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  1. Lost Soul

    "Most Ethical Congress Ever"........another liberal lie. Doesn't matter if true or not, its what the voters believe. Is could be the nail in the coffin for the socialist controlled congress. If I were to bet, I would say GOP not only gain...
  2. Lost Soul

    Must be close to the elections. Terror level moved to "HIGH"

    'Credible But Not Specific' Threat of New Terrorist Attack - ABC News Oh thats right, only republican use the "terror code levels" to scare people. Silly me.-
  3. Lost Soul

    Remember when Bush talked about his faith?

    Obama Talks About His Faith - Boy the libtards couldnt wait to attack him on it yet I have yet to see one liberal creating a thread to bash Obamay about his faith and the sky fairies. How do you hypocrites live with yourselves? It must be hard to look in a mirror. Beside most...
  4. Lost Soul

    Anyone else get your yearly insurance renewal yet?

    We have and along with it we were informed that because of the new Obamcare bill we will see an increase in our policy rates jump anywhere from 16% to 18%. Not only will our monthly premiums sky rocket but our co pay will jump from $35 per visit to $50. So the lies from the democrats were...
  5. Lost Soul

    Remember the liberals crying and whining about wiretapping?

    Wiretapped phones, now Internet? | Seems they have no problem supporting Obamay doing it with the approval of majority of democrats in congress. Damn you fucking retarded democrat=liberals get exposed daily for the lying hypocrites you are.
  6. Lost Soul

    Two Rats in the White House?

    Well it seems that the two legged type isn't the only rat in the White House these days. Or is it not PC to call it White any more? Liberals?
  7. Lost Soul

    Oh noes he didn't........Obama and no bids contract.

    KBR to Get No-Bid Army Work as U.S. Alleges Kickbacks (Update1) - BusinessWeek And Halliburton to boot. Wonder what the whining liberals will have to say about this after shitting their pants when it happened while Bush was president. Everyday this idiot (yes he is the Commander in...
  8. Lost Soul

    Guess who BP gave the most $$$ too?

    Obama biggest recipient of BP cash - Erika Lovley - Yup you got it. Obama
  9. Lost Soul

    Liberal media making excuses for democrat moron NY van terrorist.

    Poor baby......he was lost his house Right along with many other Americans that didnt try to kill innocent Americans. Tear jerker......He hated Bush Since Bush had the low approval rating so did the majority of Americans but they didn't plan mass murder. He was a minority. Right...
  10. Lost Soul

    Is Goldman Obama's Enron? No, it's worse

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: Is Goldman Obama's Enron? No, it's worse | Washington Examiner I thought there would be a hundred threads from liberazls screaming for Obama head over this. Cannot love big business any more than this. But I thought liberals hated big business? Esp the...
  11. Lost Soul

    Sister on Obama "What Have we done?!!!!!"

    YouTube - What Have We Done? - Black Woman Doesn't Like Obama No-More I laugh everytime I watch.
  12. Lost Soul

    White men shun Democrats.

    Read more: White men shun Democrats -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY Looks like the Democrats are sunk in Nov and this mess called Obamacare will in fact become history when it gets repealed. Poor dimocrats, they work so hard pissing off Americans only to get what the deserve.
  13. Lost Soul

    Our idiot democratic VP.

    Biden mistakenly blesses Irish leader's mother Take your own advise asshole. Then this..... Biden Claims Healthcare Will HELP Stem Democratic Losses in Nov... What an idiot. If he really does believe this then he is as clueless as the rest of the democrats that think they will sail...
  14. Lost Soul

    Big day in America. Only 36000 people lost their jobs today. Really Good.

    YouTube - Harry Reid: Only 36,000 Lost Their Jobs Today Hey Harry Reid, tell that to the people who actually lost their job today! What a prick! Lets see how ass wipe Reid likes it when the people of Nevada fires his ass.
  15. Lost Soul

    Elect Obama and the world will love us again. Remeber that?

    Indonesian students protest Barack Obama's visit - Yahoo! News How soon the truth becomes evident.
  16. Lost Soul

    NO 2nd term says CNN.

    CNN poll: 52% say Obama doesn't deserve reelection in 2012 - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room The liberals are shaking in their boots when even the far left CNN admits what a huge mistake America made by electing this no experience, not qualified, walking and talking disaster to the highest office.
  17. Lost Soul

    NO 2nd term says CNN.

  18. Lost Soul

    Obama then Obama now. One head two lying mouths.

    Obama Doesn?t ?Begrudge? Bonuses for Blankfein, Dimon (Update1) - RealClearPolitics - Video - Flashback: Obama Says Bonuses Are Violation Of "Our Fundamental Values" What a piece of lying shit we have for a so-called President.
  19. Lost Soul

    Lies Lies Job bill will not add many if any new jobs.

    PROMISES, PROMISES: Jobs bill won't add many jobs - Yahoo! News From libtard AP to boot. Must be pretty bad for Obamay when one of the most liberal media state controlled outlets start bitch slapping you around. A job bill that creates no jobs. Hmmmmmmm......Seeing that I own a small...
  20. Lost Soul

    Islam, the religion of peace.

    List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months Date Country City Killed Injured Description 2010.01.10 India Kulgam 2 1 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen gun down two former members who had renounced violence. 2010.01.10 Pakistan Mohmand 2 0 Suspected Islamists murder two tribal elders...
  21. Lost Soul

    The Rats turning on each other.

    RealClearPolitics - Video - Dem Conyers: "I'm Getting Tired Of Saving Obama's Can" As the ship sinks the rats are turning on each other. HAHAHAHAHAHA 2010 is going to be a good year.
  22. Lost Soul

    Liberal mental patient posing as Marine war veteran facing federal warrant

    Phony Marine due for arrest - The Denver Post Once again the left are exposed for the frauds they support.
  23. Lost Soul

    Hating the haters.

    My Way News - Activists protest Va. strip club's Obama banner Typical of a NCAAP spokesman, screaming racism because you have nothing else to scream about other than your own hatred. Funny how the liberals cry racism all the time and how white people hate Obama because he is black. Its become...

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