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    CDZ Should voting and residency right be more like property right?

    States and provinces in a country is like an open border apartment. Imagine one province vote capitalism and another province vote socialism? The capitalistic province will get rich. Then what? People in socialist province will move to capitalistic province. Then? Vote for socialism. Imagine...
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    CDZ How two governors slashed budget by 50% and still achieve more than his predecessors

    This is not a possibility. It's actually done. About 7 years ago, Jokowi and Ahok became governor in Jakarta. We've heard about Jokowi being the best major in some small town called Solo. He later went on becoming the president of Indonesia. Some say his sidekick, Ahok, is even better than...
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    One of my post is gone

    I made a post and someone deleted that post. People are commenting. Suddenly it's just gone. The URL no longer work. Did I do something wrong? Thanks for the feedback. The post is asking about whether cops are racist in shooting black. So I question whether blacks are more likely to be shot...
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    CDZ Super Capitalism. You have 2 Cows

    Super Capitalism. You have 2 cows. You move them to a land where milk isn't taxed and sell it with currency central banks don't control. Soon, no government tax milk because all the cows move somewhere else if they do. Super Capitalism is like normal...
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    CDZ Libertarians Globally combined with Local Statism

    Libertarians want small government. I agree. However, demanding smaller government through “reason” is not practical, not convincing, and in a sense, not fair. It’s like deciding who win a race through “argument”. No. You let them run you see who come first place. Instead, we should embrace...
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    Why don't americans just import prescription drugs online?

    Basically Drug prices in US are high A Free market could fix it. Countries beyond the US governments' reach can simply produce cheaper drugs Pharmacies lobby against it. Under the pretext that drugs must pass health approval/FDA whatever, people cannot import the drug. However, something is...
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    Why do socialists like income taxes?

    Socialists say they protect workers from capital “owners”. However, they demand income taxes. Income taxes hurt workers the most. Land owners pay land taxes. Shareholders pay capital gain taxes (which they can keep postponing). Startup founders pay at most, renunciation tax when they change...
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    Do Liberals Want to Become Sanctuary Cities to Enlarge Their Power?

    Illegals can't vote. However, they show up in census. So any cities with more illegal immigrants will have disproportionately higher voting power. Citizenship question will not be added to census for now, Supreme Court rules Is this why many liberal wants to be sanctuary cities? I've heard...
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    Why it's hard to get some questions answered in politic

    Someone asks this question in political StackExchange and the question is closed and I have no idea why. Why people argue whether trans women should be able to compete against cisgender women? It seems that there are some reasons why some questions are not answered and the answer is political...
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    Twitter ban people for political opinions

    Feminist's Lawsuit Against Twitter the First of Many, Lawyers Say Are private companies more powerful than governments now?
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    CDZ Can extending NAP and meritocracy to groups help libertarianism?

    Meritocracy doesn't have to be on an individual base. Allowing groups some autonomy combined with NAP among groups can improve NAP among individuals within many groups. Is it? We allow kids to be rich just because their parents are rich. Here, families are groups that took care of each other...
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    What are the rules of clean debate zone

    Someone told me not to put links. I saw most people don't put links. So no links? What are the other rules?
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    CDZ If one government is bad, why don't we go to the opposite direction?

    NATION STATE: At The Apostolic Palace, The King Of Vatican City Calls For A One World Government More Powerful Than The United Nations • Now The End Begins <- the link is just a sample. Should I remove it? People say that one world government is bad. I agree. Imagine if Germany is one...
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    Not everything have to be done by the market and not every country have to be democracy

    McDonald corporation is built on the principle of the franchise. McDonald has many franchises. However, not all of McDonald's store are franchises. McDonald directly owns some. Those few stores are less efficient than franchises. However, McDonald uses that to build a brand as models and stuff...
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    Facebook delete my posts questioning why some races have lower IQ

    They said it's hate speech. I want to study how some cultural practice causes rising IQ or declining IQ. I wonder if we can improve society by improving IQ of society. Facebook declares that it's hate speech. After they said it's hate speech, I created another thread questioning it. They...
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    How should government deal with obfuscated contract?

    Sim Lim scams: Student reduced to tears after being charged $1k for iPhone warranty Another such case is here Big Companies in Indonesia Used Obfuscated Contract to make Customer Pays Exhorbitant Fees : EscalatingRevenge This is one such case 1. Price is exorbitant 2. People are handed a...
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    I think poor countries like Venezuella should turn their citizenship into shares

    And then let Bill Gates manage.
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    CDZ Why US went from being libertarians to welfare states and why the trend reverse

    US used to be a libertarian country. Libertarianism is great. However, it has a few flaws. It doesn't address market failure. Many freedoms are arguably not force or fraud but hurt the economy. Those are things like voting for a socialist party, breeding while poor, deceptive marketing...
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    CDZ I think how well a country is governed can be measured by the prosperity of the citizens

    To be more precise..... I think the primary value of a country can be measured by the financial return to its current citizens/rulers/owners and their biological descendants. And that can be very measurable. Citizenship can have a valuation or pay a dividend and we can see it going up or down...
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    A more humane and profitable solutions to handle refugees

    This happened in my town So some immigrants want to kill 40 kids out of protests. Okay, these immigrants are a bit problematic. If we let them die, that sucks. That's cruel. If we let them in, they run our lives. What about if some people make those refugees area a better place. Rather than...
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    CDZ Do you think this black guy is unreasonable?

    He is accused of getting in theater via the exit. He can merely show his ticket AMC Manager Embarrasses Black Man He Wrongly Accused of Sneaking Into Movies: 'I Felt Very Ashamed' He can choose to show his ticket stub. He made a scene out of nothing.
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    CDZ Democracy is "fine" but have many flaws

    Say I go to a cinema with many theater. Say 60% of the population in those theaters want to watch Captain Marvel. 10% want to watch Urotsukdoji. And say 1% wants to watch two girls one cup (don't look that up, I never did, I don't want too). The correct solution is obvious. We divide the cinema...
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    CDZ Should forced sex within marriage declared rape and illegal?

    There is a debate in my country where forced sex within marriage is rape or not. In one hand it's forced, so it's rape so it should be illegal. That's the logic. The muslim conservatives don't like this though. They said religions say it's okay. On the other hand, people can legitimately...
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    CDZ Why I think western civilization is in decline

    Say a 16 or 17 years old have sex with a beautiful female teachers. Normal people would say "nice". But yea I understand. Kids, at 16-17, are not old enough to consent to have sex. I totally got it. If the sex is reversed I don't know what to say either. But 5 years old kid can choose...
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    CDZ Libertarianism is a Great Ideology but it Has Flaws

    Someone told me that my idea of privatization of states is not libertarianism. It's ancap. I thought about it. I thought I am a very moderate libertarian. Libertarians see governments as oppressors. I see governments as a very inefficient protectors. Libertarians see others as parasites (I used...
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    CDZ I think white people is the least racist among people now

    Not saying they're perfect. They have many flaws the rest can see miles away. I bet the other way around is far more true. I read this in 9gag 20 years ago, I was annoyed by the fact that Australians only allow white immigrants. I was an immigrant protesting riots against chinese minority in...
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    CDZ Why it's legally easier for a woman to choose a welfare parasite than a productive citizen?

    This question is DELETED from politic stackexchange by some liberal mod The topic is similar to this Which one can afford more children, a millionaire or a welfare parasite? ---- The way I understand how it works is the following. Imagine if a girl wants to choose a guy to knock her up. If she...
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    CDZ Why competition among states are very important for prosperity?

    I used to be a hardcore libertarian. I think all governments are wrong. Now I greatly moderate my position. You can see what I think here, Why states, nations, provinces, cities, and villages should be run like a business? . I am now far more centrist than libertarian. Why? At that time I...
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    Why states, nations, provinces, cities, and villages should be run like a business?

    By the way, nations are already like businesses because they have to compete. The people are like customers that can simply move to another nation if they don't like it. The citizens, for most practical purposes are the owners. They vote to get benefits and enrich themselves. However, moving to...

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