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    Why? The AZ Illegal Alien Law.

    Arizona is overwhelmed with crime because of illegal aliens. It has made Arizona the leader in kidnappings for the country. The kidnappings along with shootouts between speeding cars on the streets of Phoenix, all part of the war between rival human and drug smugglers. Drop houses full of...
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    Not Just Illegals Looking For Work!

    Two videos that tell more of the story that most don't even think about, OTMs. Atlanta, GA TV news..... Border Security Part 1 .... Border Security Part 2 :mad: These videos are dated two weeks ago, May 3,2010.
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    I am a retired 64 year old living in central Arizona that is just a red hair past outraged over what is happening to America and my home state. I will probably be polite and mellow until I get the lay of the land and who's who around here. I am definitely an old school conservative. I am a...

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