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  1. SteadyMercury

    USMC F-35Bs declared ready for battle

    Marines Declare F-35B Operational My initial thoughts on this was that the weapon load was limited since only Block 2B software, but if you think about it being able to deploy JDAMs and LGBs covers the overwhelming majority of what USMC pilots would gift to targets on the ground, and an F-35B...
  2. SteadyMercury

    LCS upgrade

    Upgrades Will Let the Navy s LCS Operate in More Dangerous Waters - Defense One I like the idea (working with what they have) but I'm kind underwhelmed with actual implementation. There were plans submitted by the builders to add vertical launch tubes, up the gun to 76mm, etc. but aside from...
  3. SteadyMercury

    3 year old boy accidentally shot

    3-year-old boy shot in mouth while playing with 4-year-old... I sure hope the boy survives and heals. Irony the door of the home where the accident occurred:
  4. SteadyMercury

    Sikh student sues Army to get into ROTC

    Sikh student says he should be able to join ROTC - I hate shit like this, freedom of religion is fine practice what you want, but don't expect others to accommodate you by changing their standards of appearance for their organization. What next a rastafarian wanting to join the army...
  5. SteadyMercury

    Some 5th gen fighter pics

    PAK-FA F-35C J-31 F-22
  6. SteadyMercury

    Mali beats back Ebola Mail joins Nigeria, Senegal, United States, and Spain in proving the spread of Ebola can be stopped after arriving in country. I assume Vigilante and Silhouette are still...
  7. SteadyMercury

    (from a few years back) multi national military parade in Russia

    US rolls by at around 3:30. Check out the Brits right before them, their marching is a fucking mess.
  8. SteadyMercury

    Malaysia Air shot down Ukraine conspiracy

    First! Not sure what the usual cast of tin hat retards will come up with, but thought I'd end the suspense and just start the thread for them. Did Obama order the shoot down to fan the flames against Russia? Was it the Israelis who want a distraction so they can do whatever in Hamasoland...
  9. SteadyMercury

    Obama labor board stacking denied Nice, and further win = invalidates all the decisions made by the illegally stacked National Labor Relations Board. There are checks and balances in the system for a reason, Obama doing an end-around...
  10. SteadyMercury

    Tranny locked up

    Yet another recall hit for GM 2013-'14 Cadillac ATS, 2014 Cadillac CTS Recalled for Transmission Problem |
  11. SteadyMercury

    Tranny changes

    No. 88 team changes transmissions on car of unhappy Dale Earnhardt Jr. | FOX Sports on MSN Apparently there were vibrations, so Team Earnhardt had to change out the transmission.
  12. SteadyMercury

    Phx caps pension spiking

    About damn time, they've been talking about ending this rampant abuse of the public pension system for years. Phoenix ends pension spiking for police officers, firefighters And of course you've now got the cop union threatening to sue the city, they were quoted as saying many cops rarely...
  13. SteadyMercury

    Bush at the ranch

    Bush holds ride for wounded veterans at his ranch | I really like the role Bush Junior has been post presidency. Relatively low-profile, not opening his mouth to say dumb shit over and over like Carter, yet willing to do things like above. Good stuff.
  14. SteadyMercury

    Bring back shop class

    From WSJ at Josh Mandel: Welders Make $150,000? Bring Back Shop Class -
  15. SteadyMercury

    Postal service buys ammo

    From the Fed Biz Ops website, a notice of intent for solicitation: Of course all it says is "The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted...
  16. SteadyMercury

    Tightening up disability judgements

    Government Pulls in Reins On Disability Judges - Sorely needed given the outlier judges who rubber stamp whatever comes across their desk or have cozy relationships with disability lawyers.
  17. SteadyMercury

    Your winners and losers for 2013

    My big winner was my small cap index fund, up about 36% YTD. Biggest loser would have been total bond market index fund, but I got spooked on bonds and bond funds early in the year so parked that pie slice in the Stable Value Fund available in my wife's 401k. Still the portfolio loser at 2.5%...
  18. SteadyMercury

    Man charged with murdering canoeist, castle defense?

    Missouri float trip murder case may hinge on property rights - So where does caste defense end and out of control maniac begin?
  19. SteadyMercury

    Cigarette butts = litter in Illinois

    Newly signed state bills affect drones, smokers and heroin I applaud this, but why does this need legislation even need to happen for these to be considered litter? If I toss a rubiks cube or used cell phone I don't want out the window is it not considered litter because there isn't...
  20. SteadyMercury

    Caroline Kennedy as Ambassador to Japan

    Expertise in Japan and North Asia? Nope. Speaks Japanese? Nope. Experience in international diplomacy? Nope. Experience holding any political position? Nope. Obama owes her a favor for election support? Yup. What a stupid choice for this post, I hate the culture of back scratching that...
  21. SteadyMercury

    Velasquez JDS beat down

    After two consecutive maulings Cain Velasquez is looking damn near invincible and I'm just about ready to dismiss the loss to JDS as a fluke due to ring rust and coming back from injury. I assume Reem gets next shot if he beats Bigfoot and pisses clean, but he'll gas after one round in a fight...

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