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    MLB may play ALL games in Phoenix as early as May!

    That is an option. Not all people are tech ready. The politicians can put a Bill into Congress for Cable TV reform. They do not. Why? And with it, they can take care of the scam phone calls. They do not. Why?
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    Trump has financial interest in Plaquenil, the brand-name version of hydroxychloroquine.

    You are accusing him of what many of those politicians have done and are doing. You have not problem with that.
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    Breaking news: Sassy Stephanie Grisham is out as White House press secretary after eight months

    A Prog President has nothing but attack dogs as their Press Secretaries. Trump had people who tried to answer questions for at least the first couple years every day. And Deep State Prog shill media people ruined it while trying to destroy Trump.
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    America was biologically attacked, and will never be the same!

    But if you think about it. The first world nations with a lot of technology and comforts will do far worse then third world nations that do not have much to start with. Can the population thin out in a slow and orderly way?
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    Trump has financial interest in Plaquenil, the brand-name version of hydroxychloroquine.

    So what you are saying is Donald John Trump put the whole world in a potential economic catastrophic situation so he can make a few million dollars on a potential virus kill medication.
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    'Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste' 2.0" LPSD Plan To Use COVID-19 Pandemic For Voter Fraud

    You are not trusted. Never again. People in any situation are slow to respond when people like yourself take over a nation. In this one we are still allowed to have guns. They have purchased many of them to warn you. But you are to giddy seeing 99% of the violence one way in your favor. All you...
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    MLB may play ALL games in Phoenix as early as May!

    There has to be a lot of questions of salaries for everyone involved. There is also the question of the expensive Cable TV rates with a good percentage coming from the sports networks forced on people. Cable TV must be pushed to provide Cable Stations by ala carte or individual channels for...
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    San Francisco Chronicle Exclusive: Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy

    In Viet Nam and in other wars, the platoons at times killed their officers on patrol. Because they did not know what they were doing. This Captain may not have known what he was doing as a leader. A carrier is a big ship. Even with thousands of people. Areas could have been cordoned off and...
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    Candace Owens to run for office.

    Funny. He does not sound like that on TV every morning. Trump's policies are not extreme. If you guys come back to power and do your massive tax raising as you usually do, the greatest underground economy in the history of mankind will start and/or become entrenched. In poverty areas there is a...
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    Holding the Fearmongers Accountable

    This is the way it stand snow. You can not stand the red areas. And now after they have had enough, the red areas can not stand you. For what its worth.
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    Candace Owens to run for office.

    If she is, she is not alone. Morning Joe is just one example. Progs have no rules for living. And it destroys people. Social Justice run amok begats the extremism. Extremism begats the end of civility into anarchy
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    Snitches Get Rewards

    There are no shortages of rats. Before this current problem it existed here at every level. People who have no problem giving others information on any individual. Turning molehills into mountains. Those affected by this know it. The absurdity of all this is among the innocent there are plenty...
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    Tiger Great Al Kaline passes away at 85

    Gibson was one mean SOB. He tutored Steve Carlton a bit. When both pitched against each other the game may have lasted an hour and a half as they took the ball and threw it. Combined with many less commercials and the game was more enjoyable to watch analog TV withstanding. The mounds were...
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    Tiger Great Al Kaline passes away at 85

    Kaline, Northrup Lolich and McCain in 1968. Terrible year for violence. Detroit wins series and Apollo 8 circles the moon in peace at the end of it.
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    How many of our own troops have been tortured ?

    At near the end of the Viet Nam conflict, the powers that be ended the draft. We became a volunteer service. That means if we go to war the dissent from the people will be minimized on that front. As soon as the Soviet Union fell we went right back to war. We have been at war since about 1990...
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    San Francisco Chronicle Exclusive: Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy

    This is not the era of Captain Bligh. But there is a Chain of Command. This could have been handled quietly. Or someone wanted to make a name for themselves. President Obama put to much of an infection in the military. Now a smaller percentage is gung ho.
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    Mars rover still set for July launch

    That craft will land on mars like its sister rover ship Curiosity. It is incredible if you have not seen the animation.
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    Mitt Romney should enter the prez race .

    There are convicted felons and then there are felons who are not convicted. The reason why Trump was elected. Whatever you have against him, you deny that others are just that.
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    Here We Go, L.A. Fascism, Bans Gatherings of Any Size "Public and Private"

    Maxine will just be yelling much further from you. But you will still hear her a few seconds after she starts.
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    Ex-Judge Roy Moore Files Supreme Court Brief to Urge End to Marriage Equality

    I am telling you. If our economy falters, big changes will happen! People go back to traditions when civilization is endangered. Either through some saved liberties or authoritarian rule.
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    Woody Harrelson latest star sharing coronavirus

    Most media, entertainers and sports players are nothing but are accorded status. They do nothing for us when it comes to survival. Yet we listen to them as professionals of everyday living. They all could be exterminated and it would not hurt us one iota. Legalized grifters stealing our...
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    President Andrew Cuomo to the National Guard: "So I say, my friends, that we go out there today and we kick coronavirus ass"

    To many years and years of bullshit artists saying the proper Rhodes scholar words in front and the inefficient garbage in the rear from it.
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    Does Covid-19 kill Capitalism, Middle Class and Human Society?

    If we don't the Western Hemisphere may become a cesspool.
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    Poll: Will you buy "Made in China"?

    They They have to many people for that to happen soon. A good portion of the population have not entered the modern world.
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    for the first time in my over 60 years on this planet, I'm thinking maybe we should have stuck with the Brits

    You gotta know the next time Repubs have the House and there is a Prog president, there will be an impeachment proceeding. Repubs have to do this to end this.
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    Mika claims Trump is 'on the take'

    Mika is a new world order globalist. Her father was not a good man. Joe was a Republican that spouted the things Trump is doing currently. Now he sounds like Chairman Mao groupie.
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    Cuomo: 'Umm...whattaya works'

    You Progs spew about the world being evolved. And you follow politicians that are from another era over a half century ago. The old must go. Trump is the new wave. A good one if allowed to try.
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    Commander of Aircraft Carrier Who Called for Help With Virus Outbreak Is Fired

    I do not like one person messing with another. However this is the military. Not civilian life. Obama infected our military very badly. There are people that have become officers who will be slaughtered by their man in a ground war because of quota/PC designed incompetence. Watching communists...
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    President Trump Needs To Do Better With The Act!

    The war is the Prog Socialists versus Trump. Then there is the risk of another war that can drag many nations into it if our nation falters from this pandemic.
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    George W Bush built stockpile for pandemic, warned of not keeping it stocked.

    Obama is a Prog. So he is better. And he knows better also. Why did he not stockpile the goods? Big Prog states with know it all Prog controlled politics also. Whatever reasons. We pay a lot of taxes. We went from foundation infrastructure to human infrastructure starting about half a century...

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