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    What are some of your favorite albums/CD's, regardless of genre?

    My favorites include Every Picture Tells A Story, by Rod Stewart. The Muddy Waters Box Set on Chess Records. Revolver, by The Beatles. The Complete Recorded Works of Robert Johnson, and Who's Next, by The Who. My favorite "progressive rock" album is Close To The Edge, by Yes, followed...
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    What are your favorite "Best Of" or Greatest Hits Albums/CD's?

    My two absolute favorites are Elton John Greatest Hits, Volume 1 and The Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-75. My favorite Best Of Blues Album/CD is The Best of Muddy Waters. Please discuss.
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    The story of a boy becoming a man, reverting BACK to being a boy, and then to a man, again

    This person became a man at age 19, with the loss of his virginity and naivete. Unfortunately, through alcohol abuse (drinking FAR too much beer) and not REALLY believing in God, this person reverted back to being a boy, in many ways. Flash forward to some 30 years later, this person developed...
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    If someone were to offer you a cool million bucks, US dollars, tax-free........... sleep with either Melania Trump OR Michelle "Big Mike" Obama, who would you choose and WHY?
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    What are some of your favorite songs, in any genre, that have the words, Turkey or Chicken in their titles?

    My favorites are "Cold Turkey", by John Lennon and "Dixie Chicken", by Little Feat.
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    What are some of your favorite Sunday Morning Songs?

    That is, songs that are mellow and easing-going, and never fail to calm you and put you in a serene mood. My favorites include - "Morning Has Broken", by Cat Stevens, "The Only Living Boy In New York" and "The Boxer", by Simon and Garfunkel, "Here Today", by Paul McCartney, and "Old and Wise"...
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    What do you think are the best debut albums, in any music genre, all-time?

    My votes go to Are You Experienced? by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The self-titled debut by The Doors, The self-titled debut by Boston, The self-titled debut by Tracy Chapman, and Let Love Rule, by Lenny Kravitz.
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    What are THE best cover versions of songs, in ANY music genre?

    Some of THE best, IMHO, are "All Along The Watchtower", by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, "Mr. Tambourine Man", by the Byrds, "Dancing In The Street" and "Oh, Pretty Woman", by Van Halen, and "Blue Bayou", "It's So Easy", and "When Will I Be Loved", by Linda Ronstadt.
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    Birthday wishes to musician extraordinaire Neil Young...............

    ......................who turns 75 years YOUNG today. Long may HE run. :cool:
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    What are some of your favorite politically minded, or protest songs, in any genre?

    A couple of my favorites are "Ohio", by CSN&Y, and "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall", by Bob Dylan.
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    What are some of your favorite love songs, in any music genre?

    My favorites include - "Unchained Melody", by the Righteous Brothers, "Lady", by Kenny Rogers, "How Can I Tell You", by Cat Stevens, "Woman", by John Lennon, and "Maybe I'm Amazed", by Paul McCartney.
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    Who would you consider to be a genius, musically, among rock or pop musicians over the years?

    I can think of only a few. When I think of "genius", pertaining to musical ability, I think of those musicians who are or were not only great musicians or vocalists, but also wonderful songwriters and producers in addition to their musical ability. Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend...
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    What are some of your favorite songs about sex?

    Some of my favorites include, but are in NO way limited to - "I Just Want to Make Love to You", by Muddy Waters, "Whole Lotta Love", by Led Zeppelin, "I Touch Myself", by The Divinyls, "Let's Get It On", by Marvin Gaye, and "She-Bop", by Cyndi Lauper (A song about masturbation.)
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    Who are some of your favorite Rock and Roll Guitarists, all-time?

    My favorites are - 1) Eric Clapton 2) Joe Satriani 3) Jeff Beck 4) Richard Thompson, and 5) Eric Johnson
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    Our Internet Service was out for four and half, almost five days............

    It was FINALLY restored about a half hour ago. I'm glad to be back on here.:)
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    Who are some of your favorite White Actors/Actresses, all-time?

    My favorites are - 1) Dustin Hoffman 2) Jack Nicholson 3) Charlton Heston 4) Meryl Streep, and 5) Rod Steiger
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    Who are some of your favorite Black Actors/Actresses, all-time?

    My favorites are - 1) Sidney Poitier 2) Denzel Washington 3) Morgan Freeman 4) Halle Berry, and 5) James Earl Jones
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    Who are some of your favorite White Athletes, all-time?

    My favorites are - 1) Babe Ruth 2) Drew Brees 3) Wayne Gretzky 4) Lou Gehrig, and 5) Jerry West
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    Who are some of your favorite Black Athletes, all-time?

    My favorites are - 1) Walter Payton 2) Harold Baines - Member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame 3) Hank Aaron 4) Wilt Chamberlain, NBA Great, and 5) Jackie Robinson
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    What are some of your favorite movies that feature Werewolves?

    My favorite is An American Werewolf In London, followed closely by The Howling.
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    What are some of your favorite movies that feature Vampires?

    My favorite is Love At First Bite, with George Hamilton.
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    What are some of your favorite movies that feature Ghosts?

    My favorites are - 1) The Sixth Sense 2) The Shining 3) The Others 4) The Orphanage, and 5) Ghostbusters
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    Sick again...........

    I just got over having ANOTHER bout with complications due to diabetes. I had to spend a couple days in a local hospital to figure out WHY I'm having difficulties dealing with the disease. This time my blood sugar levels were almost dangerously low due to an overcompensation in insulin...
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    What are some of your favorite albums by Stevie Wonder?

    My favorites are - 1) Songs in the Key of Life 2) Innervisions 3) Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants 4) Talking Book, and 5) Fulfillingness' First Finale
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    What are some of your favorite albums by Cat Stevens?

    My favorites are - 1) Teaser and the Firecat 2) Tea for the Tillerman 3) Catch Bull at Four 4) Back to Earth, and 5) Buddha and the Chocolate Box
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    What are some of your favorite albums by Elton John?

    My favorites are - 1) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 2) Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy 3) Tumbleweed Connection 4) Honky Chateau, and 5) Rock of the Westies
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    What are some of you favorite albums by AC/DC?

    My favorites are 1) Let There Be Rock 2) Back in Black 3) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 4) Flick of the Switch, and 5) Stiff Upper Lip
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    What are some of your favorite albums by Rush?

    This thread is for THE Rush expert on this site, Angelo. If there is something you'd like to know about the group or anything about their history, send this man a private message. My favorite albums by them are - 1) Moving Pictures 2) Permanent Waves 3) Hemispheres 4) Signals, and 5) Counterparts
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    What are some of your favorite albums by Queen?

    My favorites are - 1) A Night at the Opera 2) A Day at the Races 3) Sheer Heart Attack 4) The Game, and 5) Jazz
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    What are some of your favorite albums by Willie Nelson?

    My favorites are - 1) Red Headed Stranger 2) Stardust 3) Last Man Standing 4) For The Good Times - Willie's tribute album to Ray Price, and 5) My Way - Willie's tribute album to Frank Sinatra

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