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  1. TheDude

    Why all the links, pop-ups and redirects on USMESSAGEBOARD?

    Like the title says. I go into a thread and there are all kinds of links. Sometimes I'm redirected for no apparant reason to BS pages, pop-ups in the RH lower corner of the screen, and yeah, I suspect it messes with my computer. If I clear my temp. files it might go away, but seems the last...
  2. TheDude

    Admit your black face sins

    Office party years ago in a liberal setting. The girls begged me to dress-up as Michael Jackson for a thriller theme. I did it all up, threw on an Afro too, and some blood across my nose to account for "nose enhancements". Until today I didn't recognize my sin against man-kind. I thought it...
  3. TheDude

    White people were put on this Earth to be.......................Oppressive

    Shame how progressives have nearly destroyed what liberalism built, including comedy. It's a bigger shame racism is up their asses 24/7 while they project. I've never heard of Amanda Seales, she was on HBO last night. I watched her for 2-3 minutes. Within the first 20 seconds I recognized...
  4. TheDude

    Ralph Northam can't decide who he is

    Yesterday he apologized for his picture sensationalizing KKK and black oppression, today he says it's not him in the picture. So I guess he's a liar too, go figure. Interesting how he campaigned on racism while he accused his opponent of racism. His opponent was declared "racist" for no other...
  5. TheDude

    Prog think aims to alienate people, and ruin them personally & financially

    Doesn't matter who you are, if you're not in-line with a free-flowing progressive indoctrination you're openly alienated, and prog think is intent on ruining you personally and financially. But remember people, progressives accuse conservatives of being the Gestapo. To them the "proof" of...
  6. TheDude

    This is what progressives have become

    Abortion wasn't enough, so now they're upping their game to kill humans after the umbilical cord is cut. That and progressives prove incapable of rationalizing their beliefs and addressing direct questions. Instead they project, spin, and make accusations that cannot possibly be supported by...
  7. TheDude

    Trump to give up on the wall

    Not really, I'm just messing with progs. Pick a favorite narrative progs: A. Trump gave up, he's weak, wrong, stuff like that. B. Trump builds walls, he's racist, immoral, stuff like that. How about C, Trump does what he says he will despite DemonicRat interference:
  8. TheDude

    Petition to impeach Pelosi for treason

    Interestingly enough you could argue this has merit. Compare and contrast to accusing Trump of treason because he beat Hillary, or just for breathing. Petition to ‘Impeach Nancy Pelosi for Treason’ Goes Viral
  9. TheDude

    Are conservatives the new liberal?

    From racism to fascism to class disparity and more, everything progressives accuse conservatives of is simple projection. Their narratives are free-flowing while they consistently dive in more deeply, so it's difficult to know what to expect less the absurd. Do progressives sound liberal to...
  10. TheDude

    At all possible Trump waited to push the wall through on Democrat congress?

    Progs. like to criticize Trump. Anyway, progs like to critic Trump saying "why didn't he push the wall through when Republicans had the house?". Nobody knows better than Trump would. Trump doesn't strike me as a guy who gives up, as the question would suggest. Matter of fact, Trump strikes...
  11. TheDude

    This is a GREAT example for what our left has become

    Don't we get it already? It's progressives who are the racist fucks. They talk racism 24/7, and they project racism on conservatives 24/7. This is Obama's true legacy. It wasn't enough they projected that racism on a bunch of high school kids. We weren't supposed to notice it was...
  12. TheDude

    What do progs think of their own of late?

    A. If you're intellectually honest then you must realize the Russian investigation is just wagging the dog. B. "Progressives" promote and project their racism 24/7. Biden explains on MLK day how white people are racist because blacks in DEMOCRAT DISTRICTS are doing poorly. I just added the...
  13. TheDude

    More racist Democrats, Biden of course

    You notice all the racism talk last what, 10 years now? Strikes me that's Obama's biggest legacy, but who knows. Anyway, how come it's Democrats and Progs who are doing all the talking? No shit man, a lot of their TV folk say shit if put the other way around, the mouth is finished and proof...
  14. TheDude

    Serial killer in my area is an illegal immigrant

    Doubt this will break progressive news, they're only good for agendas and could give a flying fuck about their poor dispositions and real problems. Somehow progs are so fucked in the head they can't even rationalize why illegals commit more crime. Matter of fact, everyday is opposite day for...
  15. TheDude

    At what level are progs and Democrats traitors to our country?

    How is it those most consistent with racism and GESTAPO in action and words ("liberals") are loudest to accuse others of racism and thought control? Progs have gone in deep, and it's progressive. Their media and political forces are consumed by racism. But to them that means Trump is without...
  16. TheDude

    When Obama was racist

    Pick one: A. It's that or fences are humanitarian and it's walls that are racist. B. Or maybe Obama has since changed his mind, because he's "progressive" and that. C. Democrats are using the wall to promote racism and division. They don't care about the country, as selling out our country...
  17. TheDude

    Illegals are more American than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be - CORTEZ

    And of course everyone that isn't newly indoctrinated is racist. How come progs don't tire of this BS, and how are they elected? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Illegal Immigrants Act More American Than Citizens Trying To Keep Them Out
  18. TheDude

    Government shut-down. Isn't it clear who is right and who is full of BS?

    Trump wants funding for a wall. Everyone knows walls are effective, and those who don't are just taking the Democrat's word for it, meaning they're victims of pure BS. A wall is say 5-10 billion, while illegals cost us over 50 billion ANNUALLY. You shouldn't need a finance degree to recognize...
  19. TheDude

    Trump's performance so far?

    Progs sure detest the guy, but they're only doing what they're told. From an objective standpoint, is Trump a good or bad POTUS? Objective: The economy is going great. Jobs are plentiful, the market is good. Subjective: But he colluded with Russia, I know he did. Objective: He's the only...
  20. TheDude

    What are the Democrat House priorities?

    Not what you desire, but what their words and actions would imply. Be honest. So far I see: A. Impeach Trump. They don't have a reason to, but it sounds cool and makes them happy. I guess that's what they're paid for. B. Oppose the wall, which is code for opposing illegal immigration...
  21. TheDude

    When did progs become lovers of fabrication?

    I suspect the internet, 24/7 news and people with bad intent were the catalysts........The examples are numerous, here are a few: A. Progressive implies progress and everything progs stand for is regression, and really, they stand for a regressive mind and a dumbing down. B. The only liberals...
  22. TheDude

    This is what honest reporting commentary looks like

    Most progs. have never seen it before. Trump's Tweets, Russian collusion and speculation are better stories. Here's what reporting commentary looks like. It's intellectually honest and valuable, and they haven't sold out to anyone.
  23. TheDude

    What does it say for progs. when?

    They desire that Trump won the election because of "RUSSIAN COLLUSION". Turns out the only collusion that can be found was between the Democrats and Russians, but that's okay, they're held to lessor standards. Meanwhile, the internet censors conservatives and conservative views, and that's...
  24. TheDude

    Time to revisit 45 declared goals for progressive take-over of the USA

    This was written in 1963 for communist takeover of America, but as you can see it was adopted by progressives sometime after: 1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war. Varies depending on how progressive news trains us. 2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in...
  25. TheDude

    Progressives cherish the thought Trump is a liar. It's ironic everything they believe in is a lie

    Isn't it at least a little ironic progressives cling to the idea that Trump is a liar when EVERYTHING their base stands for is a lie? You'd think a POTUS had never lied before. Sure Trump exaggerates, but most of all he's bluntly honest, and that's what really pisses progs off. They'd rather...
  26. TheDude

    Bad day for progressive thought

    Good news for the USA is bad news for progressive thought. The market is up 5% today DESPITE rising interest rates and the Democrats determination to not fund a border wall.
  27. TheDude

    Progressives need to remove their door looks and fences and save face

    A wall is a waste of money because the Democrats told you so, right proguesses? Don't you think it's a good time to put your talking points into practice? A door lock isn't any good, because they can just come through a window. A fence is no good, because they can jump over the fence or...
  28. TheDude

    This is what liberals have become

    They're not liberals, call them what they are..........worms. These are a few comments on Yahoo over Trump's decision to pull troops out of Syria. The only selection criteria is these are the most recent worm comments. His boss Putin told the trumpanzee to It makes every American wonder...
  29. TheDude

    More for proguesses to complain about - We're reducing troops in Afghanistan

    Who's game for a talking point we can really sink our teeth into?
  30. TheDude

    What's immoral about a wall?

    Proguesses keep saying a wall on our southern border is immoral. Why is a wall immoral? If you believe they're immoral, what do you have to say for walls and fences around your place of residence?

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