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  1. MikeK

    Meet the Sisk family

    Tommy, how would you suggest the authorities go about checking to see if "these people" actually have guns? 3AM S.W.A.T. raid and thorough premises search? Do you want to live in a country where that sort of thing is acceptable? A gun ban will make as much sense as alcohol Prohibition made...
  2. MikeK

    Man that slammed trump for immigration policies as racist.. killed by illegal lol

    Thank you for posting this. It makes me feel really good.
  3. MikeK

    How do I become a racist?

    If you want an intelligent, substantive answer you must present a thorough and specific description of what a 'racist' is. Because 'racist' is among the most misused, over-used words in the American lexicon and if you ask a dozen people what that word means you are likely to hear half-a-dozen...
  4. MikeK

    Mexico Citizens forced to take the Law in to their own hands.

    In the final analysis the obvious problem is the wholly counterproductive War on Drugs which is the lifeblood of the cartels. Use of the most common recreational drugs should be legalized and controlled by federal regulation in a manner similar to that of beverage alcohol. The immediate...
  5. MikeK

    Once again, Putin puppet Trump disobeys his Russian overlords

    I think the assertion that Trump is some sort of Russian collaborator is absurd. But I personally believe a 'conditional' alliance with Russia is a good idea because Russia is White, and it's badass, and Whites are becoming a threatened minority worldwide, a fact which a large number of...
  6. MikeK

    The Border Patrol is expecting 100,000 to try to invade the border soon.

    All it would take is about a dozen non-lethal casualties, such as those resulting from rubber shotgun slugs right in the face. That would put an end of all this aggressive bullshit. These ignorant peasants are being instigated by provocateurs who tell them the Americans are not willing to...
  7. MikeK

    14 year old shoots 5 family members dead as US killing fields clam 10,000 victims this year

    The most obvious lesson, Tommy, is American society has more than its share of crazies. Guns are not the problem. Rampant psychopathology is.
  8. MikeK

    2nd Amendment Discussion

    Gracie, there are two types of 'AK.' The (original) military version, which is capable of fully automatic (machine-gun) function, and the civilian version, which is not. Both are visually identical.
  9. MikeK

    2nd Amendment Discussion

    Gracie, while it is true that non-military, non-police persons can own machine guns in any form the category of persons who are so entitled is so negligible it is hardly worth mentioning. In order to lawfully own a machine gun one must pass through such an incredibly thorough maze of...
  10. MikeK

    Convenient store stand-your-ground shooter charged

    I suggest that anyone who is not inclined to stunningly attack Mr. Drejka, forcefully knocking him to the pavement, is thoroughly safe from any defensive action by Mr. Drejka.
  11. MikeK

    2nd Amendment Discussion

    It remains an absolute right until any exceptions to its purview are plainly stipulated -- and no such stipulations are found anywhere in the Second Amendment. Governments have thus far managed to impose limits on our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms only because of the People's...
  12. MikeK

    Struggling Lewiston Maine and the invasion of culture that refuses to assimilate

    Old Lady, a cancer is taking hold in various parts of America and you are one of the more prominently malignant sites.
  13. MikeK

    Struggling Lewiston Maine and the invasion of culture that refuses to assimilate

    Has a lesson been learned? If not, what will it take?
  14. MikeK

    Struggling Lewiston Maine and the invasion of culture that refuses to assimilate

    Your town has been invaded. These savages already have raped and murdered and you're talking about "merit-based immigration?" What you should be thinking very seriously about is homicidal vigilantism. You need to engage your police in oblique discussions to ensure their covert cooperation...
  15. MikeK

    In Lieu Of Recent Mass Shootings With Assault Rifles,There Seems To Be Mass Ignorance Of What One Is

    Skews13, you're a really good writer but in this example you have over-cooked the sauce. To begin with, fully automatic capability is the primary requirement for an 'assault' rifle. Next on the list of requirements are light weight, compactness, high ammo capacity, simple functionality...
  16. MikeK

    Comparison of White Civilization with...???

    This would be funny were it not so accurately reflective of reality.
  17. MikeK

    have today's African Americans also benefited from slavery ?

    People like this should be segregated and held apart from civilized society. They are best suited for a lifestyle closely resembling that of slavery but devoid of the cruelties associated with that era. Their fundamental nature clearly is not compatible with the most basic principles of social...
  18. MikeK

    It really was not that long ago...

    Third Party; It is not at all uncommon to hear a Black speaker blame the phenomenon of Black-on-Black violence on Whites and then confidently set about to explain exactly how that works.
  19. MikeK

    It really was not that long ago...

    There are two truths -- yours and mine. You are Black. I'm White. My parents migrated from Germany to Brooklyn, New York, where and when slavery and Jim Crow segregation never existed. So how do you manage to rationalize the implications of this sentence: "Others have tried to argue that...
  20. MikeK

    ISIS Fighter Killed By Drone Bomb He Was Operating After It Ran Low On Battery And Flew Back

    This report is absolutely hilarious to anyone who is familiar with hobby drones. Many of these fascinating little aircraft are equipped with a "Return To Home" feature which will return the drone to the controller if a problem or low battery power should occur. So if an on-board explosive...
  21. MikeK

    2nd Amendment Discussion

    It fits.
  22. MikeK

    2nd Amendment Discussion

    The answer to that question is the very real possibility that an aggressor might be armed with an AK-47 or its equivalent. What is the purpose to learn and practice a martial art?
  23. MikeK

    Convenient store stand-your-ground shooter charged

    Faun, you are sitting peacefully at a keyboard weighing this event with clear and calm thought processes. That was not the case with Drejka who had just been forcibly struck and knocked stunningly to the pavement by a huge and menacing Black man whose face probably reflected malicious rage. At...
  24. MikeK

    Convenient store stand-your-ground shooter charged

    This fellow wasn't 'pushed' to the ground but rather he was forcefully and surprisingly 'knocked' to the ground in a manner which is best described as a disorienting attack by a menacing aggressor. His reaction was reflexive and entirely defensive.
  25. MikeK

    President Trump has a message for illegal aliens who don't like conditions at detention centers

    What we are seeing right now is the brilliantly conceived, carefully planned, methodical destruction of the traditional USA. The ignorant peasant class which is passively invading our Nation by exploiting a number of serious flaws and oversights in our immigration laws has been convinced by...
  26. MikeK

    Gun Control - What's the Problem?

    You could say something similar about cars. If restrictions were imposed on cars based on necessity of use and possession there would be a substantial reduction in the amount of death, injury, and property destruction caused by the automobile. As for the frequency of mass shootings, the...
  27. MikeK

    Thanks to Trump, we now have a swarm of potential domestic terrotists in this country

    Thank you, Jitss617, for reminding us of the real source of terrorism in the U.S. Here is a sample of where the violence is coming from. These lyrics from from dozens of "rap" records which sell briskly to Black consumers who parrot them in hallways and on ghetto corners. Lyrics from some...
  28. MikeK

    NYPD officer in Eric Garner case fired

    The same kind of ignorance that causes so much confusion in the "assault" weapon issue is operating in the so-called "chokehold" issue. Those who wish to debate this issue must learn the difference between a 'chokehold' and a 'stranglehold.' While a 'chokehold' is a very effective way to bring...

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