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  1. DarkFury

    Bill banning Israeli settlement goods passes!

    I would not call that great news. Anything that pushes Islam farther OUT of a country I LIKE. It's like blacks VS illegals. We SHOULD use the blacks to shove the illegals out.
  2. DarkFury

    Strzok Is A Jozke

    He is a low life mother fucker whose father in law SHOULD be beating his ass.
  3. DarkFury

    My Adopted Cat Fell About 35 Feet Onto Pavement. She is okay though.

    Consider zip tying cage wire to the inside of your balcony. Works for kids too.
  4. DarkFury

    An Unscientific Mid-term Poll

    Trump took a page out of the Clinton playbook..."It's the economy stupid "Trade debt is dropping as well. Just keep an eye on inflation, We should have SOME but not out pacing GDP.
  5. DarkFury

    Strzok and Page

    Strzok, wonder what his wife thinks of the bimbo?
  6. DarkFury

    An Unscientific Mid-term Poll

    If you give them house control they will impeach but cannot convict. They lose house and senate we could see the greatest market climb in its history. The markets are selling this election even the democrats know this. The message of raise taxes and open borders is not selling.
  7. DarkFury

    An Unscientific Mid-term Poll

    R's hold both houses. Sessions gets FIRED the next day. Gowdy becomes head of the DOJ.
  8. DarkFury

    reality begins - its about time

    Manafort is likely to become the MOST powerful jailhouse lawyer there. Inmates will not attack him, they will seek his advice.
  9. DarkFury

    Brexit chaos (part 94)

    May's leadership is falling apart quite quickly. Boris SHOULD be leading and Nigel setting the details. Brussels can go to hell.
  10. DarkFury

    What is the purpose of the NATO alliance?

    Islamics are the fastest growing group in Germany.
  11. DarkFury

    What is the purpose of the NATO alliance?

    That would be a huge mistake.
  12. DarkFury

    Republican Congressman Buys $3 Million Yacht After Voting For #GOPTaxScam

    If I had 74 million dollars I would buy a yacht AND a lake to put it in. Just some more of that GIMMIE GIMMIE horse shit from liberals.
  13. DarkFury

    What is the purpose of the NATO alliance?

    The next war in Europe will be with islam and Germany.
  14. DarkFury

    DOJ attorney Lisa Page refuses to testify to congress

    FBI.....What was your position at work? Page....On my back with my legs spread.
  15. DarkFury

    Leftists decided to illegally protest outside ICE building in was a mistake

    But guns are evil right? Democrats DON'T need guns, they NEED brains.
  16. DarkFury

    Time to Bomb Rocket Man

    A naval blockade of his ports should come next.
  17. DarkFury

    Does adding a poll help increase views?

    Bring the heat, get the screens.
  18. DarkFury

    Time to Bomb Rocket Man

    Sometimes like it or not you HAVE to stand your ground. This IS one of those times.
  19. DarkFury

    Roe v Wade is not going anywhere, you pompous wingnuts.

    IF RBG dies we get Amy and all bets are off.
  20. DarkFury

    This Is What You're Paying For

    Call Odium he has the matches. Need to pull ALL the WHITE money out of that shit hole.
  21. DarkFury

    Tammy Bruce and Fox

    I would run Tammy Bruce, Tomi Laren and Candice Owens against "The View" and kick their ass.
  22. DarkFury

    Funny shit...

    Islam will run that country in 5 years.
  23. DarkFury

    Attention Potheads

    I have heard good things about oil and fighting liver cancer. Marinol is a script doctors give you as a excuse to blow any drug tests in states where pot is illegal.
  24. DarkFury

    Another so called "Christian" couple headed to prison for watching their child die in agony.

    Your link says NOTHING about their politics you failure.
  25. DarkFury

    Attention Potheads

    The drugs script name is Marinol.
  26. DarkFury

    Attention Potheads

    Doctors sent me home with liquid Hydracondone. I DRAINED it in to the sink. That shit will kill you.
  27. DarkFury

    Attention Potheads

    PAIN is personal, just like cancer. Nothing more personal than cancer. Studies and facts CAN be two different things. A person can take McRocket "study" or the REAL life facts of people and as you see from this VERY thread personal life facts out preform any damn "study".
  28. DarkFury

    Attention Potheads

    Oh please, just SHUT THE FUCK UP. The ADULTS are talking. Take your ignorant pius ass and cripple another thread. And from ALL OF US Cancer survivors.....GO FUCK YOURSELF.
  29. DarkFury

    Attention Potheads

    When you have throat cancer meals come in cans. Ensure and lots of it. What a pain in the ass it was.
  30. DarkFury

    Attention Potheads

    Smoking pot made me hungry something doctors WANT a person fighting cancer to feel. Smoking pot allowed me to sleep, something else doctors WANT to happen. Food and rest are Cancers enemy's as that is when the body rebuilds. A feeding tube stuck in your gut is a painful thing and a hole in your...

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