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  1. JOSweetHeart

    Blue Bloods

    I recently watched the March 13th episode again because I missed some of it when it was first shown and to me, Danny should've talked about losing Joe to the boy who was vandalizing the cop vehicles. God bless you always!!! Holly
  2. JOSweetHeart

    COVID-19 is showing what makes America great

    ^^^ Thank you. Right back at you. :) :) :) God bless you always!!! :) :) :) Holly
  3. JOSweetHeart

    Landlord padlocks Church

    ^^^ I don't remember ever once saying that any sickness can be prayed away. Whether any of them can be is another subject anyway. What we are discussing is whether or not what we do or don't do makes a good enough difference where staying healthy is concerned. God bless you always!!! Holly
  4. JOSweetHeart

    Where can I get Covid?

    Go here for the google search. God bless you and him always!!! Holly
  5. JOSweetHeart

    Landlord padlocks Church

    ^^^ To me, the sickness is going to hit whoever it wants to no matter what precautions are or aren't taken. A bubble can't be a person's home forever. God bless you always!!! Holly
  6. JOSweetHeart

    Chinese Communist Party burning virus victims while they are still alive

    There is a thing called self defense and if the instigator(s) is killed in the process, oh well. If they had just kept to themselves, they themselves would still be here. God bless you and the true victims always!!! Holly
  7. JOSweetHeart

    Where can I get Covid?

    I second this. This sickness is going to hit whoever it wants to hit no matter how much is done to prevent it from being dumped on anyone's plates. The lead guy of the country act named Asleep At The Wheel tested positive for Covid 19 and that was even though a mask was being worn and his hands...
  8. JOSweetHeart

    COVID-19 is showing what makes America great

    I have a foot in both fields and so I don't know if I would be considered a traitor or not. So many places have closed up in my area and so there isn't much reason in the first place to leave my house anyway other than to go to work, gas stations, and the grocery store. God bless you always...
  9. JOSweetHeart

    Landlord padlocks Church

    A gathering anywhere outside can still happen. A building is not needed for anyone to congregate. God bless you always!!! Holly
  10. JOSweetHeart

    Today is National Beer Day!

    The one soda that I have never understood is Pepsi. To me, it tastes like Coke that has gone flat. God bless you always!!! Holly
  11. JOSweetHeart

    Today is National Beer Day!

    Root beer will be what is in my cup and that is if I have any at all. Soda is one thing that I am staying away from while I diet. God bless you always!!! Holly P.S. Cherry Coke is what I go for when I cheat which is during the weekend. A&W is my favorite root beer because of it being caffeine...
  12. JOSweetHeart

    Trump has blood on his hands...LOL

    When is the leader of our country not going to have blood on their hands? God bless you and our current leader and the ones of our past who are still here always!!! Holly
  13. JOSweetHeart

    Fauci says world may never return back to normal after coronavirus outbreak

    It most definitely won't be normal for those who have lost someone that they care enough about. God bless you and those who are in that boat always!!! Holly
  14. JOSweetHeart

    City Council Member Resigns As He Defies Coronavirus Order

    No one is perfect, therefore screw ups are going to happen. Besides the wrong doing, what is done by the wrong doer after they mess up is just as important if not more. The big question is, is resigning the best way to clean up a mess once it has been made? To me, that only means leaving the...
  15. JOSweetHeart

    Want to see what 'stupid' looks like ?

    One of my favorite actors is from Australia, but you would never know when seeing him in front of the camera. God bless you and Matt Passmore always!!! Holly P.S. His Australian accent never went anywhere, but still, the American accent was mastered perfectly.
  16. JOSweetHeart

    Communist China Was Always One Lab Accident Away From Becoming a Supervillain

    Isn't this how it is for everyone? The big question is, what do people plan to do after they have screwed up in any way? God bless you always!!! Holly
  17. JOSweetHeart

    Should insurance companies give a coronavirus refund?

    ^^^ Thanks for the info. Thankfully car insurance is the only connection that I have with them and I don't live in a hurricane area. God bless you always!!! Holly
  18. JOSweetHeart

    Are ventilators really essential?

    To me, if a life can be saved, it should be saved. God bless you always!!! Holly
  19. JOSweetHeart

    After Corona Virus Lets Never Forget; Republicans Recklessly Put Our Lives In Danger

    To me, the big question after a mess has been made is this: Who has it in them to clean up whatever is in front of them? God bless you always!!! Holly
  20. JOSweetHeart

    Donate To Your Local Food Shelves

    How long do they plan to be closed? Places can't be closed forever. Giving up for good is how destruction then has the ability to get started. God bless you always!!! Holly
  21. JOSweetHeart

    From a Grocery Store Owner

    The customers may feel the affect in some way too just like workers. If what the customer is looking for isn't there for whatever reason, like workers who are still there not being able to deliver due to short handedness for example, the customer will then go where ever what they want can be...
  22. JOSweetHeart

    6.6 million Americans just filed for unemployment.

    My question is, can this kind of wrong even be made up for? Whatever can be done most definitely will not bring back to life those who are no longer here due to the sickness. God bless you always!!! Holly (one of Joe Diffie's many fans)
  23. JOSweetHeart

    Should insurance companies give a coronavirus refund?

    How much will this mean for each person who is with All State? God bless you always!!! Holly
  24. JOSweetHeart

    Might want to stock up on your favorite meat products

    First my favorites have to come from the company in question if their production is coming to a stop. I guess this means more business for the other companies out there which is why stocking up does make sense. God bless you and everyone who works in the food field always!!! Holly
  25. JOSweetHeart

    What movie do you reaaally wish they would do a sequel.... and assuming they don't mess it up?

    I have always wondered what would happen if Tim Allen fell from another person's roof right when it came time for Charlie to take over the role as Santa Claus. God bless you and the cast of the Santa Clause trilogy always!!! Holly
  26. JOSweetHeart

    Only in N.Y.

    I wonder how well distance can be kept while in jail. In other words, is throwing someone in jail for such a reason really the best way to punish anyone? If keeping your distance from other people can't be done while in jail, how will anyone who is there learn the more legal way to be? God...
  27. JOSweetHeart

    CDC inflating death counts

    To me, the cause of death is the last thing that enters the picture no matter what it may be. God bless you always!!! Holly
  28. JOSweetHeart

    Reporter asks Trump why grocery stores and restaurants are still open.

    Grocery stores remain open because what's inside can be needed at anytime by anyone and they go as soon as they have the money to pay for whatever it is that is needed. God bless you always!!! Holly
  29. JOSweetHeart

    Hollywood As We Know It Is Over....And They Can Thank Their Democrat Friends For It

    ^^^ I second this. The people are who make up whatever takes place. God bless you and my favorites always!!! Holly
  30. JOSweetHeart

    9 states refuse issue to stay home orders South Dakota's Gov. says they're draconian measures like the Chinese gov. has done

    There is nothing wrong with asking questions. That is one way that a person can learn what they don't already know. God bless you always!!! Holly (a girl who has plenty that may forever go unanswered)

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