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    Palestinians Against Middle East Peace.

    Will the Palestinians ever learn to change their endless loser ways?
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    Wake Up Palestinians

    It's now or never to accept Israel & join in with the Arab countries for a Middle East peace. Join in now to be a winner or forever be the loser with Palestinian mentality.
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    Free Palestine

    What is with those Zionists always trying to placate Palestinian demands like a Jew free Gaza only to receive rocket missiles for a thank you & providing aid for them to save their lives from Corona virus. Leave the Pali's alone to self destruct from their stupid leadership & not have Israel to...
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    Can They Possibly Get Any Dumber Than This?

    And there are those who wonder why no peace between Israel & the Palestinians.
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    A Congress Led By Sanders The Clown

    Just imagine congress led by Sanders as our president.
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    Nikki Haley: Latest News From Israel

    Let it be. This would be a brilliant move for the USA, our allies including Israel & the Republican party. A guarantee for Trump's reelection. Go Girl Go! AND LET THERE BE PEACE ALREADY!
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    Nikki Haley: Brilliant Move To Guarantee Trump Reelection

    Go Girl Go!
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    Wonderful Middle East News

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    What Will It Take For Peace?

    Let us suppose Israel removes all Jews from all settlements, grants Palestinians a right of return, gives Palestinians all of Jerusalem, removes the capital back to tel Aviv, tears down all security fences & grants Palestinian self determination. Is there ANYONE nuts enough to believe even this...
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    Bless Them

    How to to guarantee Trump's reelection? Bernie Sanders & Rashida Tlaib
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    Wonderful News

    LET THERE BE PEACE ALREADY! Israel and Sudan will push to normalize relations: Israeli officials
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    Remember The Parsi's

    What a difference a religion makes. Let us not forget Iran was once THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH. The very heart of the Persian Empire. Home of Cyrus the Great, Persepolis, Ashavants, Zarathustra & Ahura Mazda. And just look at Iran today. Best wishes to the people of the world's now...
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    Happy Thanksgiving From Israel

    Let there be peace on this joyous day for all.
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    The Case For Ethnic Cleansing

    In 1948 there were approximately 1.2 million Palestinians residing in Israel. And to date there are only just over 6 million of them left. It's a GENOCIDE I tell ya --- a GENOCIDE. And if you don't believe it just ask any Pali supporter. Population Statistics - Israeli-Palestinian Conflict -...
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    Good News For Israel

    FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY! May Israel have more enemies like her to gain more support for a Trump reelection. WATCH: Congresswoman Omar files for divorce amid affair allegations
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    Israeli Philharmonic Bids A Farewell

    50 years of international fame led by an India born Parsi Zoroastrian. LET THERE BE PEACE ALREADY! Israel-philharmonic-bids-farewell-to-maestro-zubin-mehta/amp/
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    The World Needs More Like Her

    LET THERE BE PEACE ALREADY! 'Biased' Arab media reinforces hatred, anti-Semitism, former Miss Iraq tells UN
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    Nikki Haley Honored In Jerusalem

    A wonderful lady of mixed ethnicity & religion. If she were to ever run for our president, I would be among the first Americans to cast my vote for her. LET THERE BE PEACE ALREADY! Nikki Haley visits Western Wall, honored with mural, ahead of US-Israel conference
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    Consider The Numbers

    Not too bright Palestinians. Every time the Palestinians kill one or more Israeli's, Israel retaliates & guess who loses each conflict but wins in the death toll. And yet the Palestinians just never learn. If you don't want dead Palestinians, don't attack & kill any Israelis. LET THERE BE...
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    A Win/Win For Middle East Peace

    Israel & India together. It's about time. LET THERE BE PEACE ALREADY! A 1st at UN! India Votes with Israel Against Palestinian Terror Group
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    Foreign Investments Skyrocketing In Israel

    LONG LIVE THE BDS MOVEMENT! Foreign Investment in Israel Skyrocketed in Past Two Years
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    Great News For Middle East Peace

    Long overdo for Palestinians to see what their leadership has done to them. LET THERE BE PEACE ALREADY! Global survey: Arabs want closer ties with Israel, world losing interest in Palestinians
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    Good News From Israel

    So nice to see Bibi gaining support for Israel from the Arab world. WATCH: Netanyahu embraced by Arab official on Mideast conference sidelines
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    What About Christian Arabs Residing In Israel?

    Not only the Jews love living in Israel. Great read. How bad is it to live in Israel? Laura Smichdt DVM, PhD from The University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest Expected 2021 Laura Smichdt, knows Middle English Jan 14 I am an Israeli Christian Arab 23 year old girl. I was born and...
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    Israel's Top 10 For 2018

    Yet another great year for Israel. WATCH: Israel’s Top 10 Moments of 2018
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    2018: Record Breaking Tourism In Israel

    Long live the BDS movement. 4 Million Visitors: Israel Breaks Tourism Records in 2018!
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    Happy Birthday Gift From Israel IDF

    Long live Hamas! Israel Defense Forces on Twitter
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    Fill In The Blanks

    For those who actually believe there was no Israel until 1948, enjoy a lovely song, have a Merry Christmas & fill in the blanks below. Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel, born is the king of - - - - - -. The First Noel Lyrics
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    Pali's Never Learn!

    How many more dead Palestinians will there be this time for the Pali's & their supporters to bitch about after Israel retaliates? Terror shooting in Samaria: 2 IDF soldiers dead, 2 seriously wounded
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    Happenings In Gaza Today

    Israel grants Palestinian demand for a Jew free Gaza & here is the Palestinian thank you to Israel. WATCH: Hamas' culture of crime and corruption exposed in Gaza

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