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  1. Michigan Swampbuck

    Young black girl commits suicide

    I've always considered suicide to be an act of selfishness, but sometimes you can go so low that suicide is actually a viable option. Consider, everyone you knew and loved was gone and there was nothing left between you and eternity but yourself.
  2. Michigan Swampbuck

    What is history?

    History, literal, factual history, is the events leading up to the present. The cause and effect that created the now. All the things that have happened already. The present is the future's history. History is the back end of the reality wave we are riding into tomorrow. The present is the...
  3. Michigan Swampbuck

    Young black girl commits suicide

    Love is a horrible trick played on us by nature. The intensity of being with or without someone you fall for is an emotional roller-coaster ride that's hard to get off of. You rather die than lose that person you are meant for. Being in love is a state of insanity.
  4. Michigan Swampbuck

    It will come this, then what? Forced Vaccination

    Your question: "Why not do both?" Here you go, a bit heavy on "the science", but give it a try. Link to Article
  5. Michigan Swampbuck

    It will come this, then what? Forced Vaccination

    Very true Rightwinger. However, there is that fact that becoming infected confers immunity and those people wouldn't need a "vaccine" that is technically a "medical device" in the form of a "synthetic, inorganic molecule". These people who recovered from COVID have had a "pathogenic...
  6. Michigan Swampbuck

    It will come this, then what? Forced Vaccination

    No Jab For Me! They have the SARS-CoV-2 virus, mapped and patented. It now exists as code in a data base ready to be manufactured in a lab. Technically it can exist without existing by being code in a computer. So it can't fly around? Perhaps an airborne virus crawls it's way to a host to...
  7. Michigan Swampbuck

    'Been There, Seen That, Done That, Don't Want Any Part Of That' - Cuban Immigrant Warns Americans

    Good warning. Maybe that's why the Latino community is ignored while the African American community is the center of attention with the media, Latinos have more experience with communist style dictatorships than blacks here in the States.
  8. Michigan Swampbuck

    Illinois judge finds Firearm owner card unConstitutional....about time.

    The right to bear "arms" ie. "carry weapons", that's means I have a right to carry any number of weapons, defensive or offensive. If they subvert that right "that shall not be infringed", they could arrest you for a concealed pocket knife, a heavy stick or a rock in your hand. All they'd need to...
  9. Michigan Swampbuck

    Who and Why Promotes Social Racial Psychosis???

    I like that term, "Racial Psychosis" and it came up in my DDG search as being a white and as a black disorder. In the case of whites, we has a disorder that causes racism, but if you're black, white racism is the cause of your disorder. See how that works? Woke yet? Structural Racism May Be a...
  10. Michigan Swampbuck

    CDZ Will Vaccinated People Be More Vulnerable to Variants?

    A lot of knowledgeable people on other discussion boards are arguing about these issues and have good points on both sides of each of these claims. It's like yes, but we don't know if it's the vaccine or yes, but only under these specfic circumstances, or no and this is why. All of it highly...
  11. Michigan Swampbuck

    A drop in US IQ elected Biden.

    That last line I quoted says it all really.
  12. Michigan Swampbuck

    A drop in US IQ elected Biden.

    “The causes in IQ increases over time and now the decline is due to environmental factors,” said Rogeburg, who believes the change is not due to genetics. “It’s not that dumb people are having more kids than smart people, to put it crudely. It’s something to do with the environment, because...
  13. Michigan Swampbuck

    Repeating The Lie

    I'd say the the weight of the evidence, as circumstantial as that may be, tends toward the synthetic origin theory.
  14. Michigan Swampbuck

    Are black women just easy targets for racist whites?

    You would have to be at least 1/8 Native American blood to be qualified for government entitlements like TITLE IV, and you'd have to prove your tribal affiliation by having a relative in a tribal roll call census document. That would be a single full blooded great grand parent or half blooded...
  15. Michigan Swampbuck

    Biden Offers Bribe To Senator To Help Get Rid Of Racist Filibuster Rule

    It's back to business as usual now that Orange Man went bye-bye. If pretty much every other corrupt practice by the Democrats was ignored, then this one will be censored and made into a "nothing burger" with large fries and a Coke. I'm not holding my breath, this will get no place fast IMO.
  16. Michigan Swampbuck

    Are black women just easy targets for racist whites?

    I like white bread just fine and a light to medium brown on my toast. I like rye on occasion though and go through a lot of wheat bread as well.
  17. Michigan Swampbuck

    Blacks are attacking Asians in SanFrancisco

    Yeah, I admitted how wrong I was in a reply to my own post. It's insane how they can twist a situation to make it fit their agenda. What they came up with in order to blame white racism and Donald Trump is mind boggling, but the fact that this gets repeated, added to, amplified and actually...
  18. Michigan Swampbuck

    Blacks are attacking Asians in SanFrancisco

    Boy was I wrong! You just need a nut job, sex addicted, Christian white male to play patsy, use the racist card and then blame Trump for it! Now they can show footage of black on Asian attacks and blame white racism and Donald Trump. Devious and entirely psychopathic, but in hindsight, totally...
  19. Michigan Swampbuck

    After searching and searching since 2002, I finally will have this 1974 lost sitcom on DVD, "CHICO AND THE MAN"

    I remember that as a kid around 9 or 10 years old. I found some DVDs at a garage sale last year of that old 70s TV program "Midnight Special" that has live performances from bands and comedians. In one episode it had Freddie Prinze do his routine. There were a lot of racist and drug related...
  20. Michigan Swampbuck

    Your Papers Please - Coming soon to the US?

    So what, unless they want vax papers for intrastate travel, then I'd get mighty pissed off. That would be a state level mandate though the dept of health. When it gets like that, the resistance will get serious and the state government will need their National Guard back in the state, not in DC...
  21. Michigan Swampbuck

    Brain Damaging Lead Found In Most Illinois Tap Water

    When I lived in the Detroit area some 30 years ago, there was a newspaper article about the aging water infrastructure in the city. The article said (at the time) there were still wooden water mains in old neighborhoods that were made from hollowed out logs.
  22. Michigan Swampbuck

    Blacks are attacking Asians in SanFrancisco

    If these attacks ramp up, it will keep California busy and the have the media focused on the African and Asian Americans. I doubt that the Democratic administration will say or do anything about it. This may give conservative white folks a chance to regroup after Trump.
  23. Michigan Swampbuck

    Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations

    Good luck on that second jab and I hope you don't get COVID before then. Biological - SARS-CoV-2 - Vaccine Health Concerns
  24. Michigan Swampbuck

    Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations

    Here are some world human rights declarations The Nuremberg Code is endorsed by the National Institute for Health, headed up by Dr. Fauci. Biological - SARS-CoV-2 - Mandatory Vaccine Rights
  25. Michigan Swampbuck

    New Biblical Old Testament Texts Discovered – First Dead Sea Scrolls Found In 60 Years

    That NBC article doesn't say anything about the text found. Is there another article you could link? Thanks. Wait! Found it. " The authority said these words differ slightly from other Bible versions, shedding a rare light on how biblical text changed over time from its earliest form. "...
  26. Michigan Swampbuck

    Dozens of deaths and hundreds of convalescents throughout Spain following Pfizer vaccine

    You have to dig deep into every scrap of information contrary to the popular propaganda to find other expert professional opinions on any of these COVID vaccines. There are many scientists, specialists and health experts world wide that have valid and grave concerns about these new vaccines, but...
  27. Michigan Swampbuck

    Reports Of “Serious” Blood Clots Cause 8 Nations To Halt Experimental AstraZeneca Injections

    The W.H.O. said that the AstraZeneca vaccine doesn't cause blood clots. WHO should I believe?
  28. Michigan Swampbuck

    Total Blackout-USAF tests defences against EMP attacks amid fears that ONE weapon could wipe out entire power grid

    Anything with antennas and long cables or wires will get fried, along with anything plugged into the electric grid. You can live in a lead box, but any lines going in will fry it. I have a tin roof and aluminum siding that I grounded separately from the electrical system and it shields the...
  29. Michigan Swampbuck

    Transgender Activist Says ‘Little Girls are Kinky’ to Defend Bathroom Invasion

    The ROMAN Catholic Church goes all the way back to Rome. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Plus, aren't their priests into alter and choir boys? Maybe Catholic nuns are a bunch of lesbos, I haven't heard too much about that.
  30. Michigan Swampbuck

    As the Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling to it More Desperately Than Ever

    I haven't looked into this one, but from the sounds of it, it's like some kind of religious cult predicting end time dates based on some prophesy. Eventually, after so many failed date predictions, they will have to make it happen to keep power over their believers. Jones and Heaven's Gate type...

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