainly conservitard city government declared they must wear masks in public. Cries of "unconstitutional" were heard. It's not, BTW. Unless you...
  5. Crepitus

    Question for the tRump supporters

    Now that you know tRump thinks it's okay to inject you with Lysol and stick a UV light up your butt do feel any differently about him and his response to the crisis?
  6. Crepitus

    Free TV for the quarantined Just in case yer gettin' bored.
  7. Crepitus

    How many here have had or think they have had covid19?

    If so, please tell us why. Were you tested? Tell us what it was like for you. I think I may have had it. Back in early March I woke up with fevers chills, and headache. I was so cold I actually thought the furnace had failed. Went to the thermostat and it's integral thermometer said it...
  8. Crepitus


    We finally know what it means!! It's a group of "reopen the country" protestors, one of which is a Covidiot. Two or more are a Covfefe!
  9. Crepitus

    Jared Kushner is gonna get us all killed.

    This nebbish has failed at everything he's ever tried and is he's in charge? We're toast...
  10. Crepitus

    Questions about the *administrations* ability to handle this crisis This particular quote stuck out for me yesterday: This was in response to Mike pEnce's evasion of a question about insurance and people idled by the virus. His boss is proud of him for not answering...
  11. Crepitus

    So who's been idled by the pandemic?

    I decided to close my door for the next two weeks. Anybody else?
  12. Crepitus

    New proofs of Darwin's theory of evolution

    A PhD student proved one of Darwin's theories of evolution 140 years after his death - CNN Fascinating stuff here, you should give it a read.
  13. Crepitus

    Well,.they just cancelled

    School state wide here in Kansas. For at least a week. Got an email just a little while ago. Link to local news. Gov. Kelly, Kansas Department of Education recommends schools close for one week
  14. Crepitus

    tRump rally

    Anybody else notice this is the first time he hasn't held rallies and as many of the states having primaries as possible? I wonder why? I couldn't be coronavirus, that's a Democratic hoax.
  15. Crepitus

    Similarities to 2016

    Anybody else notice the tRumplings are reusing the same material? "Oh, he/she is a criminal! See these trumped up crimes?" (Pun intended) "Oh, he/she has dementia!! See our edited videos?" "Oh, he/she is too unhealthy to be president! See our fake news?" Not one original thought.
  16. Crepitus

    Wonder is any one is dumb enough to fall for this?

    P.S.A WARNING: If you have recently purchased meth locally, it may be contaminated with the Corona Virus. Please take it to the Sheriff's Office or Police Department and they will test it for free. Kansas authorities will test your meth for coronavirus Meth is a pretty big problem here, as...
  17. Crepitus

    New study shows income growth slowed under tRump.

    Under President Trump, income growth has slowed across the U.S. " Middle-class incomes grew at a rate of 2.7 percent from 2016 through 2018, compared to a 5.8 percent growth rate from 2014 through 2016 when accounting for inflation. "Despite what we heard at the State of the Union, the truth...
  18. Crepitus

    Latest polls from virginia

    TRump losing against every Democratic candidate. RealClearPolitics - 2020 - Latest Polls
  19. Crepitus

    Live fact check of liar's SOTU

    FACT CHECK: President Trump Delivers His 3rd State Of The Union Address Just in case anyone is interested.
  20. Crepitus

    Someone has too much time on their hands.

    Original SpongeBob version I thought it was funny so I thought I'd share.
  21. Crepitus

    Big, beautiful border wall falls down.

    In high winds of 37 MPH. 37 MPH? Good thing they didn't build it here in Kansas, it wouldn't have lasted a week. Portion of US border wall in California falls over in high winds and lands on Mexican side - CNNPolitics
  22. Crepitus

    Hunter Biden is the Antichrist!!

    Lol, made ya look!
  23. Crepitus

    Pompeo verbally assaulted an NPR reporter.

    He was pissed off because he couldn't answer the questions. Audio at the link. Pompeo explodes at NPR reporter, asks if she could find Ukraine on a map
  24. Crepitus

    Did they dope up tRump to keep

    Him from going off the rails during his speech yesterday? Slurred words, gasping for air, looking confused and barely able to stand.... WTF? Trump Sounded Drugged As He Slurred, Snorted, and Breathed Heavily During Iran Statement
  25. Crepitus

    The war on New year's day.

    When conservatives insist on "Merry Christmas" instead of "happy holidays" they are explicitly excepting New Year's day from being a holiday. Why do you hate New Year's? Doesn't it deserve recognition? Or do you not consider it to be an important holiday because it's not part of your...
  26. Crepitus

    None Of The Above.

    Why do we not have this on every election? Why are we so often asked to choose between a douchebag and a turd sandwich? I think every election should have a binding "NOTA" option , and if NOTA wins the most votes all candidates are disqualified and disallowed from running for that office...
  27. Crepitus

    It's come to this

    The US Army is preparing to move Lt.Col. Vindman and family to a safe location. It's a sad, sad day for the USA. You republicans should be ashamed. You won't be, you aren't self-aware enough. But you should be. The Army is prepared to move Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family to a safe...
  28. Crepitus

    Lost in the shuffle....

    Some of the things not getting any ideas time because of drama. Steve Miller is an outright Nazi. tRump totally flipped his stance on vaping because he's afraid of offending some of his base. tRump will allow coal plants to dump toxic waste water into rivers and streams untreated. Thanks to...
  29. Crepitus

    Manly new GE appliances.

    I suspect there's more than a few here who would buy them just for the "F-" energy star rating.
  30. Crepitus

    Where's the official impeachment hearing thread?

    Is it this? And if so are we really supposed to believe the mods are not partisan?

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