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    Remember when the IFR was supposed to be as high as 3% for Covid-19 ? While I don't hang my hat on one is a study of the predictions (in part). And it is clear the intial panic was all bullshit. It fomented the left to the point of forcing a lockdown (by people like the shit for...
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    Sweden's Results - Can we trust the Covid 19 models.

    Well, yes..... Here we have a look at how Sweden was supposed to be the Typhoid Marry of Corona. The models predicted all kinds of apacolypic bullshit.....that never happened. The number of patients in ICU has been fairly stable around 500-550 since mid-April. This means that capacity was...
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    Sweden's Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be The Worlds Rather than declare a lockdown or a state of emergency, Sweden asked its citizens to practice social distancing on a mostly voluntary basis. Swedish authorities imposed some restrictions...
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    Evelyn Farkas: Using Collusion Lie As Premise For Campaign Everyone knows by now that the Russia collusion fairytale is a lie. And look who lied and is now lying even more....of course she's a...
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    The Effort At Education

    I have been looking for webs-sites that 1. Do an in-depth job of discussing the constitution and our history as it relates. If nothing else, I'd like some good meaty reads on the topics. Any suggestions ?
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    Turley...Obama gets it wrong on Flynn Turley....whacks Obama....again.
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    Bill Maher.......Beef Up Your Imune System & Live Your Life "I worry that the past two months of quarantine have given people the idea that way for humans to win our million-year war with microbes is to avoid...
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    Turley - The Prosecution of Michael Flynn and the Travesty of Justice Great timing !!!!!!! From the article: Previously undisclosed documents in the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn offer us a chilling blueprint on how top FBI...
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    Vernon Jones Says He's Not Quitting After All

    This guy is a democrat in Georgia. He endorsed Trump and was censured and suffered a lot of shit. He resigned...then said...Fuck you democrats....I ain't going.
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    Whitmer Sends Whitsett Unpleasant Texts

    Looks like Bitch Whitmer is still at it again. Please nominate her as your VP. We'll simply show how she violated peoples rights and bitched at people for surviving the virus. Fuck her and I hope she catches it....real bad...
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    Why Does New York Continue To Die ?

    They've have a long time to figure this out. I've been posting their dismal numbers for some time. What is wrong with them ?
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    Pelosi & Schumer....Making Trump's Reelection Easier One week ago, it started to become clear that one key component of the package -- the small business 'paycheck protection' forgivable...
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    Petty Jim Acosta.....It's All About Him

    Well, this little twit who can't stand to share the limelight has outdone himself this time. "I have to tell you that is the biggest...
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    These folks are in lockdown ???? Don't think so..... Months into the fight against the novel coronavirus in the U.S., some Americans' daily lives are still relatively normal. In Washington County, Utah, with a population of about 165,000...
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    Ann Coulter Nails It Again....Great Job It’s probably a coincidence, but I notice that as businesses go under, jobs are lost, careers are ended and trillions of dollars are drained from the economy, the people most avidly pushing the coronavirus panic are doing quite well. No politician or government...
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    Why Is The New York Times Such A Left Wing Rag ?

    The times seem to be kind of a propaganda arm of for the left. They write a lot of articles that are bullshit. Love how they attack others for being hacks....when they, themselves, are hacks.
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    The Lefts Continuing Efforts To Silence Critics....Meet Someone Who Gets Rich Doing It To accomplish the first point, look no further than WASHLITE board member Arthur West, who, according to reports, is not an attorney, but rather a former auto mechanic that...
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    Impeach Biden

    I know he's not been nominated. I know he's not been elected (nor will he likely be). But, taking a play from the left-wingers, it's not to early to start. In this case, we actually have something.....but that does not matter. After all we have this as our example:
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    Christiane Amanpour Has Really Gone Downhill

    Not a Fox fan. But this piece is a load of bullshit. And each day is proving it to be such.
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    8 To 12 Months ? Zeke Emanual at it again. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel explains when he believes life will get back to normal after the coronavirus, predicting that "the crisis is not going to go away in a few...
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    Finally !!! Someone calls out the WHO for sucking up to China....Bravo Rubio I've watched some hit pieces on this (Tucker Carlson did one, but I am very skeptical of him). Rubio, though....great work. From the article: World Health Organization Director-General...
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    How many USMB members have contracted the flu ?

    Last six months the estimates are 24,000 to as many as 62,000 deaths. Wonder why we can't get a handle on that number. There have also been 150 pediatric fatalities from the flu in 2020 alone. That is really heartbreaking Just wondering how many have had it.
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    Exclusive Threads

    Is there a way to create a thread and only grant access to people you want in the thread ?
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    Really Enjoyed This - New York Leaders In Denial About Virus

    Wonder if this has anything to do with the fact they are at the top of the leaderboard ? Sorry's from Fox News.....but it has direct film of leaders basically telling people that the Corona won't be an issue. The left won't watch the clips...hope they don't comment if they don't...
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    When No News Is Worse Than Bad News

    I recall reading many articles on the subject of ambiguity and how it can create stress in people. Many of these articles say that No news is worse than bad news. And hence you can see the strategy of Trump is to give people some dates to focus on. It is something. The left wingers who whine...
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    Do you see people blowing off social distancing.

    A friend from NM has indicated that they are in full lockdown. But many are blowing it off. Do you see that ?
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    7,500 people die in the U.S. every day. Do the math

    Number of deaths: 2,813,503 Per year (about 235,000 per month or 8,000 per day) Death rate: 863.8 deaths per 100,000 population Life expectancy: 78.6 years Infant Mortality rate: 5.79 deaths per 1,000 live births Source: Deaths: Final Data for 2017, tables 1, 3, 13 pdf...
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    Did you hear about the Great American Take Out Day ?

    I didn't. Damn it anyway. An excuse to get pizza and I blew it. I like it. Do what we can to keep businesses afloat.
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    What Would You Say If You Were Over 60 ?

    Thought experiment: If you were 60, what would you do in the face of this crisis ? I would: 1. Tell the country to go back to work. 2. Help me isolate myself by using common sense. 3. I would not go shopping. I'd ask someone to do it for me....maybe using gloves. 4. I would not want people...

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