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    Mika claims Trump is 'on the take'

    Mrs. Joe Scarblower.
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    Well looks like people who dont file taxes using direct deposit wont get a check until August

    Millions of folks live paycheck to paycheck because they live way beyond their means.
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    Venezuelan warship attacks German cruise ship and gets sunk.

    Too bad if the warship’s captain survived. Would have been a shoo-in for a Darwin Award.
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    Democrat convention may be canceled

    Good luck trying to explain to Clueless Joe what’s going on.
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    Malaysian Government Advises Women to Get Dolled Up & Not to Nag Husbands During Lockdown

    Nothing like some good old pandemic sex to ease the discomfort of certain fluid buildup.
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    Share Your Projects...How Are You Keeping Busy?

    Been mostly just lobbying the mods to let Truthmatters back in.
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    Russian Plane Takes off for U.S. With Coronavirus Help Onboard

    He’s a guy who sells pillows.
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    MSDNC Hack Schmo Scarborough lies again. Claims no Drs at WH briefing.

    As Mika Scarblower has often commented her Joe suffers from the JoeyB Dolezal virus so bouts of outrageous lying are to be expected.
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    Thankful for Visa Purchase Alerts, someone tried to make a $100 purchase on my card tonight but it was declined

    That explains the Visa folks getting suspicious about high dollar volume purchases of pastel de durazno the last week or so.
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    The first thing Obama did as president .

    Mr. Magoo was on a special mission to see if the workers at Antarctica’s 7-Elevens and Dunkin‘ Donuts all spoke with Indian accents. And I’m told he impressed all the natives with his comments about the size of the Arctic Circle.
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    How many USMB members have contracted the flu ?

    It’s tough coming up with a number for annual flu deaths as reports I’ve seen range widely form 10-80K, so whatever the norm is it’s a big number, but perhaps there’s a silver lining for what we’re going through now and future flu cases. I doubt when this is over with that I’ll continue...
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    Just when you thought MSNBC couldn't be any more anti-Trump.

    Brian’s still suffering a bit of PTSD from those RPGs ripping through his chopper’s skin as he took over control of the bird in a desperate attempt to swing it in low to spit hot hunks of .50 cal lead at the bad guys shooting at the waddling Hildebeast on the tarmac below...
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    CBS (fake) news caught using footage from an Italian hospital to describe concitions in NYC

    Don’t think they really care. Subscription and viewing audiences continue to shrink in response, squeezing their ad revenues, and they know it’s a direct repudiation of their biases in reporting, yet they continue with the DNC circle jerk day after day...Say goodbye forever to pretense.
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    Why is trump announcement about 4/30 so shocking to everyone when the CDC already said this on 3/15??

    Dating site sitters I assume. The best experienced ones I’d imagine based on being professionals and all. And just think between now and that magical September day how many other guys’ faces they’ll be hoping don’t give them some third-world or worse disease to pass along to you. Are you...
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    Hundreds of Journalists Are Being Laid Off

    Not to worry. As it turns out most of the laid off journalists are highly qualified for and being hired as new nonessential government workers.
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    Gov. Andrew Cuomo Admits Stockpile of Thousands of Unused Ventilators

    “I’m Tony, this is my brother, Fredo, and this is my other brother, Fredo.”
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    Who Do The Democrats Work For?

    Democrats work?
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    CNN Is The Go-To Source For This Crisis

    I dunno. Penn’s a pretty astute guy. For example, “Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of Vice President Madura.”
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    Is Donald's goal to postpone the election?

    Makes no difference which month Biden gets his caps kicked in courtesy of us Trump voters.
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    How Do the Homeless Stay Home?

    You’re taking the Stupidy Scale to new heights. Congrats!
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    The CEO exodus of 2019-2020. Your thoughts?

    Bunch of you imbeciles ought to find out what a golden Finally! Rest of you go read up on GPs.
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    What is causing the Empty Shelves

    How would you feel about them had they told you they were stocked but ran out in the time it took you to drive 200 miles?
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    Chi com virus and racism

    Wasn’t there a Hong Kong flu a while back? If so and had we been as PC at the time, the slimy media likely wouldn’t have had a problem tying it to Caucasians as the Her Majesty’s flu or something properly British.
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    Gas 99 cents in ky

    In west MI yesterday paid $1.65 at Costco while stations up and down the road it’s on were at $1.95-.97.
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    The Silent Ticking Time Bomb; Coming COVID19 Explosion in Mexico

    Thanks for the really really stupid analogy.
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    So why is my job open but Outside is closed?

    It might be a twist on the “nonessential government workers” thing wherein the suits have decided to protect their best workers via a furlough and leave the nonessentials to man the fort and take their chances.
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    I made friends with a white guy online 12 years ago and I had to delete him from my friends list

    Based on some of the content of your posts in here perhaps he deleted you because of what you wrote, not because he didn’t want it known he’d friended a black person.
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    Shame on Chuck Schumer

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    Are My Neighbors Spying on Me?

    Gee, the Kodak Instamatic has come a long way!

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