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    Could Biden sign an executive order to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour?

    Could Biden sign an executive order to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour? Why hasn't he done so within your opinion???
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    If white supremacy becomes a crime

    The only way to not be a white supremace is to simply die and have your culture wiped clean. That is the goal. Any white person that wants to maintain western civilization or our founders is opposing other peoples and cultures rights of our land. That is white supremancy! Wake up white man.
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    Wokism is racist against blacks

    Anyone that believes blacks can't be on time, can't do math with showing their work, can't be accurate, and can't be held to the same standard as whites is clearly someone that believes they're inferior. Guess what, the left is saying exactly that and painting their opposition of who they're...
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    We ended slavery and yet we are singled out and expected to be the only ones to pay. We will never be forgiven until we're all dead. That is the cold reality...This is what happened in Zimbabwe and south Africa.
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    Homer gets cancelled.

    Our culture and civilization is going to be erased. It will be replaced with the single most fucked up place on this planet. It will be a utter failure and will replace the worst parts of africa. So go ahead and support this shit as your children will live in their own shit because of your choice.
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    Socialist Indoctrination Has Begun

    It's all about rewarding groups that advance communism over groups that don't.
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    Facebook won't let users in Australia share news, in "warning" to other countries

    I just got a 30 day vacation off facebook for some dumb reason. That platform is killing its self and it is truly something to behold!
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    Biden calls white supremacists ‘demented’

    Whiteness that is being taught in our schools is all about demeaning our heritage as a people and destroying our right to exist.
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    Biden calls white supremacists ‘demented’

    Pretty soon if you have white skin you won't have rights and that is what these people want. They want you the white human being to be a slave and singled out for genocide.
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    Biden calls white supremacists ‘demented’

    He is talking about white people and western civilization. Wake up to the reality that people like Biden and the marxist anti-whites hate our guts and want us removed from this world.
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    Can my mum pass as brown jew?

    Yes...Sure is plenty brown!
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    No ‘Unity’ In Biden’s Executive Orders

    Do you believe this about President Xi of China?
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    Kyle Rittenhouse is an American Political Hero far wise and mature beyond his years.

    Plus the people he killed were WHITE. So Rittenhouse should be praised by the left.
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    Kyle Rittenhouse is an American Political Hero far wise and mature beyond his years.

    One of the antifa/blm thugs had a gun and was pulling it just before he shot them. Self defense.
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    Are you a racist

    I am! Fuck woke! Fuck anyone screaming racist while demanding everyone else praise thugs and monsters as they burn our cities down.
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    Migrants in “remain in Mexico” program will soon be allowed to enter the United States, federal agency says

    The democratic party wants to replace the white population of this country with the third world of the rest of the planet. They do this because these people want a free ride off of the wealth of this nation and they'll vote democratic. The democratic party are full of traitors to this country.
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    Kamala and Joe: Want Puerto Rico and DC added as 51st and 52nd states. Say that it will add 4 more DEM Senators

    Dc is illegal but puerto rico voted to join so we'll probably see 51 before 2024.
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    Why Nelson Mandela's South Africa Is a failure

    South Africa is a failure because it's government only cares about destroying white people and doesn't give a damn about the betterment of all its people. Black racism against whites is why this country is screwed and the same future awaits America.
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    this jackass USA today piece denouncing Tom Brady's "white privilege" makes his SEVENTH Super Bowl win so much sweeter. "How mighty white of him!"

    This racism against whites is disgusting. We're privileged for training hard and earning shit now? The hell.
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    Police offices involved in G. Floyd's death were suspended the next day--aftermorethan a month we still do not know who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt

    This is the double standard against white right wingers in this country. Blacks = we get to burn down city blocs for months on end and our criminals have a right to aim guns at cops and not get shot. White right wingers on the other hand need to all be silenced and thrown in prison across the...
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    “Burn it Down!” – BLM-Antifa Terrorists March Through DC, Assault Police Officers, Harass Outdoor Diners

    These thugs are supported by the democratic party, corporations, media and the elite. Of course they will get a double standard as they're their army. We on the otherhand will get fucked and our rights removed if we even look crossed eyed.
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    Biden to vastly inc Immigration by massive amt

    Hell, in most city police stations blacks and hispanics make up 80% of the prison population. Diversity will mean the end of this country.
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    Mike Lindell: Election Was Stolen by Chinese

    I believe china played a role but lets be honest there's enough idiots, leftist and commies in our country to get Biden to 270. We have our own idiots.
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    Weren’t Leftist Democrats always against they want conformity now?

    The democrats are having their cultural revolution after chairman mao and are using the forces of industry to silence anyone that have differing opinions. But they're doing it within a 1984 way using emotional censorship instead of outright killing you.
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    Has the “war on drugs” been a Republican thing? How were minorities targeted in this ‘war’?

    I believe the war on drugs is big government. Legalizing drugs would reduce government and save hundreds of billions of dollars.
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    Biden's idiocy of the day - Space Force goodbye.

    I am willing to bet that if we get into a war with russia or china they'll target our space assets first. That is a serious soft spot and more so if we don't have the ability to protect them.
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    White Privilege for Blacks

    The new theory is if they don't support the socialist movement and their revolution then they also have privilege. All that violence and bs this summer is their communist revolution...That is the real reason behind the blm.
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    GOP Likely To Pick Up Another House Seat

    It would be funny considering how many democratic reps are being placed in the cabinet if the republicans became the majority before 2022. I'd laugh my ass off.

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