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  1. Pavel Svinchnik

    Hate the New Bloomberg TV Format

    I usually tune into the financial TV channels several times a day, alternating between Bloomberg and Fox Business News. This morning, 3/31/2020, Bloomberg had a new format on the screen. Where the old format was easily read, the new one is very cluttered and the essential numbers are too small...
  2. Pavel Svinchnik

    Zero Interest on 13-Week T-bills

    When one of my 13-week T-bills rolled over last week, the replacement only paid 0.29%. I had moved my savings account money into T-bills last year because the credit union is only paying 0.30% interest. This week's auction was a shocker; the interest rate is zero! Even so, they sold about $56...
  3. Pavel Svinchnik

    Hedge with Gold?

    I see gold dropped significantly. Is anyone buying a bit, just in case we have another crash?
  4. Pavel Svinchnik

    Funeral Business TV Today

    I turned on Bloomberg TV this morning and noticed that the morning lady was wearing a black dress. They cut to the morning man and he was wearing a black suit. When I switched to Fox Business News, again the lady wore a black dress and the man a black suit. They interviewed two guests, both of...
  5. Pavel Svinchnik

    Stock Plunge Theories

    The most prevalent reason given for today's big stock plunge is the coronavirus spread in northern Italy. The secondary reason is Sander's win in Nevada. From my reading on the markets, it seems like a lot of people thought the markets were overbought and were looking for a reason for a...
  6. Pavel Svinchnik

    Stock Publicity Boosts Share Price

    I was watching "The Clayman Countdown" yesterday afternoon. Liz was interviewing the CEO of AIM ImmunoTech (ticker AIM), who was talking about his firm's anti-SARS drug which might work on the new corona virus. I went upstairs to the computer to check out the stock and found that during his...
  7. Pavel Svinchnik

    Selling Calls: Volume?

    I've bought some calls in the past but never sold any. I was looking into selling calls but it seems that the per-share premium is so small that you'd have to sell options on thousands of shares to make it worth the effort. For those of you who sell options, what is the usual volume of shares in...
  8. Pavel Svinchnik

    Bond Index?

    There are several well-known stock indices; Dow-Jones Industrials, S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE 100, etc. There are probably bond indices somewhere but I've never seen one in the crawl at the bottom of the screen on any of the financial news channels or highlighted in the financial newspapers. Are...
  9. Pavel Svinchnik

    Record DJI?

    The DJI reached 27,400+ today, which everyone said was a record. I seem to recall it being around 27,600 earlier this year but I must have been mistaken. Maybe I was thinking of when it was 26,700 a while back and transposed the numbers. The Dow Transport Index was up over 2% today; quite a...
  10. Pavel Svinchnik

    Ban Political Posts

    This group is supposed to be about the stock market and investing. I think the moderators should ban any posts which mention Trump, Obama, Warren, Bush, Biden, Clinton, etc. I don't bother to read them; they'll just be partisan attacks from one side or the other. Also, thinking that the...
  11. Pavel Svinchnik

    Odd Lots

    When the riots started in Hong Kong, I noticed that Cathay Pacific stock dropped substantially. Assuming that it would go back up some day, I bought 300 shares as a speculative buy. It started back up and yesterday it reached a point where I decided to cash in. I put up my 300 shares for sale...
  12. Pavel Svinchnik

    Futures Drop

    I saw an interesting reaction to news this morning. While my morning coffee was brewing, I turned on Bloomberg TV just before 8:00 a.m. They were doing commercials but the crawl on the bottom of the screen indicated that the DJ Industrial futures were up a positive 83 points. When the...
  13. Pavel Svinchnik

    Expansion Limits

    My wife and I were discussing the impulse of businesses to constantly expand customer base, sales, profits, etc. It seems that there is a limit to growth, although maybe not with constant technological advancements. Does anyone know of any books speculating on the limits of economic growth?
  14. Pavel Svinchnik

    What's Up With EA?

    For the past three mornings, the price of EA (Electronic Arts) jumps up about $5 over the prior close with millions of shares traded. Then the volume lessens and the price sinks over the rest of the day. I know they have a new game coming out but the early morning volume and price surge seems...
  15. Pavel Svinchnik

    Block Ken Fisher

    I wish there were some way to block those Ken Fisher ads; I'm getting tired of seeing his face all over the Internet.
  16. Pavel Svinchnik

    Dow Dupont?

    Any thoughts on Dow Dupont? They're planning to split into three companies so I guess that if you have shares in the current company, you'll be issued shares in the three new companies. It looks like a lot of people are playing that angle as their PE is about 126-1.
  17. Pavel Svinchnik

    Screener for Preferred Stocks

    I was doing some stock screening on AmeriTrade the other day and discovered that I couldn't screen preferred stocks by sector (mining, banking, manufacturing, etc.). I wrote to them and they said they'd consider that in their next upgrade. I then searched around the internet for a free stock...
  18. Pavel Svinchnik


    I noticed that the Conagra (CAG) share price plummeted lately. Thinking they might be a good dip buy, I researched them. Although they pay a reasonable dividend, 3.5%, their balance sheet looks weak. About 40% of their assets are in Goodwill; the rest, their real assets, aren't enough to cover...
  19. Pavel Svinchnik

    Deutsche Bank Preferred

    I had some spare cash in the investment account so I bought a few shares of Deutsche Bank Preferred (DXB). It pays a dividend of about 6.5%.
  20. Pavel Svinchnik

    ID Old Hippy Tune

    I can’t remember the name of a rock song from the psychedelic era of the late 60’s. You hear it in elevators and stores as background music these days and it’s going round and round in my head. The song is sort of soft and gentle in tone, similar to “California Dreaming”; I believe it was sung...
  21. Pavel Svinchnik

    Platinum Edging Up

    The price of platinum has gone up a bit lately. It started the year near $1,000 per ounce, was down around $780 last week, and is now around $825. Is there any reason for this or are speculators just buying low?
  22. Pavel Svinchnik

    Italian Bank Stock

    I bought some Italian bank stock today after they tanked about 10%. Not a major investment, just a speculative play with some of my spare change in the investment account. Might take a few years to turn a profit, but it seemed like a good gamble.
  23. Pavel Svinchnik

    Anybody Buying Platinum?

    I noticed that the price of platinum has been sinking lately. Lookin at the last few years, it seems to have about a five-month cycle and is currently at the low end. I was thinking of picking up a few platinum coins or maybe a platinum ETF in hopes of catching the updraft.
  24. Pavel Svinchnik

    Grieg and "Jericho"

    I was practicing the spiritual "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho" for my piano lesson and thought that it sounded similar to Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King". I downloaded the sheet music and found that both start with a rising partial scale followed by three three-beat measures...
  25. Pavel Svinchnik

    Dividend Information

    In case you don't already know this, the Wall Street Journal frequently posts a "Dividend Changes" section in their Business & Finance section. In today's edition, May 4, it's on page B-9.. They list the company, dividend yields, record dates, etc. Just thought someone else may find it...
  26. Pavel Svinchnik

    USMB Icon Impression

    I know that the USMB icon is supposed to be an American eagle in red, white, and blue, but at first glance on the forum list, it looks like a circus clown throwing his head back and laughing. The red area is the mouth, the two outside blue areas are tufts of hair, and the central blue is the...

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