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  1. C_Clayton_Jones

    Leftwing Media Try to Block OANN from White House Briefing Room

    "Leftwing Media" lol
  2. C_Clayton_Jones

    Yet another political appointee has resigned

    More incompetence from a failed, dysfunctional ‘administration.’
  3. C_Clayton_Jones

    Peter Navarro memo surfaces (warning Trump in January about coronavirus outbreak)

    And when the memo came out Trump was still lying about the outbreak and downplaying the severity of the crisis. This is one of countless reasons why Trump should be voted out of office this November.
  4. C_Clayton_Jones

    What is the ideal republican solution to the economic effects of the pandemic?

    “What is the ideal republican solution to the economic effects of the pandemic?” Ignore the truth and facts about the pandemic, carry on business as usual, allow thousands to die, and by doing so avoid any negative economic repercussions.
  5. C_Clayton_Jones

    Polio VS Corona

    "Corona is basically the Flu." Wrong.
  6. C_Clayton_Jones

    Polio VS Corona

    Then you knew kids who didn’t get vaccinated for polio for some bizarre reason. Your thread premise still fails as a ridiculous false comparison fallacy, having nothing to do with the C19 outbreak.
  7. C_Clayton_Jones

    Polio VS Corona

    This sort of sophistry from the tinfoil hat/sky is falling crowd is just as ridiculous as conservatives lying about the outbreak being ‘contained’ and the virus a ‘hoax.’
  8. C_Clayton_Jones

    Polio VS Corona

    In 1952 there were 58,000 new cases of polio in the United States, with some 3,000 deaths. In 2020, after just three months, there are 325,185 confirmed cases of C19 in the US, with 9,267 deaths. That’s why your thread premise fails as a false comparison. Taking appropriate actions to save...
  9. C_Clayton_Jones

    Polio VS Corona

    No, it wasn’t. The polio vaccine was successfully tested in 1953. If you grew up during the late 50s, you grew up in an America absent the threat of polio. That’s why.
  10. C_Clayton_Jones

    Polio VS Corona

    This fails as a false comparison fallacy.
  11. C_Clayton_Jones

    Fauci get security detail after Death Threats.

    Conservatives know that Trump’s failure to address the C19 outbreak will likely cost him the election this November. Most on the right have sought to lie about the severity and impact of the outbreak, attempting to downplay its significance. Sadly, some rightists have used death threats in an...
  12. C_Clayton_Jones

    The Media’s Negativity

    Nothing more tedious that conservatives lying and whining about ‘the media.’ News gathering and reporting services report what’s happening – that conservatives don’t like the facts being reported because it conflicts with rightwing political dogma or undermines Trump’s reelection chances...
  13. C_Clayton_Jones

    "It's A $#!* Sandwich". Republicans Rage As Florida Becomes A Nightmare For Trump

    Florida Republicans hostile to those unemployed use the Orwellian term ‘reemployment.’
  14. C_Clayton_Jones

    "It's A $#!* Sandwich". Republicans Rage As Florida Becomes A Nightmare For Trump

    Both the system and process are intentionally designed to make applying for unemployment difficult, the goal being that applicants will simply give up trying, to the benefit of employers who don’t want to pay unemployment insurance. Florida is among the most hostile to working Americans.
  15. C_Clayton_Jones

    New Ad Shows What Republicans Think of trump's Response To Virus

    Trump isn’t good for America.
  16. C_Clayton_Jones

    A prime example of why not to vote Republican!

    There are countless reasons why not to vote Republican – the malignancy in the WH being the most compelling example.
  17. C_Clayton_Jones

    The Time has Come for Fox News

    Fox’s defense in the lawsuit can be that Fox is not ‘news’ – it’s entertainment for conservatives.
  18. C_Clayton_Jones

    Media mystified as America rallies behind President Trump during coronavirus crisis

    “An ABC News/Ipsos poll released Friday reports that 52 percent of respondents disapprove of his management of the deadly outbreak, while only 47 percent approve.” Oh, well.
  19. C_Clayton_Jones

    China is to Blame for This

    Again, nonsense. The administration knew of the outbreak in China and its severity since late January and did nothing to prepare, lying for weeks that the outbreak was ‘contained’ and seeking to downplay how serious the crisis was. This is a Trump playing election year politics problem.
  20. C_Clayton_Jones

    China is to Blame for This

  21. C_Clayton_Jones

    Face Masks are Voluntary. Up Next: Mask Shaming.

    The thread premise is what’s known as a strawman fallacy.
  22. C_Clayton_Jones

    Exemplifying why nepotism is shunned by good businesses ... Jared Kushner's Role In Coronavirus Response Draws Scrutiny, Criticism

    Which is why it’s imperative that Trump be voted out of office this November – with Trump gone his entire corrupt, dishonest, incompetent ‘administration’ will be gone.
  23. C_Clayton_Jones

    CDZ Is preventing one Corona death worth 1,000 people losing their jobs?

    “Is preventing one Corona death worth 1,000 people losing their jobs?” Of course it is – this shouldn’t even be a question. It comes as no surprise that this would be an ‘issue’ for conservatives.
  24. C_Clayton_Jones

    Face Masks are Voluntary. Up Next: Mask Shaming.

    No one is engaging in ‘church shaming’ that’s a lie.
  25. C_Clayton_Jones

    The Costs of Illegal Aliens to US States

    That one is an undocumented immigrant doesn’t mean he’s ‘illegal.’ An immigrant isn’t ‘illegal’ until such time as he as been found guilty in a court of law of entering the country absent authorization and does not have a legitimate asylum claim. Indeed, most illegal immigrants are removed...
  26. C_Clayton_Jones

    Face Masks are Voluntary. Up Next: Mask Shaming.

    Anyone who doesn’t share the OP’s ignorance, stupidity, and disregard for human life.
  27. C_Clayton_Jones

    We don’t need to go into an economic depression

    Are most conservatives truly this willfully ignorant or have this much contempt for human life.
  28. C_Clayton_Jones

    Freedom was fun while it lasted.

    Hyperbolic nonsense, slippery slope fallacy, paranoid, delusional demagoguery.
  29. C_Clayton_Jones

    Gods Punishment On A Godless Man

    The malignancy in the White House can't be gone too soon.

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