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  1. munkle

    Iceland and Oxford Studies Suggest Millions are Asymptomatic and Already Immune, Cannot Spread

    Upshot: Iceland: half of people who have show no symptoms or already built immunity. Have never had symptoms or thought it was a cold. Mass gatherings , schools, still closed but in Iceland no total lockdown. Iceland doing the science, randomly testing people whether they have symptoms or...
  2. munkle

    NBC: Buckling to pressure, most states deem gun stores 'essential' amid outbreak

    I hardly see a cop in driving in my town past midnight now, don't know WTF they are doing. Though I see plenty at the donut shop during the day. Good news patriots. The kind of maggot who is planning on looting your house due to slowed response time and raping your wife as a bonus likely did...
  3. munkle

    Tucker Carlson: End the Lockdown. One of Most Important Videos in US History

    Man this guy just makes too much sense. - "Keep your small restaurant open that can only seat 20 people anyway? Sorry it's a massive infection risk. You'll have to shop at the Wal-Mart that has hundreds of customers every day instead." - ''were not gonna flip a switch one day and turn the...
  4. munkle

    CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if You're Just Assuming

    In other words assume it's corona whenever you can.
  5. munkle

    Are FEMA Camps So Far Off Now?

    First all essential services are working, then the number of people who can shop drops to a maximum. Now panic headlines over a couple grocery workers die and the panic skyrockets (no reporting on co-morbidity conditions for the unfortunate souls.) What next, food lines? There are already...
  6. munkle

    Headline: "10,000 People Have Died" in US So Far of COVID. 7,000 Die Each Day

    I think we should be taking this seriously, but my question why the constant panic headlines and alarms? Around 2.5 million people die in the US every year. If you take your handy Windows calculator and divide that by 365 days in a year, that's around 7,000 people every day. Not saying this...
  7. munkle

    Here We Go, L.A. Fascism, Bans Gatherings of Any Size "Public and Private"

    So I cannot hike with my friend of 20 years in the woods or sit along the river and talk? They are pushing this to see how far we will tolerate martial law, even worse. Even prisoners for murder get to exercise in a prison yard once a day. Oh right, if you go out of your cell, er, your home...
  8. munkle

    Food Shortages? Time for Trump to Announce New Victory Gardens and Urban Food Forests Push

    It's happening. Can we stave off a hideous nightmare scenario by doing what our grandparents did, grow much of their own food? Trump or someone needs to get ahead of this curve, and now. If Ron Finley can do this in the middle of the baddest part of L.A., anyone can. Tips?
  9. munkle

    How long is everyone here generally prepped for? Two weeks? More?

    Looks like the preppers ready for Doomsday are having the last laugh. While the first weeks after the shutdown was a rush to the supermarkets in search of food and toilet paper, looks like things have calmed down for now. At least until markets announce they can't stay open because their...
  10. munkle

    CBS Caught Faking Video From Italy to Show Severity in NYC Coronavirus Report, Citizens Report Quiet Scenes at Hospitals

    Citizens living near hospitals went to see for themselves what was going on soon after media reports. This needs explanation at the very least. CBS caught red-handed faking footage so we know that much for sure. What do you think discuss please. CBS Caught Faking Video From Italy to Show...
  11. munkle

    Apartment Dwellers at Higher Risk from Corona by Staying In 24/7 Breathing Recirculated Air?

    Is this self isolation always a good idea? Has anyone thought this through? Most apartments buildings are germ factories. Go outside and stay six feet apart... Are Apartment Dwellers at Higher Risk from Corona by Staying Inside 24/7 Breathing Recirculated Air from Units? Are Apartment...
  12. munkle

    MIT Dr. and Elizabeth Warren Opponent Says Corona is a Bio-weapon for Social Control

    This is the guy running on the Republican side against incumbent Ed Markey in MA. Four degrees from MIT including a PhD in bio-engineering. Watch as an Elizabeth Warren supporter shoves the megaphone into his face when he ran against her 2 years ago. Says corona does not fit the profile of a...
  13. munkle

    "Socialist" Sanders One of Few Senators Who Fought for Lost American Right to Jury Trial

    Biden, Warren, and Klobuchar all voted for NDAA indefinite military detention of US citizens without charge or trial. Biden by being in the administration that pushed for it and signed it into law. "Socialist" Sanders One of Few Senators Who Fought for Lost American Right to Jury Trial
  14. munkle

    As Trump Attacks Sanders on "Socialism," Pentagon Audit Shows $10 Trillion Unaccounted For

    Well a fact is a fact. Look at the pie chart in the article on trend in concentration of wealth. Even Warren Buffet is worried. Thirty trillion dollars in "unsupported adjustments" in Pentagon budget. What do you reckon that means...
  15. munkle

    Barcode Voting Machines Banned in Colorado Will Cheat Sanders in Crucial California Primary

    Cliffs: So you press your choices on a touchscreen ballot marking device, which then prints out your completed paper ballot. The ballot then gets run through a vote counting machine. But on the paper ballot is a QR code that gets generated by the ballot marking machine. You can't read it...
  16. munkle

    State Report Says New California Voting Machines Prone to "Insider" Hacking

    Anybody with even a little tech savvy knows these are not little things.  A mystery USB port?  An OS bootable from USB that overrides the BIOS and leave no fingerprints in the event log? I mean, really? Report Warns That California Super Tuesday Primary Critical to Bernie Sanders...
  17. munkle

    Bernie Sanders Will Be Stopped by Hackable Barcode Votes in California Super Tuesday

    I like technology but barcodes that you can't read for voting? Really? Can anyone else see why this is a bad idea? Bernie Sanders Will Be Stopped by Hackable Barcode Votes in California Super Tuesday | Soapboxie
  18. munkle

    Tucker Carlson: US Out of Iraq for Good!

    There were no weapons of mass destruction. We should have left long ago. Now our troops are in harm's way for people who don't appreciate them. TROOPS OUT! [VIDEO]
  19. munkle

    Will Israel Support its Ally the Way we Support it, in Iran War?

    Will our ally support us in a hot war with Iran? The way we vow to support it no matter what? Or does it not want to get obliterated by the formidable Iranian Air Force, absolutely nothing like Saddam's after 10 years of bombing and sanctions? Not a good sign:
  20. munkle

    Just in time for the Iran war, Gold Star families show "War is a Racket," Corporations Pay Taliba

    Just in time for the rush to war with Iran...we discover, long suspected, war is a racket! "Gold Star Families May Show "War is a Racket," Corporations Paying Enemy" Gold Star Families May Show "War is a Racket," Corporations Pay Taliban | HubPages #NoWarWithIran Gold Star Families May Show...
  21. munkle

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Appeals Death Penalty in Boston Bombing, Backpack Color Proves Innocence

    FBI said both backpacks that had pressure cooker bombs were black. Dzhokhar's is is white. What is it that people don't understand? Was probably in the middle of some sting or informant operation with the FBI and his brother. But one thing is clear. That ain't his backpack. Boston...
  22. munkle

    Stephen Crowder Tries to Recreate Epstein Suicide in Jail Cell

    Don't have any drink in your mouth you don't want to spray laughing. #EpsteinDidntKillHimself #Building7DidntKillHimself
  23. munkle

    Disputed Photo of Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts Shows Ghislaine Maxwell, Potential Witness

    Maxwell should be able to say if the photo is fake or not. Put her on the witness stand. Disputed Photo of Prince Andrew with "Epstein Girl" Virginia Roberts Shows Ghislaine Maxwell, Potential Witness In a BBC interview aired on...
  24. munkle

    Congressman Tells How Israel Lobby AIPAC Smeared Him as Anti-Semitic for Voting Against Iraq War

    Saying that Israel and the Israeli lobbying group AIPAC considered the US invasion of the Middle East a top priority, Virginia Congressman Jim Moran describes how he refused to bow to AIPAC's demand that he vote for the war, for which he was then subjected to a campaign portraying him as...
  25. munkle

    NYC Fire Commissioner Speech on New 9/11 Investigation

    New York Area Fire Commissioners Make History, Call for New 9/11 Investigation
  26. munkle

    Are Novato Flyers Blaming Israel, "Jews" for 9/11 Anti-Semitic?

    My opinion on this is the facts are intriguing if they all check out. Has nothing to do with "Jews" or anti-semitism. If it's all true, truth seems to be the new hate speech. Everyone doesn't necessarily have to draw the same conclusions from these facts. Evidence of motive surprising...
  27. munkle

    Are Novato Flyers Blaming Israel, "Jews" for 9/11 Anti-Semitic?

    Are Novato Flyers Blaming Israel, "Jews" for 9/11 Anti-Semitic? — Steemit Are Novato Flyers Blaming Israel, "Jews" for 9/11 Anti-Semitic?
  28. munkle

    Hero of Deliberate Israeli Attack on USS Liberty Passes

    A USS Liberty's Hero's Passing
  29. munkle

    Embedded Reporter Shows Israel Rescuing ISIS Fighters, Kabul Wedding Attacked by ISIS

    Rescuing ISIS? And not with a bullet to the head? What more proof do you need that, beyond the propaganda from ISIS that it is Israel's sworn enemy, ISIS, and Israel Mossad - CIA are one and the same? Remember ISIS is the guys who just blew up a wedding of purely civilians in Kabul. Even...

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