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    GOP committing political suicide

    Removed so I can start my own thread about false allegations against Russell Pearce.
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    GOP committing political suicide

    The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press Broad Approval For New Arizona Immigration Law Democrats Divided, But Support key Provisions Link to Pew Center web page. Come on now, it ain't all that bad. At least not the Arizona Immigration Law part anyway.
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    "40 million revolutionaries north of the Rio Grande"

    The British tried it! Hitler tried it! Emperor Hirohito tried it! Russia thought about it! 40M Mexican Revolutionaries, highly exaggerated number, and most can't even hold a gun right....
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    Latino Americans supporting AZ law

    I see many American patriots and veterans at the VA that are Hispanic. They are proud to be American veterans and Hispanic. I have never met one who backs illegal immigration in any way. I truly believe that the majority of Hispanic people legally in the United States whether citizens or not do...
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    The same fix the left always wants is amnesty, but the proper P.C. term is reform. The exact thing was done in 1986 by Reagan, we all know how well that worked and where it got us. Every president since Reagan has backed it. Clinton and G.W. Bush wanted to do it too. Reagan had just done his so...
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    AZ utility board member on LA boycott

    That was an excellent come back to LA, it was on the Phoenix TV news too.
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    Obama's aunt can stay in U.S., judge rules

    Denied 3 times and ordered to leave the country. Nephew becomes president. Welcome to America nice lady! Totally impartial...
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    Obama's Auntie?

    You actually know nothing and are a very insecure little person. That is why you present yourself in the manner you do.
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    ACLU files suit on Arizona law

    New Arizona Illegal Alien Law Facts: The law becomes effective 90 days after the legislative session it was passed in closes. That session closed April 29, 2010 at 11:07 PM.. The law becomes effective at 11:07 PM on July 28, 2010. So the law is not the reason the old man was stopped twice...
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    Yay I love new forums!

    Hello and welcome candiedkisses. This is only my 2nd day on USMB and so far it is pretty cool.
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    Obama's Auntie?

    That's why he wants amnesty for all the illegal, he loves her cooking!
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    An entire family was murdered in New Orleans and the national media didn't bat an eye

    Anytime kids get murdered it's tragic because all they did was to see something they shouldn't have.
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    Why? The AZ Illegal Alien Law.

    Arizona is overwhelmed with crime because of illegal aliens. It has made Arizona the leader in kidnappings for the country. The kidnappings along with shootouts between speeding cars on the streets of Phoenix, all part of the war between rival human and drug smugglers. Drop houses full of...
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    Not Just Illegals Looking For Work!

    Two videos that tell more of the story that most don't even think about, OTMs. Atlanta, GA TV news..... Border Security Part 1 .... Border Security Part 2 :mad: These videos are dated two weeks ago, May 3,2010.
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    Un fucking believable

    At least the current Laker team statement is, "We're in the business of playing basketball," says Lakers spokesman John Black, "and we're not in the business of getting into a political debate one way or another." Not a big basketball fan, but use to think Steve Nash was one of the best. Now...
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    What did Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower have in common?

    Very good. I knew of Operation Wetback, but I didn't know of Hoover and Truman doing the same, thanks.
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    OMG - Check out CA Immigration Law

    The everyday liberal media and the local politicians pandering for the hispanic American and liberal vote ignore little facts like that because it makes their lies less believable. If you mess with illegals then most hispanic American citizens who can vote will not vote for you. A big problem...
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    Hello all, I'm a newbie

    Welcome, I lived in Oregon for 10 years way back when it was still Oregon and not a Kalifornia Burb. The PNW is still one of the prettiest places there is. Last time I was back up there was 1997 and the new Oregon political attitude makes the old 1960s Oregon hippie attitude seem conservative...
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    What does Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, & Rush Limbaugh have in common?

    Have never listened to any of them. I know Limbaugh and Beck make about $30 million a year, read it somewhere. I would rather find my own info and not rely on a Talking Head that is only worried about his ratings.
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    I Don't Understand Anyone Who Opposes The New Law

    Here is that link to Bill 1070 that the Arizona Governor signed last moth. At the top of the page it will tell you what the colored text is all about. She sent it back once for changes before she would sign it. HERE
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    Costly drug war has little, if anything, to show

    As long as there is a buyer there will be a seller. So it is a losing battle....and that is #15. Excuse me I have a link to go post.
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    Current amnesty bill working its way through congress

    Big Bad John McCain is even backed off. He's trying to get reelected so he's back home talking about more Border Patrol agents, maybe the National Guard and even the old real Border Fence that he said for years wouldn't work. Remember the Border Fence Congress passed and then never funded...
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    Reform must protect nation's civil liberties

    They just want American taxpayers to pay for and not play the poor me crowd's civil liberties game.
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    Arizona lashes out at illegal immigration

    Illegal immigration from Mexico to the US and the money wired back home could be Mexico's largest revenue source now. I wonder if that's what pushed Carlos Slim over the top to push Bill Gates out of Forbes Richest Man in the World Title for 2010. Carlos Slim does own all the communications...
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    I Don't Understand Anyone Who Opposes The New Law

    There is nothing wrong with the law it is molded along the lines of federal immigration law. Read the law, you will see that media and special interest groups have greatly distorted it's intent. I can't post a link to the version of the Bill that the Arizona governor signed. I'm still working on...
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    Should we bail out Greece ?

    No, lets try to bail ourselves out first.
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    US Attorney General Urges Repeal of Miranda Warning

    Keep it, it might be your friend some day!
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    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome StoneageHippy, I be new here too, they got this 15 posts rule before you can post a link. This is #8. :o)
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    Hello all

    Welcome Middleman, new myself so thought I'd say hello.
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    What is really the culprit of our economy

    Welcome Top! Your political thinking is pretty much right on.

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