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  1. sitarro

    Why are people so damn unhappy and miserable lately?

    Funny, you don't have a better example of religion causing problems in this world than Christianity........ I quit coming to this site because of liberal pussies like you.
  2. sitarro

    Have you ever heard of the Benign Neglect Policy?

    One sided bullshit.......Let's pretend that the Democrat Party has never used black fucks are so full of shit! Let's also pretend that black people aren't bigoted..... that's why I'm stuck watching basketball or BET in the break room where I work. BET is seriously the worst...
  3. sitarro

    Gasoline Falls Below 2.99 a Gallon! Thanks Saudi Arabia!

    I paid $2.12 last night...... regular, at Shell.
  4. sitarro

    The Terrible Truth About Cannabis:...20-year Study...demolishes Claims That Smoking Pot Is Harmless

    Probably one of the most driven individuals and prolific songwriters, Sir Paul McCartney, is a well known smoker of cannabis.......everyone is different, most aren't bothered at all from the casual use of it. I smoked daily for 35 years, taking breaks whenever I felt a need to qualify for drug...
  5. sitarro

    Don't like the Upgrade at all

    So is it narrow to accommodate phones? I have a solid 3" on each side of the site....... very irritating to look at. Why the wasted space? I never look at this site on my phone.....I'm not addicted to my phone. Now it's obnoxious to use.....what would I know, I just got here....11 YEARS AGO!
  6. sitarro

    These are the people you folks want to kick out.

    I work at one of the largest airports in the world, you don't have a clue what a joke the imbeciles the administration hires for TSA agents are, they are dumber than the assholes they hire at the post office or DMV.......affirmative action dimwits. I had an clown come into my office the other...
  7. sitarro

    Sorry Forum Racists, Sterling Lost...

    What exactly were the racist things he said? I imagine the assholes in the locker room are as pure as Trayvon.... they never say ******, nigga, cracker, white boy, white ho etc. etc. The fucks that are paid millions for bouncing a ball that couldn't make a penny on the outside are the racist...
  8. sitarro

    Africa the Cesspool of the World

  9. sitarro

    These are the people you folks want to kick out.

    Sure, a bunch of illiterate kids decided to walk over 1,400 mile of some of the least hospitable lands on the planet in the middle of Summer....... very easy to believe....NOT!
  10. sitarro

    These are the people you folks want to kick out.

    You should wear your Che' Guevara shirt when you talk like that.
  11. sitarro

    Why is it that "whites" are the only race to vote in a diverse manner?

    You do understand the political party that was ordering the actions displayed in your little photos right? Hint....Democrat George Wallace was the Governor of Alabama......the B F D on the firemen's jackets stands for Birmingham Fire Department. You Democrats are racist fucks!
  12. sitarro

    Bowe Bergdahl Still Won't Speak To His Parents

    The F-102 was called the "Widow Maker" for a reason. Anyone flying around in one of those was easily in as much danger as John F. Kerry in his ski boat blowing up piles of rice.
  13. sitarro

    These are the people you folks want to kick out.

  14. sitarro

    These are the people you folks want to kick out.

    What a naive load of shit. When was the last time you enjoyed the efficiency of the Post Office or DMV.....the government agencies are stocked full of affirmative action, lazy, rude shitheads that can barely command the english language themselves. The borders need to be shut down immediately...
  15. sitarro

    These are the people you folks want to kick out.

    You stupid fuck, this wasn't a country when this illustration supposedly took place. It was many"nations" warring among themselves, stealing land and raping each other's women. Your fantasies are a joke....pathetic.
  16. sitarro

    Coulter Column: How Do I Hate Soccer? Let Me Count the Ways...

    By the way, you soccer faggots hate Ann because you and your faggot group of pussy leftist asslicks couldn't produce anything close to the amazingly delicious sarcastic writings based on absolute fact that Ann does weekly along with numerous best seller books. Fags. :lol: soccer, game of...
  17. sitarro

    Coulter Column: How Do I Hate Soccer? Let Me Count the Ways...

    I was in a break room with a bunch of spanish speaking nit wits going nuts watching gay blades run back and forth kicking a ball. I asked them if they liked watching paint dry also and one of them stood up and informed me that the rest of the world loves football...the real football. I told them...
  18. sitarro

    Where is the Christian compassion for immigrant children?

    Really believe that bull shit? How did they get here with no money? Who provided these poor innocent children (mostly 17+ year olds, my Dad signed up with the Army Air Corps at 17 to go to war) a way to trace through Mexico and over a thousand miles to our border. Why didn't they...
  19. sitarro

    Carry on gun nuts... you are now free to go on a shooting rampage.

    To imbeciles like you, anyone that owns a gun and knows what end of the gun the bullet comes out of is a gun nut.. You are a clown that is too stupid to have an opinion.
  20. sitarro

    The South Is Essentially A Solid, Grim Block Of Poverty

    You live in shitago, you have nothing to say.
  21. sitarro

    Seal Team 6 transgender

    When I was in college many years ago, we had a Architectural Design Professor that was one of the best at that school. After a few years he started getting stranger. You would see him walking 10 miles from school even though he didn't live around where he was walking(I guess not that weird...
  22. sitarro

    Cat Lovers Thread

    I had a little Russian Blue like this that my girlfriend brought to me from a shelter, she was the most amazing cat that I ever had and I've had a bunch. Her name was Spriggins and she was a prolific hunter. We lived on 93 acres outside of Lafayette, Louisiana........ it was a solid 9 iron to...
  23. sitarro

    America’s execution frenzy begins

    It's 2014, a ridiculous amount of free birth control and yet there are 1.2 million abortions every year, totally innocent lives snuffed out before they can take a breath and you are preaching about death row filth that have lived years longer than their victims. I would put them in a dark smelly...
  24. sitarro

    World Cup is Boring as Hell

    Like watching paint cat will watch a roach for an hour without blinking but this bullshit lady boy game will put him to sleep in a second.
  25. sitarro

    Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism

    But if they were born that way, should they still be persecuted for what they feel?
  26. sitarro

    Bikers Go To Mexico to FREE MARINE

    As someone that actually plays the game of golf, what Obama plays is not golf, it's dressing funny and hitting a ball around trying to play but nothing about his game resembles the real game. This guy could be the most non athletic person I've seen masquerading as an athlete.
  27. sitarro

    Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism

    So how about NAMBLA, are the participants in this group born with the desire to molest little boys or is it a lifestyle choice? How is it different from the non reproductive defect that homosexuals are "born with"?
  28. sitarro

    Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism

    Are you sure we've been to the moon? The imbecile Democrat Representative said we landed on Mars.
  29. sitarro

    Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism

    Hey Billy, Why do you hate this country? By the way, what's a democratic? In the 60 years I have lived on this planet, most of the assholes have been from the democrat party until the last year where they have started calling themselves democratic........ they fucked up their name from the...
  30. sitarro

    Traveling By Air Is About To Get More Dangerous. FAA To Hire More Blacks.

    Sure, I'm the one that looks stupid....... My truck doesn't have spinners.....

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