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    The End Times are here.

    OK so you have to move to California now were all the other suicidal nitwits congregate like the Jim Jones Koolaid Drinkers of America, The Hale Bop Comets and last but not least the ever popular Manson Family Gang Bangers.
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    Where can I get Covid?

    A sight seeing trip to NYC should do the trick nicely. However it may be hard getting in with so many trying to get out. It will ll be swimming against the current.
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    Yet another political appointee has resigned

    I I Just knew this was likely to happen. Political assholes tend to have an extremely perilous and brief lifespan in the Trump administration. It's no place for beaucratic microbes to thrive.
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    WHO Says No Need For Masks

    Theres absolutely NO need or purpose to wearing anything less than an N95 mask because anything less is as useless as tits on a boar hog. That is unless you're taling about someone that's already infected and is sneezing and coughing. Then a regular surgical mask does a little good by limiting...
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    NYC had a ventilator stockpile, but sold them off at auction.

    I believe the popular phrase that best fits is "FUCK OFF AND DIE".
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    Senate Democrats propose $25,000 hazard-pay plan for essential workers

    Asshole democrats will use any opportunity to try to buy votes. They are the most dispicable, shameless assholes on this planet.
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    Trump has financial interest in Plaquenil, the brand-name version of hydroxychloroquine.

    I'd be a lot more interested in Pelosi's and Schumer's.And of course all of the other crooks Nadler, Schiff etc.
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    Hillary “the Hannibal” Lecter

    Thanks, now I'll have a nightmare tonight.
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    Why no thread on cooking?

    Then you probably wouldn't like the bacon drippings that I use for almost everything I cook inside. Even meatloaf is better with wrap of woven bacon.
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    Why no thread on cooking?

    I make a ragù that will knock your socks off.
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    Relocate and Rehabilitate

    I've long been an advocate of decentralization of our government and distributing it around the county for reasons of both strategic and a better less corrupt government.
  12. D who is fed up with this Virus bullshit?

    I was fed up with it way before it even started.
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    Flat-earther Mad Mike dies in rocket crash.

    Stuff like this is precisely the reason the Darwin awards were created.
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    Black driver issued warning for driving 65mph in a 70mph zone

    Things are looking up. Back in the 30s they'd most likely have strung him up. Seriously that officer could likely be charged and discharged for pulling something like that.
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    No need to fear Covid-19 learn the facts

    I heard that anyone who buries a black cat in their backyard by the light of the full moon is given immunity too. At least no one that has done it has died from the virus yet.
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    'I'm a SOCIAL scientist!'

    Well he's likely at least more qualified than 99% of the talking heads on TV. Maybe more.
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    Things To Come

    Free stuff and sloth are always easy sells because they both appeal to greed, one of the most basic human motivators. It's an even stronger driver than sex challenged maybe only by fear and panic.
  18. D careful what you prayed for....

    Well put yourself in their place. How would you feel is all of a sudden stupid were outlawed? What on earth would you do with yourself then?
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    Dr. Drew says he might challenge Adam Schiff for congressional seat

    With Schiff very likely censured or perhaps even expelled after the election when the Republicans have the house back his district wouldn't have it anyway.
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    Things To Come

    The constitution hasn't changed except for amendments passed along the way. What has changed are the drooling left wing assholes in this country who used to be for the nation and our constitution have become tools of the communist movement. Some knowing others too stupid and clueless to know...
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    President Trump Needs To Do Better With The Act!

    I wouldn't have them waste ten fucking seconds watching those know nothing, do nothing assholes. His far too busy getting real stuff done without pissing time away on that idiotic kinda shit.
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    George W Bush built stockpile for pandemic, warned of not keeping it stocked.

    Trump has been far too distracted and busy defending himself from constant unrelenting asinine attacks by the assholes on the left to do anything like that.
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    Whistle-blower Who Started Impeachment Found Dead

    Good riddance.
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    What specific directive overrides our constitutional rights right now? Has the constitution become arbitrary?

    Its morons like you that help make true freedom such a rare and precious commodity.
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    I hope the Democrats are on this! They need to be!!

    You're absolutely full of shit. How about your pack you shit and get your worthless commie ass out of my country, bitch.
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    Easily make a face mask

    Are you fixing to rob a bank, a liquor store or what?
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    New York nuttier than California?

    Actually it sounds like he doesn't and you know even less. Is he a virologist too? Do you have any concept of what a nanometer is? The wavelength of light is measured in nanometers you hopeless idiot.
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    CNN anchors are coming down with Covid 19

    Let's hope they can spread it to MSNBC and the rest of the MSM assholes before they croak.

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