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  1. blackhawk

    Peter Navarro memo surfaces (warning Trump in January about coronavirus outbreak)

    It says the memo was dated January 29th the travel ban on China came on the 31st of January two days later.
  2. blackhawk

    USMB Coffee Shop IV

  3. blackhawk

    After Corona Virus Lets Never Forget; Republicans Recklessly Put Our Lives In Danger

    Here is something to make another paint by the numbers TDS thread tolerable.
  4. blackhawk

    Nepotism + grifter ... Coronavirus hasn’t stopped Jared Kushner’s real estate empire from hounding tenants with debt collection, eviction lawsuits

    If Nepotism in politics truly concerns you I suggest you check out profiles in corruption especially the Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders portions. You will discover this is something Democrats and Republicans have in common.
  5. blackhawk

    What is the ideal republican solution to the economic effects of the pandemic?

    There is no ideal solution not a Republican not a Democrat one anyone who claims otherwise is a partisan hack, liar, fool or all three.
  6. blackhawk

    Cuomo: 'Umm...whattaya works'

    If Trump told people to hold their breath when underwater some would do the opposite just to try and prove him wrong.
  7. blackhawk

    What is the ideal republican solution to the economic effects of the pandemic?

    That 25 million the Democrats stuck in the stimulus relief bill for the Kennedy Center really went a long way in helping struggling Americans. When your business is closed your hours reduced and your struggling to pay your rent and the basics of everyday life nothing is more helpful and...
  8. blackhawk

    A momentary pause to consider the nature of the man Trump supporters are defending.

    To borrow a line from the movie deep blue sea you the only rich guy who's squeaky clean I would suggest some of you on the left read the book profiles in corruption and get a real eye opener about some of the Democrats you so blindly follow. For the record there is no doubt that you have...
  9. blackhawk

    Has Trump ever taken responsibility?

    Would that be the Ukranian President who doesn't feel that way?
  10. blackhawk

    Has Trump ever taken responsibility?

    You do realize you could apply examples like those to every politican for the last 100 years Republican and Democrat yet you and the other partisans right and left would only care about them from the ones you don't support predictable as the sunrise.
  11. blackhawk

    Has Trump ever taken responsibility?

    What exactly is it you believe he should have taken responsibility for? Outside of the current COVID-19 siuation things have gone pretty well during his Presidency I'm not downplaying or going to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the nation but I would say Trump has responded about as well as...
  12. blackhawk

    USMB Coffee Shop IV

  13. blackhawk

    The Time has Come for Fox News

    Say how are the lawsuits by Nick Sandman against the various media outlets that lied and mislead the public about him going? We know CNN the king of fake news has settled the suit against them.
  14. blackhawk

    The Saga Continues: Our Story Thus Far...

    Short version of the OP I don't like Trump waaaaaaa.
  15. blackhawk

    USMB Coffee Shop IV

  16. blackhawk

    Stock Pile Not the States? The People Of The States Paid For It

    So the left gets we the people pay for this but the fact we the people would have to pay for all that free stuff they promise voters somehow escapes them.
  17. blackhawk

    Jobs report?

    When businssess are forced to shut down and people told to shelter in place this was going to be the inevitable result. Thanks for posting the obvious sharp as a butter knife as always
  18. blackhawk

    Impeach Him Again

    Whatever gets you through the day.
  19. blackhawk

    Impeach Him Again

    The far left the living breathing example of.
  20. blackhawk

    New Ad Shows What Republicans Think of trump's Response To Virus

    Wow an ad Trump really is trouble we all know political ads are 100% honest and are never made to lie to or deceive people.
  21. blackhawk

    How many people do you personally know who have DIED from Wuhan Virus

    I don't know anyone who has died from it nor do I know anyone who has even been infected with it.
  22. blackhawk

    USMB Coffee Shop IV

    Saw gas for a $1.47 a gallon this morning but after seeing how people went after toilet paper like piranha I'm not disclosing the location.
  23. blackhawk

    New POLL: 72% of Americans choose saving lives over the health of the U.S. Economy.

    Really you know it won't crash for a fact? The money for those stimulus packages comes for taxpayer dollars the fewer people you have working the less money there is for things like this and we just had how many millions apply for unemplyment benefits? For the record the economy probably won't...
  24. blackhawk

    New POLL: 72% of Americans choose saving lives over the health of the U.S. Economy.

    Thank you for the pointless moron response consistent as always.
  25. blackhawk

    New POLL: 72% of Americans choose saving lives over the health of the U.S. Economy.

    Do these people think letting the economy crash will have no negative impact or cost lives just curious if they consider that. It's rather sad that we have become such an either or society and that we now believe we can't try and accomplish both keeping people safe and saving the economy.
  26. blackhawk

    Mitt Romney should enter the prez race .

    Wow now the left embracing the rich white male Republican millionarie they trashed and vilified in 2012 these are indeed strange times.
  27. blackhawk

    AOC plan for Coronavirus: Make it legal to abort Medicare recipients.

    This really sums her up.
  28. blackhawk

    "It's A $#!* Sandwich". Republicans Rage As Florida Becomes A Nightmare For Trump

    How is that 25 million the Democrats wanted for the Kennedy Center helping out the unemployed? I don't think to many voters are thinking that is a majory priority right now.

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