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  1. Wolfstrike

    arrests made in California racist patriot group still waiting for the government's big crackdown on ANTIFA arrests to start coming in...
  2. Wolfstrike

    The media says it's bad this country is so divided

    The media says it's bad this country is so politically divided. Let's take a couple of minutes to see how we got here. Back in the early 1900's the world was becoming a smaller place, countries were losing their isolation. Many high level politicians were thinking on the internationalist...
  3. Wolfstrike

    impeachment , the magic show performed by Democrat leaders for Democrat voters

    impeachment of Trump isn't going to happen. it has to be passed by Congress then it needs a super majority in the Senate (66%) It's just a big show so Democrat leaders can seem dedicated to their cause.
  4. Wolfstrike

    midterm bombing stunt

    day#1 immediately after the incident los angeles radio talk show hosts (most of them Democrats) started raising questions saying this doesn't sound right. 1) why did none of the bombs explode? 2) why were pictures included that wouldn't be seen if a bomb exploded? 3) why are none of the...
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  6. Wolfstrike

    I don't know about this Ann Coulter...

    today she was on los angeles radio "if the Democrats would listen to me , they would beat Trump by pointing out he hasn't kept promises" why would someone who identifies as "republican conservative" even fkn say something like that? I think fame has gone to her head. 'today i'm not going...
  7. Wolfstrike

    healthcare riches

    I've been with the same employer for 5 years. With a conservative estimate for health insurance at $400 per month, which i'm NOT paying for, My bank account has at least a 24k increase, that would have gone to the insurance companies for nothing. (minus some Obmacare robberies)
  8. Wolfstrike

    Why Hitler lost (lecture by limey)

    since you all like to talk about hitler out here
  9. Wolfstrike

    My rule for foreign aid

    We should not be giving money or business to any country that persecutes Christians. I realize we control people with money , BUT, We're giving money to people who would kill us for being Christian. Even if a person is not Christian, they're going to call you "Christian" and kill you. Yes, being...
  10. Wolfstrike

    Democrat election day gimmicks

    I saw some thing in the South they're trying to pick up black people in busses to make them vote in los angeles they're talking about making public transportation free during election day because a poll says 51% of people said they don't vote due to transportation problems. LOL I know the...
  11. Wolfstrike

    video collection of past liberal wisdom

    'member? you 'member!
  12. Wolfstrike

    Look at California's corruption Who do you think will win? The communist dictator or Senor Nobody? "A debate, not called a "debate" ...that you have to register to see"
  13. Wolfstrike

    I don't like Halloween

    back in the olden days at Christian school, they told us, "we don't celebrate Halloween, but if you insist on going out, BE CAREFULL" last year I drove by the church that runs that school and they had a "Happy Halloween" banner outside. is it just me? or is any church that has a Halloween...
  14. Wolfstrike

    A tale of two sex addicts

    Cosby and Weinstein similar cases. backwards justice (as usual) I heard on the radio today they're considering dropping the case against Weinstein because they caught the accuser in a lie. and then they said "with one person telling lies it's hard to establish a history" which is the...
  15. Wolfstrike

    California DMV releases estimates illegal voting stats

    California DMV says 1500 !!! illegals voted. ...and they're pretty sure an illegal Canadian voted
  16. Wolfstrike

    L.A. wants info on NRA and border wall contractors

    Los Angeles Takes Aim AT NRA just info folks, don't worry their not planning to do anything bad
  17. Wolfstrike

    The apocalypse is at hand (for reals this time)

    Watch Online I recommend watching Joel Osteen
  18. Wolfstrike

    last chance to refinance - Wolfnomics

    I predict. interest rates have already started going up and I predict they will clime to record levels. Trump is limited to 2 terms, sooner or later the evil conspirators will get back into office. Real estate prices are already inflated and the combo with high interest rates means the...
  19. Wolfstrike

    One reason for Van Halen's success

    so Van Halen was making a name for themselves in the local area. by the time they got a record deal , Eddie had re-written or scrapped the songs they were known for. Who does that?
  20. Wolfstrike

    my Supreme Court prediction #2

    knucklehead Roberts who passed Obamacare will become the lefty swing vote, now
  21. Wolfstrike

    Justice for victims of rape accusations

    Trump runs for president , suddenly he's a rapist. Kavanaugh nominated for the Supreme Court, suddenly he's a rapist Roy Moore ...etc... Now that people who hold the highest positions in the land are victims of frivolous accusations, these people would be smart to pass reform to end this shit...
  22. Wolfstrike

    my Supreme Court prediction

    now that the Democrats and RINOs will lose the Supreme Court, the Democrats will suddenly start teaching Constitutional history and tell us the facts about how the Supreme Court was never designed to have the power it currently has.
  23. Wolfstrike

    lynching Kavanaugh

    it's crazy when you think about it. The Democrats, who aren't happy with the way a democratic election turned out, are willing to tell Kavanaugh's kids and everyone else in the world, that Kavanaugh is a rapist, just so they can delay the nomination of a Supreme Court judge until after the...
  24. Wolfstrike

    Eugene Dinkin

    Allegations of PFC Eugene Dinkin good reading
  25. Wolfstrike

    here's how Trump can avoid this Supreme Court mess

    it's simple Trump says here's my #1 choice for the Supreme Court -fill in name- .... ...and my #2 Pat Buchanan.
  26. Wolfstrike

    Cosby, just FYI

    I can't say that Cosby is 100% innocent, but i'm going through the details of what the legal system did to this guy, ...and it's unbelievable. The truth is, I really don't want to spend the time on this, but i'm planning to put the details in a video. ...that no one will watch. Someone has to...
  27. Wolfstrike

    BREAKING NEWS! kavanaugh accusations mistaken identity

    Ahead of pivotal Senate hearing, witnesses surface to say Christine Ford may have mistaken them for Kavanaugh No hard feelings over the mistake, after kavanaugh confirmed. Let's put this ugliness behind us
  28. Wolfstrike

    i'll make a prediction

    a lot of people can blab on the internet about what they think happened, but few of us are willing to make predictions. Michael Jackson 100% innocent. Cosby , misrepresented. My prediction, Chris Rock is on the chopping block. They usually wait until the person is old before they destroy...
  29. Wolfstrike

    listen to the speech that got Cosby prison time

    the left try to shut us down, but when you are famous you can not say what ever you want
  30. Wolfstrike

    Official forgeries theory every year I notice stories about paintings that are "stolen" then "found" later. They tell us about how someone walked off with a masterpiece from a guarded...

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