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  1. Floyd61

    Air Force Base To Host Drag Queen Show

  2. Floyd61

    In CA, Newsom to pay unpaid rent for illegals and others.

    That's a nice way of saying socialism
  3. Floyd61

    Is Voicing A Goal Of Burning A US Flag On Olympic Podium Valid Reason To Deny Transgender Athlete Spot On US Olympic Team?

    Geez, these trannies are so angry
  4. Floyd61

    In CA, Newsom to pay unpaid rent for illegals and others.

    Let the scams begin, people are going to be more lazy than ever...
  5. Floyd61

    Trump " I have not conceded"

    I hope so, these democrats are flipping out
  6. Floyd61

    Looks like the Democrats have lost another one.

    It got the Bidens rich
  7. Floyd61

    Looks like the Democrats have lost another one.

    Just bomb them
  8. Floyd61

    Top Chinese spy ‘defects to US to spill Wuhan lab secrets’

    Democrats are going to suicide him
  9. Floyd61

    Ask yourself a question: Who is buying Hunter Biden's art work?

    The same kind of people who gave him a"job"
  10. Floyd61

    CDZ Has the World Never Achieved Racial Equality Because?

    Has the world never achieved racial equality because the races are just unequal?
  11. Floyd61

    How to stop this trans athelete foolishness

    Liberals have their own science
  12. Floyd61

    Oh my, what a tangled web we weave

    Geez you demmie's are desperate
  13. Floyd61

    Fauci Doubles Down On Claim That Criticizing Him Means Criticizing All Science

    What does science say about trannies?
  14. Floyd61

    Ron Johnson booed at Juneteenth celebration

    That's what the CTR says
  15. Floyd61

    New Zealand Selects Male Weight Lifter To Compete Against Biological Women In Tokyo

    I don't know how this can't make a person sick to their stomach...
  16. Floyd61

    Ron Johnson booed at Juneteenth celebration

    Well, he's white
  17. Floyd61

    Majority Believe Masks Are BS Too

    The masks cause more health problems
  18. Floyd61

    GAO audit shows trump's border wall lie

    Democrats wish he completed 0 miles
  19. Floyd61

    “It’s a Long Tradition in RI,” Whitehouse Defends Family’s Membership in All-White Club

    An all-white club does sound nice though, the other races seem to be enjoying their private clubs
  20. Floyd61

    Find Kamala at the border if you can

    She's in that hole looking at the roots
  21. Floyd61

    Sen. Ron Johnson Says CDC Covering Up "Vaccine" Adverse Events, Suppressing Remedies (Video)

    Democrats are at their worst when confronted with the truth
  22. Floyd61

    Counting On Biden To Make Me Rich

    I remember buying those two homes and thanking Obama

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