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    Trump’s plan to steal the election: Declare Victory Prematurely?

    Oh, like our Iron Curtain media did in 2000?
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    New Michigan Contact Tracing Rules- Stalin would be proud

    Exactly what I’ll be doing in an hour or so.
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    Obama nails three-pointer while campaigning with Biden in Michigan!

    Okay, air balls galore but he sure looked dashing in those Mom jeans afterwards as he peddled away on his girly bike sporting the worst looking helmet since Dukakis.
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    why isnt the msm covering the Trump rallies ?

    Nothing new about our Iron Curtain media. Herr Goebbels would be beyond envious.
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    Is Kamala Harris less likable than bag lady Hillary

    Here’s my go at them. Kamala is a c-word, but the Hildebeast is a C-word.
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    Pathetic Russia Attacks American Hospitals - Trump does NOTHING

    Gosh, I believe another useless impeachment is in order.
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    PROGS say you must boycott business owners who support Trump

    Well if it works as well as their Chick-fil-A action business is gonna be booming!
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    Questions for Trump supporters

    I feel you’re an asshole. Fun game, huh?
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    BLM Vs facts

    It’s the ungentle giant Mikey Brown model that works quite well. A thug ends up dead and the animals get to dance around the fires and grab all the free shit they can carry to their UHauls.
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    Hunter Biden Story Disappearing....

    Oooh, yuck! Strained peas? Think of the poor schlub tasked with changing that diaper!
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    Smacked a deer this morning

    Car/deer is scary shit for those of us who’ve got to deal with them regularly. Thus far I’m hits free but 3-4 very close calls, but know plenty of folks who’ve not been so fortunate. Nobody’s been killed but several injuries of varying degrees. As the saying goes in these parts, there’s two...
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    Joe Biden's History of Racism

    Read a report that Joe suggested his kid’s school change their mascot to a Spearchucker after he decided bussing would turn the place into a racial jungle.
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    TRUMP is the dangerous RADICAL ..... Biden is the safe Moderate

    Which I guess is why they paired her with racist Slo Joe, the guy opposed to bussing for school integration because he didn’t want his kids to have to attend a school turned into a “racial jungle” after the black kids arrived. Interesting how easily he linked the j-card to a topic concerning...
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    When Trump wins, the US media will be exposed as the enemy of the people.

    Those fuckers exposed themselves long before this.
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    Vanity Fair puts AOC on the cover

    Controversial person on the cover. A time-honored tradition for rags to hopefully spike an issue’s non subscriber sales a la newsstands and whatnot. And this radical lunatic bitch is certainly well suited I guess.
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    Are all the military ships, planes and tanks going to run on batteries?

    Let’s hope our military isn’t all AAA in the near future. I fear for all the service personnel who’ll likely injure themselves opening those friggin’ Duracell packages!
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    New York City man falls through sidewalk sinkhole into pit of rats

    We know all about the dimorats in NYC, but what’s the wild rodent situation?
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    The Media Lies Just Keep On Coming

    Speaking of the MSM... Many of us fed up with their obvious leftist bent, endless unfounded attacks on Trump, etc., etc. have taken to derisively referring to them as, among other things, the lamestream media. Not me any more though. No siree. From now on they’re what I overheard a guy call...
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    My home town finally put up a marker

    Thank goodness those days are gone. Now all black folks have to fear are the black armed criminal thugs who routinely shoot up their hoods everywhere.
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    Is Trump A Mass Murderer?

    You clowns never quit. I’ll give you worthless losers that much.
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    Media outlets offer bizarre defenses for CNN star Jeffrey Toobin amid masturbation scandal

    Anyone beaten with the ugly stick as severely as Tooby should at least get a tiny break. Or not.
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    Now Kamella Harris Implicated in Biden Crime Syndicate

    And don’t forget how chummy Barry and the slut of dimocrat SF politics have been over the years. She’s likely seen him sans his Mom jeans I’d wager.
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    Now Kamella Harris Implicated in Biden Crime Syndicate

    Harris fucked her way into the Biden Crime Family too! No flies on that Frisco snatch.
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    Brian Skelter Gets Owned - What A Frothtard

    Susan got so under fatso’s skin I thought he might have to resort to an on-air Toobin, or maybe fire up an intern-flavored cigar in order to settle down.
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    prominent African American Republican Michael Steele endorses Democrat presidential candidate (that's Joe!)...Steele writers Op-ed making his case

    Steele’s been a prominent A-A former Republican for quite a while. No loss to our side and the dims get the satisfaction of seeing one crawl back to his rightful place on their plantation.
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    Should I hire 2 part time or one full time employee ??

    Let’s see. You’re the head honcho of some franchise retail business, one whose customers, by you own accounts, seem to have a fair amount of disagreements with your various staff members. Layer into that the fact that interpersonal relationships don’t seem to be your strong suit, apparently...
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    Mexican defense secretary General Salvador Cienfuegos arrested on drug trafficking & money laundering charges at Los Angeles International Airport

    Gosh, looks like Generalisimo Sal used his political power and influence to make money! Or as they say in Mayheco, did a muy grande Biden!

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