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  1. Mr Clean

    A Benefit of the Coronavirus Thing

    Since this Coronavirus thing started, there seems to be far fewer robo and other annoyance calls.
  2. Mr Clean

    Trumps’ ICE Capades

    How are they going? Did we bust a million yet?
  3. Mr Clean

    Organ Donor?

    When I check out, they can take whatever they want. It’s not like I’ll be needing any of it. How about you?
  4. Mr Clean


    Anybody else partake?
  5. Mr Clean

    Hey! These Talking Ads . . .

    are fucking up my whole message board experience! They have to go!
  6. Mr Clean

    What Your Zip Code Says About You

    Esri ZIP Code Lookup Demographics and Lifestyle by ZIP Code Interesting. Give it a go.
  7. Mr Clean

    A Question for Property Tax Payers . . .

    When you make out your check for your property taxes, who do you make it out to? The reason I'm asking is that in my town, we make out our checks to (Person's Name), Receiver of Taxes. So if the Receiver of Taxes name is Joe Blow, I would make out my check to Joe Blow, Receiver of Taxes. This...
  8. Mr Clean

    Why is Housing so Cheap in the South?

    Mrs. Clean had HGTV on yesterday and they were showing properties in parts of the South and Texas that were selling for a fraction of what they would sell for in the Northeast or West Coast. Why is that?
  9. Mr Clean

    the **** thread

  10. Mr Clean

    Whoa! That's One Badass Burger!

  11. Mr Clean

    I Need a Laptop

    Time for me to move into the 21st Century and get a wireless laptop. I don't need the best nor do I want the worst. So what's good for around $500? And what should I avoid?
  12. Mr Clean

    Country Pickers

    This guy's got some chops ‪Steve Wariner - No More Mr. Nice Guy‬‏ - YouTube
  13. Mr Clean

    Some Good Economic News for a Change

    CEO pay exceeds pre-recession level Good for them because who's more deservant of a boost in pay than the hard working men and women that give us so much and ask for so little in return.
  14. Mr Clean

    Sailor gets canned for talking like a sailor

    I'm no prude by any stretch of the imagination and I can get downand dirty with the best of them but the guy's a senior officer and should have known better. You know, officer and a gentleman and all that baloney.
  15. Mr Clean

    Now Don't Let Us Down!

    The way you people have been touting yourselves as the saviours of America and all that's good and righteous, we're expecting great things.
  16. Mr Clean

    Going on a Cruise

    To celebrate Mrs Clean and my 30 years of wedded bliss, we are taking a cruise from NY to Bermuda. We've never taken one before and it looks like it might be the perfect vacation; no driving, no flying, and no tipping. So what can we expect?
  17. Mr Clean

    Cons: Who Do You Hate More?

    Bill Clinton or Barack Obama? Poll's a-coming.
  18. Mr Clean

    Root Canal Anyone?

    Who's had one? What kind of horrors can I expect? My dentist says it's not too painful, but you know how they like to sugarcoat everything.
  19. Mr Clean

    the supreme court just sold us to the corportations

    This is nothing new. Corporations have owned this country for the last 50 years or so.
  20. Mr Clean

    Mr Clean Checking In

    Unceremoniously booted from Hannity's. Thought I'd give this place a shot. Hello to all!

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