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    Now that the £ has rallied after the US election and oil is going back down in price will the leaders of project fear drop their prices. They blamed Brexit for the price rises they had to introduce, or was this just another of their LIES to con the public. Will tainted tommy and monte accept...
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    Now we can put names and addresses's to the people behind the last ploy of project fear, and not one is British. We have a French IT consultant that found Brexit would cause him disruption on his commute to Britain to fleece British people of their hard earned cash. He claims that the...
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    UK to Suspend Aid to Palestine

    International Development Secretary Priti Patel ordered a freeze pending the outcome of an investigation. A third of this years aid to Pakistan is being withheld. The Department said that the PLOmakes social welfare provisions for prisoners families. MP's demanded action after revelations that...
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    Turkey reinstating death penalty would end EU talks, Germany warns

    Germany warned Turkey on Monday against reinstating the death penalty, as it blasted "revolting scenes of caprice and revenge" in the wake of a failed coup attempt. In strongly worded remarks, Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters that Berlin had grave questions...
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    Angela Eagle is receiving violent threats after she challenged Jeremy Corbyn

    Seems the champagne socialists are scared of facing the truth, and the possibility they are not wanted by the people of Britain Labour leadership hopeful Angela Eagle has had to cancel a meeting on Tuesday because of the level of abuse she is receiving after she announced she would challenge...
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    Why Britain is surviving the Brexit backlash and Europe is not

    What a difference a few weeks makes. On June 24, just after Britain’s “Brexit” shock, the United Kingdom was apparently facing political chaos, financial crisis, and economic disaster. The prime minister was standing down, the stock market and currency were in freefall, and all the wise men and...
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    Andrea Leadsom drops out of Conservative leadership race

    And so the wheel turns and the P.M. in waiting is given a clear run to the finish line as planned by Cameron after the last election. Lets hope she is able to tell the Eurocrats to get out of her face and obey their own laws. Conservative leadership contender Andrea Leadsom has dropped out of...
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    Brexit could bring closer trading ties with US - George Osborne

    Seems that the doomsayers are wrong again and Britain will see increasing trade with the US, that was blocked by the EU for so many years because of jealousy's. The looney left are crying into their champagne and breakfast wine at the prospect of losing what little hold they have over Britain...
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    UK exit puts EU in limbo, unsure whether to do more or less

    Britain's decision to leave the EU has left the bloc in limbo, unsure whether to do more or less BRUSSELS (AP) -- The European Union has known some crises in its time: the constitution that never was, impossible budget deals, debt devastating the Greek economy and threatening the euro...
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    EU declares Spain, Portugal in violation of deficit rules

    Seems that the rot is already setting in and the EU is going bust as predicted. Without the UK to foot the bill the mighty will fall and taxes will have to go up across Europe The European Commission on Thursday officially declared Spain and Portugal in violation of the EU rules on...
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    Turkey shoots down Russian jet

    Watch: Turkey shoots down Russian military jet
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    Lies exposed and the story set straight

    Dam Busted Palestinian Lie Exposed HonestReporting Seems that MSM went along with palestinian propaganda and reported a LIE. Now it seems that there are no dams in that area of Israel. I wonder what team palestine will have to say about the LIES being brought out into the open
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    PEACE ? ? ?

    It was shown on UK T.V. last night that Israel and the unity P.A. government have reached a conclusion on the possibilities of peace in the near future. Israel has agreed to lift the blockade partly to allow building materials to enter gaza, more Humantarian aid and food. Hamas has agreed to...
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    Gaza militant leader dies in strike

    An Israeli air strike killed a militant leader in the Gaza Strip today, just hours ahead of a seven-hour truce announced by Israel which was meant to open a "humanitarian window" for aid. An Israeli air strike killed a militant leader in the Gaza Strip today, just hours ahead of a...
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    GAZA as reported in the UK today

    20 die as Israel troops invade Gaza Nearly 20 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were killed as troops clashed with militants in Gaza today after Israel launched a ground operation aimed at destroying tunnels and halting rocket fire by the enclave's Hamas rulers. Nearly 20...
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    This is how the US Police treat them

    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A federal officer fired his weapon once at men in a truck as they fled a pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles after using wooden poles bearing Palestinian flags to hit protesters, authorities said Monday. The incident, which resulted in four arrests and no injuries, occurred at...
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    Ak dura hoax

    Philippe Karsenty - The al Dura Hoax on Vimeo Enough evidence to silence even the most vocal of muslim agitators.
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    Is this a typical muslim action

    here we have a report of what 5 Iraqi migrants did to an elderly Colorado woman Muslims Gang Rape American Woman In Colorado, In Rare And Horrific Ways | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat Very graphic description of the sadistic and deviant behaviour by these Iraqi's welcomed into America.
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    More palestinian deciet

    Here are the facts regarding the targeting of ambulances by the IDF, and the looney left wont like them one bit The Red Cross Ambulance Incident Just the tip of the pallywood iceberg that distributes disinformation and outright LIES to have the world destroy Israel for the muslims.
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    Palestinian hypocrisy

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    Who really owns Palestine?

    For decades, we have heard assertions that Israel is occupying “Palestinian” land. This is, of course, propaganda of the first order, since there is no such thing as Palestinian land, and to use that phrase is to promote a blatantly political anti-Israel agenda. The excellent article...
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    Memo from plo showing that jews own the land

    Rights of Pre-1967 Jews in the OPT To: Palestinian Negotiating Team From: Negotiations Support Unit, Settlements File Subject: Rights of Jews within the OPT acquired pre-1967 Date: XX September 2008 The purpose of this memo is to...
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    Arab league commands

    KHARTOUM RESOLUTION. 1.The conference has affirmed the unity of Arab states, the unity of joint action and the need for coordination and for the elimination of all differences. The Kings, Presidents and representatives of the other Arab Heads of State at the conference have affirmed their...

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