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  1. wrathbone

    Rubio and Cruz and a dirty little alliance

    Rubio drooling all over himself like a rabid baboon .....laughing...carrying on like a sophomoric fraternity spaz.....sweatin'.....making a point to shake hands, of all candidates, Ted Cruz - honey pig...insidious lizard lipped prick. Like their in some sort of elite officers club...
  2. wrathbone

    Trump Wins South Carolina Straight To The White House in November

    Trump wins South Carolina and dominates the polls rattling his opposition on the Right and Left. He's poised to take it all get real and start thinking of a seriously, qualified VP and stealthy cabinet. I'm looking at Kasich for VP and still on the fence regarding Secretary of...
  3. wrathbone


    Saw Interstellar for the second time....still blows me away with intrigue. Agree?
  4. wrathbone

    Is Putin A Pedophile And Into Young Men?

    The spy Putin poisoned in Europe reported that Putin was gay and into young men and maybe even a pedophile. Negative propagation or truth? And what would his psycho profile look like if he does have an eye on young men and boys?
  5. wrathbone

    Russia Bombs Hospital and School from Caspian Sea

    Obama made very bad calculations thinking that by not getting more involved in the Syrian civil war, issues would work themselves out. Sadly, it did not. During that huge sucking noise, the exit vacuum, Russia swooped in advancing toward Syrian rebels devastating thousands of civilians caught...
  6. wrathbone

    Cloaking Herself with Obama's Flags of Failure

    Hillary, in her last debate, remarked the Iranian Nuke-Deal was sort of a a hallmark within the Obama administration and would continue his ultra-liberal ideology into the future. Can anyone defend that deal on the Left or Right?

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