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  1. TheDude

    Why all the links, pop-ups and redirects on USMESSAGEBOARD?

    Like the title says. I go into a thread and there are all kinds of links. Sometimes I'm redirected for no apparant reason to BS pages, pop-ups in the RH lower corner of the screen, and yeah, I suspect it messes with my computer. If I clear my temp. files it might go away, but seems the last...
  2. TheDude

    Admit your black face sins

    Office party years ago in a liberal setting. The girls begged me to dress-up as Michael Jackson for a thriller theme. I did it all up, threw on an Afro too, and some blood across my nose to account for "nose enhancements". Until today I didn't recognize my sin against man-kind. I thought it...
  3. TheDude

    'Great' Moments In Democrat History

    This thread is gold. Nice work PoliticalChic. U strike me as well educated. No doubt intelligent.
  4. TheDude

    The Left's Most Predominant Fear: AMERIPHOBIA/AMERIPHOBIC

    True, but TDS is very powerful.
  5. TheDude

    How about some examples of this “socialism” stuff y’all are afraid of?

    Pretty sure progs like to point to the MUSTS for socialism to justify socialism. All societies have some form of socialism.
  6. TheDude

    Official State of the Union Thread

    The Dems are already preparing to one-up last night's performance during the next state of union. Should go like this...........
  7. TheDude

    How about some examples of this “socialism” stuff y’all are afraid of?

    Progs demonstrate the harmful effects of socialism. They use PC and rich ideas of reality to create chaos and mind-control. They pick and choose who the Constitution applies to and when. They attack their opponents politically, economically, personally, and even have key figures in the justice...
  8. TheDude

    Lets look at what the democrats don't stand for at the SOTU, shall we?

    They're not liberals, they're progs. Progs have applied new definitions for gender. Women are manning-up and men are feminizing. They're assaulting heterosexuality and the institution of family as well. These are the people who claim to be on the side of science, while their actions assault...
  9. TheDude

    Lets look at what the democrats don't stand for at the SOTU, shall we?

    See Pelosi after Trump suggested they work together for the common good? What would you say that meant? Here's something the media won't talk about. With everything said, the only time these Dems stood and clapped was to congratulate themselves. Now wholly shit people, that can only mean...
  10. TheDude

    The Left's Most Predominant Fear: AMERIPHOBIA/AMERIPHOBIC

    Some genuine truth to this. What's stronger or more prevalent, Ameriphobia or TDS?
  11. TheDude

    Sex slave nuns shocker

    Couldn't tell you, but surely they have some screws loose. They figure they punched their ticket into Heaven, and use it as an excuse to ensure they didn't.
  12. TheDude

    How about some examples of this “socialism” stuff y’all are afraid of?

    You should ask blacks living in Democrat districts how socialism has affected them. You know, welfare and abortion for all keeping the black man down. Low expectations = low results.
  13. TheDude

    Wearing white

    Progressives consistently use objects (white dresses) when they cannot defend their positions rationally. They understood that Trump would expose the Democrats for who they are, which he did. They wore white to demonstrate how it's gender and race that are important, as opposed to people as a...
  14. TheDude

    All Women ... Except Democrat Accusers ... Should Be Believed

    You're a liar Tim, X2
  15. TheDude

    All Women ... Except Democrat Accusers ... Should Be Believed

    Not one single word of progressive narrative is true. Their intent is to dumb everyone down and corrupt, and as a result they achieve power.
  16. TheDude

    Lol, third in line for VA governor also admits to blackface episode

    You do a disservice to liberals when you call "progress"ives liberal. Golfing Gator is a prog. Progs are the exact opposite of liberal, though they do enjoy entertaining dumb ideas assaulting science, economics and logic. If anything, the only things "liberal" about today's progs are liberal...
  17. TheDude

    Trump-Hating Dem Fake-News Media Desperate To Prove Trump Wrong

    First "lie" I heard reported was "Trump said thank you after Democrat women cheered".
  18. TheDude

    Cortez the darling of the liberal press

    You hear Cortez' response when asked about Trump's position on socialism? She said "good, he's scared". Everyday is opposite day for the progressive.
  19. TheDude

    Official State of the Union Thread

    A reported 54% of those polled are Democrat or non-partisan. You need to chase another narrative.
  20. TheDude

    Official State of the Union Thread

    Your bike doesn't suit you, though the color is ugly. Try a Kawawaki
  21. TheDude

    Official State of the Union Thread

    Here's an example of how dishonest progressives have become. When they're not projecting their filth on others (e.g. racism), they tell you night is day, rats are beautiful, and Nancy Pelosi stole the spot-light from Trump: Nancy Pelosi's reactions to Trump stole the State of the Union spotlight
  22. TheDude

    Why should anyone believe the GOP cares about anyone in the middle class or poor?

    You're so foolish OP. EVERYTHING progressives accuse conservatives applies to progressives. The wealthiest zip codes are progressive, and most of the filthy rich are progressive or Democrat, and it's Democrat districts that keep the black man down with lies and excuses. But you tell us it's...
  23. TheDude

    Official State of the Union Thread

    The Democrats and progressive think were both WELL EXPOSED tonight. Especially the Democrats. Now you know the biggest reason the Democrats interfered with the State of Union Address. Honest to shit the Democrats looked equal middle school kids under bad parenting and a common menstrual...
  24. TheDude

    Can you imagine if Obama or Hillary demanded an end to their investigations?

    I don't because Hillary has something to hide. In Trump's case he's calling the investigation what it is, a politically motivated witch hunt compliments the Democrat deep state, and possibly some Republicans as well. It's that simple.
  25. TheDude

    Official State of the Union Thread

    And now you know the biggest reason Pelosi interfered with the SOTU. She and Dems feared exposure, and it went over worse than they imagined. WHICH IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY MFers. These Dems. are real bad.
  26. TheDude

    Official State of the Union Thread

    All a rational person can say is WOW. Wow has Trump proved to be the right decision. If the objective and hands-on accomplishments are a measure of success, then Trump is one of the best POTUS in history. And wow the Democrats demonstrate the greater Trump's success the greater their hatred...
  27. TheDude

    If the Virginia Gov and Lt Gov Resign As They Should

    Reasonable point, but then you have progressives who constantly do EXACTLY what they're projecting on conservatives, all in the same breath.
  28. TheDude

    If the Virginia Gov and Lt Gov Resign As They Should

    This is the ONLY reason they should resign, but then progs are inconsistent, hypocrites yadda yadda. Dems voted for him, let them vote him out. They vote for all kinds of "racists" anyway, look at Waters for example.
  29. TheDude

    'Great' Moments In Democrat History

    2008-Present: Thought, economic control and alienation under a PC doctrine. Development of a social structure that implies the Constitution and decency do not apply to those who have not been indoctrinated . Forge racial tensions and division. Sell out the country in favor of 3rd world...
  30. TheDude

    California chef won't serve customers wearing MAGA hats

    Clearly the owner has been indoctrinated by progressive propaganda. Thus he's clearly weak-minded and has a screw loose. What's a MAGA hat mean? To the normal brain it's a campaign slogan supporting what the USA was, say pre-90s and certainly pre-Obama. A powerful country with morals...

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