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  1. pvsi

    Where would America be without our great leaders? really?

    Think about it. we criticize them every day, but we are living in a greatest nation they created in the world, I say we should have a national holiday to commemorate our great leaders, congressmen, senators and presidents, after all it is they who are in charge and who built our nation and all...
  2. pvsi

    I'm a no RINO conservative, I am no DINO liberal - and they always confuse me with themselves

    I AM A REAL CONSERVATIVE: I eat road kill deer when I find it fresh and make sausages out of it. I shop for clothes exclusively at goodwill. I am proud of it. that is conservatism. all the degenerates on TV and those who watch it have long forgotten the true meaning of the word. I AM A REAL...
  3. pvsi

    Why are Charlie Hebdo seals called terrorists? what were their demands?

    Every news source says "TERRORISTS" attacked Charlie Hebdo news paper. What is definition of terrorism and what makes all this so called independent media so united in their ignorance? If my country was destroyed by bombs of the "peace keepers" I would not sit watching TV even 10 years later...
  4. pvsi

    Can not find any video of Hitler talking about hating Jews - am I alone?

    delete what's the point
  5. pvsi

    Who is the biggest victim? victims deserve special treatment and attention

    Please vote on who you think deserves the most sympathy, reparations, attention, etc. Jews for Holocaust? Conservatives for having Christmas stolen? gays for not being able to marry? Vegans? Liberals for having their wealth oppressed by liberals? Muslims for being bombed in Syria and the middle...
  6. pvsi

    I see only TWO sides on this forum and in this world. I'm trying to unite the honest side

    The trolls posing as left, right, independent, communist, imperialist, are all one side that we must disregard. If anyone here is on the side of justice and honesty, I am here to unite that side, because I believe that outside these forums and the MSM media which makes up the political industry...
  7. pvsi

    New ISIS leader explains his reasons for joining Islamic State

    While the MSM keeps beating around the Bush about ISIS with Abu Al Baghdadi as their leader who only gave one speech at a mosque in Mosul back in July, a new leader for the terrorist group has emerged, who happens to speak English: "Can we make all the baboons cover up their ugly butts? No! Can...
  8. pvsi

    Could we get a scoreboard for this forum, to see who is ahead, the left or the right?

    It's really hard to keep track of who is winning the argument, with each side claiming to be in the lead. I was wondering if maybe we could get some type of scoreboard to keep track, this way we would know who is ahead. just a suggestion. :)
  9. pvsi

    Difference between a criminal and a tool - liberals are just one of the tools of our enemy

    If we cannot identify the root of the enemy, we are like investigators who just blame the gun for the mass murder and close the case. To find the real culprit we must question the welfare class, because how can it be that some people are getting all the freebies while others struggle to survive...
  10. pvsi

    Who is Americas' enemy for you?

    In order to end the political corruption the first step is to identify and dismiss all the political trolls who are paid by the establishment to criticize the establishment. Then we can see things clearly. If you go back to the beginning, there are two forces of energy: positive and negative...
  11. pvsi

    Who is America

  12. pvsi

    Discuss the "stupidity of the American voter" who is not allowed to vote AGAINST politicians

    How people are supposed to vote against establishment's politicians when there are thousands of opposition parties all of whom are united in their criticism of establishment and divided when it comes to presenting a solution? describe also the intelligence of all the critics of the establishment...
  13. pvsi

    How a "concervative" just attempted to recruit me to a democrat party

    They seem to do this ALL THE TIME: any time you say something against GOP, they attach you to democrats. can anyone explain? -
  14. pvsi

    If good conservative people are dissatisfied with less informed liberal people, then why don't they

    If good conservative people of America are not happy with the less informed Liberal people who elect politicians which are not the best for America, then why don't the more intelligent conservatives lead the way and make a better selection than someone like a war Hero John McCain at the time...
  15. pvsi

    THE REASON I respect all great Americans for not voting in the establishment's popularity contest

    THE REASON I salute and respect all great Americans for not voting in the establishment's hosted elections is because not voting in their circus is like being on a hunger strike when all they offer on the menu is BS or PS: when you vote, you only give legitimacy to their staged elections, it's...
  16. pvsi

    I salute all great Americans who are not voting in popularity circus AKA establishment's "elections"

    Every time I read about Americans being "stupid voters" or "idiots" for not voting, this is an insult, and these statements are made by the same type of people who called me a liar when I told them about my story of how I did not have a write in option when I voted the last time in 2004 (story...
  17. pvsi

    Those who vote decide nothing, those who publicize candidates decide everything

    Unless there is an AGAINST option at the polls to deduct from FOR votes: there should be no doubt that if pretend to be anti Obama networks such as Fox News would have chosen to publicize any half decent working class American as an opponent to Obama or Clintons, then Obama nor Clinton would...
  18. pvsi

    People in free society create jobs, not politicians on left and right

    Politicians like Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and the rest of democrats and republicans in power only HURT America by taking up air waves and trolling on political forums with their accusations of each other. that is why this thread will sink and be obscured with left right political cock fight...
  19. pvsi

    I blame lazy people whose job is to type on computer and stuff

    These types often criticize the establishment, on the mass media they even get paid they are given their own shows to criticize the establishment on the establishment media, which they call independent media, and label all others as the establishment media. Some will blame the older generation...
  20. pvsi

    Isis Makes 1 Million A Day Like Stalin Robbed Banks?

    I know only one thing for sure, and that is that I do not know anything for certain. But it is written in history books and told by experts that Joseph Stalin used to rob banks to fund his communist revolution. I do not believe that - it is obvious to me now that Stalin and Lenin were actually...
  21. pvsi

    Wha Is A Political Circus?

    When people like me claim that America and the axis of the so called democracy are in fact a dictatorship rule hiding under a puppet circus, many people who keep watching government officials openly criticizing each other on the mass media may be confused and in disbelief about such a statement...
  22. pvsi

    Nwg Prohibits All Flags But That Of God/allah

    Spokesman for the new world government issued a statement today saying "flags are a way of saying 'here is my penis, deal with it'. All flags will be banned under new world order, the only flag that will be acceptable is the flag of God, which in Arabic means Allah" I would like to hear opinions...
  23. pvsi

    What Happened To Poor Conservatives Of America?liberals - Evil,islamists - Evil,russians - Evil,immi

    What happened to poor conservatives of America? - Liberals - evil - Islamists - evil - Russians - evil - Immigrants - evil - Nazis - evil - Anti Israel - evil Pro gun - good.
  24. pvsi

    Venezuela's Breast Implant Shortage

    Venezuela's breast implant shortage This crisis may be coming to Russia soon as well. America needs to come to the rescue and do something before the women start running around with small breasts Venezuela s breast implant shortage - Video
  25. pvsi

    Since we all criticize America, let's see how many actually support US?

    All we see is criticism of America, let's see how many people actually SUPPORT America against ISIS? Click like or dislike discuss...
  26. pvsi

    Republic of Donetsk - No bigger than Israel in the sea of IMF whore nations:

    This map shows just how small and insignificant the republic of Donetsk is, and it is surrounded by the sea of IMF whore nations. Why does the "world community" stand by as genocide is carried out against the people who held a referendum to free themselves from Oligarchy?
  27. pvsi

    Why did USA refuse to exchange Aafia Siddiqui for the now beheaded "journalist" James Foley?

    Someone needs to explain to me, why did USA refuse to exchange Aafia Siddiqui for the now beheaded "journalist" James Foley? I just saw a video of her and she does NOT look like a monster at all: This is what Aafia Siddiqui looks after being imprisoned by USA: Related: ISIS wanted to trade...
  28. pvsi

    Democrat leader stupidity caused Iraq war

    I am only trying to balance out the BS, the half truth of the other thread. many blame criminal Bush, but reality is that if political whores such as Hillary Clinton and other "anti war" democrats would not have voted to authorize Bush's war, the war would have never happened. And as a true...
  29. pvsi

    New World Government is a disaster - unfit to govern

    According to the mass media is not worth attention, time or publicity, instead racist groups like, tea party, pizza party, occupy wall street party, democrat and republic rat party blanket the air waves, acting like they represent Americans and the...
  30. pvsi

    China Rejects US Calls to Impose Sanction on Russia caca

    LOL, soon US/EU can will be the one under sanctions of their own as more nations of "evil" join together. what nations are that are not evil according to the axis of democracy establishment? Israel, Britain, USA, Canada, some island to the east of China, what else?

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