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  1. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Is It Over?

    Some of Europe is already beginning to open the doors
  2. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Trump Considers Freezing Money to WHO

    It's precisely the right thing to do. The WHO's own actions have shown them to be corrupt and the leader of it is clearly in the pocket of China. They have put out erroneous information that probably cost a lot of people their lives
  3. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Trump Considers Freezing Money to WHO

    Speaking at a press conference, Trump first told reporters the U.S. would put a “very powerful hold” on money sent to the WHO, adding that they “missed the call” on the pandemic. When asked whether placing a hold on the organization was the right thing to do amid a pandemic minutes later, Trump...
  4. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Democratic Party and Their Propaganda Machine CNN Continue to Support Chinese Communitst

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
  5. Dont Taz Me Bro

    70% of Coronavirus Victims are Black in Louisiana

    In Louisiana. Your title has been corrected
  6. Dont Taz Me Bro

    COVID-19: Hopefully Some Good News

    You asked where the prediction model was. I gave it to you.
  7. Dont Taz Me Bro

    COVID-19: Hopefully Some Good News

    I never believed the 100,000 figure and I don't believe this figure either.
  8. Dont Taz Me Bro

    COVID-19: Hopefully Some Good News

    Pages 6 and 7
  9. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Coronavirus exerts heavy toll on blacks in places like Chicago

    Blacks don't lead healthy lifestyles in general
  10. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Are we all being had?

    Someone already presented this video in a new thread a couple of days ago
  11. Dont Taz Me Bro

    trump removes watchdog over 2.2 Trillion Dollars

    Why are you people so opposed to oversight of a $2 trillion bail out financed completely by debt on future generations?
  12. Dont Taz Me Bro

    So What’s the Exit Strategy for This Virus Response?

    I've been asking this question since Day One. Nobody has defined what "success" is.
  13. Dont Taz Me Bro

    This Map Permits People To See Where Experts’ Stay-At-Home Warnings Are Being Followed

    Ad Hominem Fallacy: (abusive and circumstantial): the fallacy of attacking the character or circumstances of an individual who is advancing a statement or an argument instead of seeking to disprove the truth of the statement or the soundness of the argument.
  14. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Leftwing Media Try to Block OANN from White House Briefing Room

    You're free to dispute it with evidence at any time
  15. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Leftwing Media Try to Block OANN from White House Briefing Room

    No, that isn't why they were banned
  16. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Out: Believe All Women. In: Men Deserve Due Process

    Typical partisan hypocrite
  17. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Top Dem Is Mask Challenged

    I'm not sure anything can cover that hole.
  18. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Ex-Judge Roy Moore Files Supreme Court Brief to Urge End to Marriage Equality

    This guy really needs to just go away
  19. Dont Taz Me Bro

    5G & Corona-virus isn't a conspiracy theory.

    Kyrie Irving said the world is flat. What's your point?
  20. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Former Avengers and Bond Girl dies

    Alotta Fagina
  21. Dont Taz Me Bro

    British P.M. hospitalized

    Yeah, I'm hoping the ICU is just an over precaution because he's the Prime Minister and they want to make extra extra sure he ends up being okay. Losing Boris would be a huge blow to the UK.
  22. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Why are China Wet Markets still open?

    You have no conclusive evidence as to where it originated. The wet market theory might very well be "all wet." There is also circumstantial evidence that it did escape a bio lab on the outskirts of the city. We may never know for sure because the Chinese government is corrupt.
  23. Dont Taz Me Bro

    The MAJOR reason NOT to use hydroxychloroquine ... because Trump supports it!

    Nobody is taking it because of Trump's recommendation. They are taking it because their doctors are giving it to them because doctors all over the world have said it's working for their patients. I've seen several doctors on tv say they are taking it daily as a prophylactic. Of course, you...
  24. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Sad way to be proven wrong.

    Here's the problem with "blaming the victim." The media for years has been over sensationalizing stuff to get headlines and make money. They constantly paint everything to be a crisis. The Babylon Bee actually did a satirical article on this very thing a few weeks ago. They hyped up the bird...

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