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  1. Terence Millar

    Lets cure cancer

    Forget about the flu.........
  2. Terence Millar

    Well the coronovirus has taken the edge off of curing cancer

    A mild disease (overblown by the media) over a deadly killer. Do not let the overblown media take funds away for our cancer research. Sadly whenever a well known person loses their battle with cancer it is merely a footnote.
  3. Terence Millar

    Flu deaths in Italy

    "240 deaths have so far been reported, slightly lower than the expected 258. Most of the fatal cases are elderly patients who suffered complications after contracting the virus."
  4. Terence Millar

    When the coronovirus plays itself out, what will be the next big media story?

    I guess it's back to climate change.
  5. Terence Millar

    The real problem with this virus is not that it is dangerous

    The real problem is that it is so contagious and spreads so easily.
  6. Terence Millar

    We have been duped for years about vaccines........

    Small pox vaccine ---- what a joke. Polio vaccine..... another joke. Now it's the flu vaccine ...... incredible. What's next, a fake cancer vaccine..........
  7. Terence Millar

    Dogs immediately react, cats think first then react

    Dog, "Lets go go go." Cat, "Um I need to think about it first."
  8. Terence Millar

    I love being a Trump lunatic

    Why would I not like what he has done?
  9. Terence Millar

    Why were the Chinese so secretive about the coronavirus outbreak?

    I have to wonder, hmmmmmmmmmm.........
  10. Terence Millar

    How Bill Clinton handled his anxieties

    Just absolutely incredible. "Bill Maher defends Monica Lewinsky, rips 'callous' Bill Clinton over 'manage my anxieties' remark." " "Real Time" host Bill Maher tore into former President Bill Clinton on Friday night's show over remarks Clinton makes in the new "Hillary" documentary series...
  11. Terence Millar

    What should President Trump do that he is not doing, or

    what is he doing that is wrong???? I really need to know.
  12. Terence Millar

    What animal would you like to be?

    A cat for me. All I'd have to do is complain a little, and then get lots of attention. I would have a litter box, and not have to go outside in cold or bad weather. Best of all, I could terrorize dogs even much bigger than me.
  13. Terence Millar

    Sadly many Americans vote on perceived personality

    Not on talent.......... Obama was smooth, but did nothing. Nixon was portrayed as by being unlikable......well...
  14. Terence Millar

    Incumbent Presidents should never hold political rallies.........

    Tell us why??? Fact is he is telling us what he is doing, and what he wants to do. Hmmmmmmm.......
  15. Terence Millar

    Sorry for some people, Trump will have an easy reelection

    I look forward to even more of their hate and lies!!!!! Go Liberals!!!!!!
  16. Terence Millar

    What is you favorite kind of pet?

    For me it is cats. Some say they are too independent, but my cats give me lots of love and attention, because I give them lots of love and attention. Garfield by Jim Davis for January 19, 2020 |
  17. Terence Millar

    What about the flu?

    Coronavirus has the spotlight, but the flu is much more deadly, because many do not take the vaccine, same will be true for the Coronavirus. Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report (FluView)
  18. Terence Millar

    Liberals, will you invite illegals to live with you?

    You should...........
  19. Terence Millar

    President Trump is done with us leading the way while others watch

    Other countries complain, but do nothing. "GENEVA, Feb 27 (Reuters) - United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Thursday U.S. President Donald Trump's administration was endangering public health and the rights of children with its policies on the environment and migration."...
  20. Terence Millar

    I hope that RNA or DNA analysis reveals a clue for an anti-vaccine, and

    how it developed into such a deadly virus.
  21. Terence Millar

    Just who do the San Fran leaders are afraid to alienate?

    I guess their Liberals love their homeless taking over their streets, including urinating and defecating on the streets. "Well, sweetheart, when you get older you can live on the streets, defecating and urinating wherever you want to."
  22. Terence Millar

    Why we need open borders.......

    Novovirus Measels Mumps Trench throat Typhoid fever and more, and we need the anti vaccination people to help them.
  23. Terence Millar

    Yay, yay yay, DOW down is down because Trump is evil

    Liberals celebrate while the country is hurting.
  24. Terence Millar

    Once again, who is for open borders and why.........?

    Kindly tell us, I really want to know.............
  25. Terence Millar

    Time to open our borders, not just to a select few

    I mean that all of these wonderful people just want a better life, and to leave their backgrounds behind them. Come on terrorists, all is forgiven, come to the USA. Same for you criminals who are avoiding arrest. You to child molesters,we all make mistakes. Go USA, we love all people, good or...
  26. Terence Millar

    CNN is actually the CLPCN

    Cable Liberal Political Commenting Network.
  27. Terence Millar

    Sanctuary cities are so wrong, illegal, and dangerous.

    They prevent the proper vetting of immigrants, which allows some awful people to enter our country.

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