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    Debate Now Chris Grant, our latest presidential laughable lie Is this his 6001 St lie?
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    Why is worst job creation in years never mentioned?

    Oh, trump is doing what he promised? I must have missed it. Every 5 min wE hear about our low unemployment but never that Trumps first year job creation was the worst in years. Job growth slows to a six-year low in Trump's first year And all these regulation cuts but they are never described...
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    Immigrants, we are 65 th in the world

    before we get too paranoid about the dreaded illegal 5mm Mexicans who we stole their country from, and the dreaded 12-20 mm, how come we never talk as a % of the population? We are 65th? Never talk also that our Muslims here have better education, make more, pay more taxes than our holier than...
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    Didn't we fight a world war to get rid of Nazis?

    And now they are back, the same as left protestors? Reminds me of evolution = creationalism, world is 2000 years old

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