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  1. Rozman


    And it's not even summer yet! 22 Shot, 3 Fatally, Overnight in Chicago | NBC Chicago
  2. Rozman

    NYC Pre - K classes

    Just wondering when Mayor Bill De Blasio will push for funding for Pre-Pre-K classes.... If Pre - K is so vital to the future of the little ones doesn't it make sense to get them into class even earlier then Pre K.... :badgrin: For me I thought Kindergarten was nothing but play time and...
  3. Rozman

    Did Michelle Obama mock flag folding ceremony?

    Looks to me as if she did... http://
  4. Rozman

    Ed Schultz MSNBC

    Please answer yes or no if you watch Ed on MSNBC or listen to his radio show. Feel free to add comments. He has a new studio on MSNBC and he looks like a crazy man tonight....
  5. Rozman

    Heard on the radio today....

    Why is it we are scanning,probing ,poking, hard working American citizens at our airports these days in the name of security when at the Mexican border illegals are walking across with no problem.I add to this comment thus....and when they get to California Governor elect Brown had promised...
  6. Rozman

    Dems big meanies,stop unemployment benefits.... The GOP wanted congress to shift unspent stimulus monies to fund the other words all they want is to have the extension paid for.What is wrong with that.The Dems however helped kill the...
  7. Rozman

    The Presidents return from abroad...

    What happened? The President has returned from his latest trip and not much coverage as far as I can tell.Have we all been told of his tremendous accomplishments?.....didn't he make a deal to get us like 50 jobs or something? Or is it just that everyone is getting another Nobel Prize lined...
  8. Rozman

    President admits he wasn't truthful about shovel ready jobs

    In a lengthy New York Times Magazine piece about President Obama, Peter Baker reports a rather interesting observation from the President. “While proud of his record, Obama has already begun thinking about what went wrong — and what he needs to do to change course for the next two years. . . ...
  9. Rozman

    Bill Clinton Likens Tea Party Anger To Timothy McVeigh

    I have been seeing the promos for the upcoming Rachel Maddow show and in the promo for the show that is about the Oaklahoma bombing it seems to suggest that the Tea Party movement is similar in their anger.Today in the NY Times is an article that suggests that people who are in the movement are...
  10. Rozman

    Let's see if I have this right.

    The Democrats have the White House,and both houses of Congress. They had the sixty votes necessary to pass the bill. Now I see Democrat senator after senator on MSNBC complaining about the bill. Harry Reid on the floor of the Senate crying that while he's speaking Americans are dying...
  11. Rozman

    Did we get free health care tonight?

    I haven't heard any celebrations today from the WH.Wasn't there supposed to be a vote on health care today in the House....I need to get some free stuff.
  12. Rozman

    Kim Chee

    I love Kim Chee......I have some at least 5-6 times a week. I started out with a single portion size at a local salad bar and moved up to a pint size container from a supermarket.When I found that the pint size container wouldn't last the week I moved up to the quart size container.This stuff...

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