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    Irony alert

    These articles posted side by side: Something else for the Senate to ignore as they cover corruption. Trump Poised To Roll Back Decades Of Clean Water Protections With New Rule Federal Water Tap, January 13: House...
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    Behold, Trump's Renfield

    One of many A GOP congressman tweeted a fake picture of Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani smiling and shaking hands
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    Most folks knew this would never 'trickle down' to middle Americans from the git-go, yet I keep hearing cultists praise the success of the tax cuts. Unhappy Birthday? Trump Tax Cuts Turn 2
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    Quantity Trumps quality

    I have read this same kind of background about several of Republican confirmations for federal judges lately. Republicans Confirm Judge Rated 'Not Qualified' For Being 'Lazy,' 'Arrogant'
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    Gee whoda thunk the Barr DOJ would protect the flim flam man? Anybody ever wonder why Trump is so scared of revealing his taxes? Are they still under audit? After all, he DID promise. Or are the Dems, Hillary, Obama, Sciff and fake news stopping him from keeping his promise? Justice...
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    As SCOTUS considers DACA

    and the promise we made: Duckworth celebrates Veterans Day with deported veterans in Mexico
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    Has anyone seen the new Sessions ad?

    After all he went thru from Trump, it's the most toadying piece I've seen since Ted Cruz swallowed the vindictive trash from Dear Leader and became Trump's #1 fan. Sessions may top that. Hope he and Bevins form a Coattails Club that bases their candidacy on Trump's popularity. Along with Roy...
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    I'd like to remind everybody

    that it seems like ALL presidents get booed at ball games. This is no exception, just SOP. Donald Trump met with boos and 'lock him up' chant at World Series Game 5
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    This is the only time

    I have ever agreed with a Russian government statement. And the only time I ever will. Kremlin says U.S. betrayed Kurds in Syria, tells Kurds to withdraw or be mauled
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    Mattis humor

    got a large laugh from me. Former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis roasts Donald Trump: 'I earned my spurs on the battlefield'
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    Epiphany or what?

    I'm still skeptical, but Napolitano seems to have lost his filters. I appreciate that he sticks to issues in his criticism and lays off the hyperbole. Fox News Legal Analyst Has A Stark Warning For Republicans Who Support Trump
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    Warnings and wake-up calls everywhere

    As Kudlow reruns his Bush43 mantra that the economy is sound. I can't help but think of the old Simon & Garfunkle song, "Nightly News" when I hear his effort to hide the truth, as evidenced by the host of events like this: Coal mine closures shake Wyoming They can't ALL go to work for Amazon...
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    Take a look at this

    list of innovative prospects. It is so good to see new ideas to solve old problems. Kudos to the new generations across the world. I hope Americans are among the new world leadership of invention. 16 inventions getting us off fossil fuels and into renewable energy
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    If only Joe Walsh

    had apologized for his behavior BEFORE he announced his candidacy, it would have carried more weight at my house. Joe Walsh apologizes for racist comments, will run against Trump
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    I wonder if Trump

    will send the same crack team of best people to New Hampshire that he sent to Hawaii to check out Obama's birth certificate. FEC chair challenges Trump to provide evidence of voter fraud in New Hampshire
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    What's this?

    The President gets to decide who gets to keep their earned medals and whom to strip because they prosecuted a case he didn't like. Gee, I wonder where Bill Barr will find a legal Presidential right to 'rule' by whim who gets to keep medals they eraned. Navy SEAL prosecutors to be stripped of...
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    Trump pardons

    It is hard to believe anything that comes out of the Trump White House, but if these blurbs about the felons are true, I'd call it 'Well Done'! Reform is long overdue for those convicted of minor crimes. At present jobs are hard to get, credit is hard to get, and voting in their own interest...
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    Mitch Mash

    Even more interesting than the article is the attached comments: 'Sons Of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman Blasts Sen. Mitch McConnell In Twitter Rant
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    Anybody seen this interesting blurb yet?

    How biased is your news source? You probably won’t agree with this chart I've never heard of most of the fringe except Infowars.
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    After reading this...

    All I can say is...Huh? Christie’s Scathing Indictment of Trump Talk about yer fence-sitters!
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    Has anyone seen a blurb on 'Deepface"?

    I saw it in passing. I think it is called 'deepface'. It shows videos of people that are composites and do not exist yet looking very real. Comedian J Peele pulled up a composite of Obama using Peele's words and looking like Obama was speaking saying something silly about Ben Carson. But the...
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    I heard yesterday the State of Illinois

    made a rule that if Trump doesn't reveal 5 years of his tax returns, the state will not allow him on the 2020 Presidential ballot. Is this legal? I know Trump dumps laws, like using the military for police duties, that his adherents think is okey-dokey. But I doubt this will get by without...
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    Million dollar donor

    to Trump campaign gets the shaft Coal loses another battle, despite Trump As one from the 'rust belt' that held out hope long after it was gone, my heart goes out to those workers depending on a dying industry and clinging to false promises.
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    The one to whom Trump is most loyal

    Putin should send Trump a case of champagne. While everyone is in a tizzy and looking the other way over a useless wall, Trump is paving the way for Russia to intimidate and bully Europe..again. The only reason Russia has held back so long is because America used to keep its commitments. But...
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    I'm watching Barr

    and so far, I am impressed. Trump must have made a mistake. I am also watching the questioners. They are the same old dog & pony show, but Barr is just plain impressive to me, so far.
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    From "The Wall"

    Since I live on the other border, my opinions on the situation at the southern border are the simple logic of the personally uninvolved. It appears from this article that those who are personally involved are in a lot less panic than the main resident of DC. Isn't Texas solid red? President...
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    James Fields is a martyr

    according to the 'crying Nazi' White Supremacist Chris Cantwell Promises Revenge Over Conviction of Charlottesville Killer I am always impressed (jealous) of the creative humor of commenters, especially those who suggest Trump will appoint him Chief of Staff
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    Michigan Republican legislators

    might be wise to dust off their resumes and bone up on alternate employment. Wisconsin too. Michigan GOP moves to strip Democratic officeholders' power
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    GHWB Memorial

    I am always impressed by the pomp and circumstance of traditional events, so I got all comfy to watch the transfer of "Poppy's" remains at the Capitol Rotunda. The steps were lined by spit & polish military on both sides, an impressive sight. And as the hearse pulled up and stopped before the...
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    Our tax dollars at work

    I just don't know for what... Corporate tax breaks cost U.S. schools billions of lost revenue: report

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