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  1. HenryBHough

    Might want to stock up on your favorite meat products

    In Wales the sheep are no more agitated than usual. Though it's not the sound the knacker's truck that gets them all astir. It's the sound of zippers. They seem to be hearing it much more often now that folks are overly self-isolating.
  2. HenryBHough

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread attention because here's an alternative to the medicine President Trump has suggested: Obama Turds. However, they must be swallowed whole. Do not chew. Do not "wash down" with anything other than 190 Proof Grain Neutral Alcohol.
  3. HenryBHough

    What happens if Biden drops out due to mental failure?

    Biden might decide to hold his breath and stamp his feet but it would be his hands clapping 'cause too much of the brain has taken a hike.
  4. HenryBHough

    Does Covid-19 kill Capitalism, Middle Class and Human Society?

    The design certainly is to bring back serfdom. Whether it succeeds is a question of whether today's snowflake generation really does like being told what to do, what to think, where to live and to bend over on command. Seems they do. But the did in the past in some countries. In...
  5. HenryBHough

    Cuomo: 'Umm...whattaya works'

    All President Trump has to do is announce that sunshine prevents contagion and 15,000,000 liberal households will turn off the lights, pull down the shades and cower in the dark. DO, Donald, DO IT!!!!!!
  6. HenryBHough

    The Stone Cold Truth

    Remember, when cops kill someone for being outside their house during the lockdown, it counts as corona virus death. Lesson for America's Little Hitlers: The more your cops kill the worse the epidemic stats and the longer you can stay in absolute power! Don't believe for one New York Minute...
  7. HenryBHough

    We could lose 20% of small businesses.

    The airline that delivered the groceries to a bunch of Alaskan villages just bit the dust: Smaller airlines, still flying, will do their best to help but it would take 6 of their...
  8. HenryBHough

    Who else bit the bullet and cut their own hair?

    I believe I was about 18 when I bought a plastic home-haircut device at a local (now long gone) hardware store. It used three double-edged razor blades - you just combed your hair with the broad edge and did a little trimming with the narrow edge (closer blade edge). Worked like a charm. It...
  9. HenryBHough

    Biden: 45 Nations Blocked Chinese Nationals From Entering U.S. Before Trump Did

    He's unwillingly a "great white hope". Gropey Joey would have been born black and a woman, had he the choice, if he ever wanted to be president. As a Democrat, that is.
  10. HenryBHough

    Wartime powers should have been used to censor the press. They are divisive.

    Democrats forgot, when shredding The U.S. Constitution that the second amendment got shredded along with the rest. Perhaps it's time they should be schooled.
  11. HenryBHough

    CDZ The next age

    For years I've been doing my voice-over work from a home studio and emailing it in. The coming of Google Drive made even internet shipment of program-length material practical and simple. These days that part of my it's all pro-bono now) work proceeds from a cleaner, simpler setup. Travel...
  12. HenryBHough

    How Long Before the Revolt Begins?

    Obviously not.
  13. HenryBHough

    9 states refuse issue to stay home orders South Dakota's Gov. says they're draconian measures like the Chinese gov. has done

    Hey, you Democrats don't need no stinkin' freedoms. You gave up your freedom to think when you joined the party. The rest was just automatic.
  14. HenryBHough

    So does Obama have the corona

    He looked in His mirror - saw His halo and mistook it for a corona.
  15. HenryBHough

    Face Masks are Voluntary. Up Next: Mask Shaming.

    Why stop with just a mask? This outfit will keep others at a safe distance and ensure you can shop safely and in peace!
  16. HenryBHough

    What happens if Biden drops out due to mental failure?

    The fix is in for Hillary. But Gropey Joey is so bewildered he can't see that.
  17. HenryBHough

    What happens if Biden drops out due to mental failure?

    Two things happen if Biden drops out: 1. He gets to live a little longer. 2. Hillary doesn't have to make a trip to the ATM.
  18. HenryBHough

    Prognosticate...what does the future hold?

    And an abortion boom in 6.
  19. HenryBHough

    US Postal Service could shut down by June, lawmakers warn

    A postal shutdown would certainly reduce The Democrat Party's opportunities for voter fraud. Bring it ON!
  20. HenryBHough

    56% of US families are worried about being able to feed their family.

    Liberals accustomed to living off government free stuff will have to be marched back to work at gunpoint once this thing is over.
  21. HenryBHough

    One more reason he is a GOAT POTUS

    Yes, it IS different. Ordinarily the wine glasses are not thrown. Simply refilled, drained, refilled, drained, refilled, drained........ True, it's only spendy French White I guess it's no threat to America's economy, those glasses being chucked throughk windows. So long as they...
  22. HenryBHough

    We could lose 20% of small businesses.

    20%? Who's the idiot posting that lowball?
  23. HenryBHough

    The New Normal More Likely The Antibodies Tests--Even Now!

    If testing is required to go back to work expect to spend $50 for a test. Or $500 if you want a negative one.
  24. HenryBHough

    "..a very good job."

    I feel certain The Democrat Party is funding the delay of research that might result in a cure or vaccine. Holding back until after November's election. Anybody seen George Soros lately? How about government closely monitor his offshore accounts to see where the flow goes?
  25. HenryBHough

    Prognosticate...what does the future hold?

    The crisis will pass. The restrictions on your freedoms will not. In every community there will have emerged a Little Hitler who you have allowed to rule by decree. That person will not give up easily and will tighten restrictions to keep his/her/its grip on that power. In some communities...
  26. HenryBHough

    56% of US families are worried about being able to feed their family.

    Liberals being the least prepared, I fail to see any downside to the lockdown going on for months. We who did prepare and survive will count this as "The Great Cleansing".
  27. HenryBHough

    One more reason he is a GOAT POTUS

    You do realize this thread has caused countless little dogs to be kicked, innocent children be shouted at, several thousand windows shattered by thrown wine glasses (oh, and by the occasional bong)! All by liberals unable to express their frustration in mere words.
  28. HenryBHough

    Trump Considering a Second Task Force to Jump Start Economy Once Panmdemic Peaks Pass

    It will have to wait until after January when the new 90% non-Democrat House of Representatives is seated. No democrat will ever vote in any way that helps ordinary Americans. Any attempt at rebuilding the economy is doomed to failure until they're all gone. Permanently would be better but...
  29. HenryBHough

    The Saga Continues: Our Story Thus Far...

    When a writer of short, raving posts suddenly produces an opus magnum one begins to suspect a serious, ban-worthy violation of "cut-and-paste without attribution" rules.
  30. HenryBHough

    Who has influenced fence-sitters the most? Are fence-sitters more inclined to move right or left?

    These days fence-sitters are very likely to experience the feeling of a picket being shoved up their ass.

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