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  1. Maggdy

    4 Reasons Why 'Climate Change' Is a Flat-Out Hoax

    Thanks. You compel me pause for thought. You are right, I do not know much about it. I want to answer your first and last questions. But maybe, I did not use the right word therefore Bill Gates answer you : " I’m optimistic that if we keep up this momentum, we can stop climate change and help...
  2. Maggdy

    4 Reasons Why 'Climate Change' Is a Flat-Out Hoax

    And 5. There are those who do not speak a lot about it but they act to prevent it. Bill Gates, Chairman of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, said: ".....The scientists and entrepreneurs who are developing innovations to address climate change need capital to build companies that can deliver those...
  3. Maggdy

    Russian songs

  4. Maggdy

    Mason Ramsey (yodeling in Walmart kid)

    Ukrainian girl :113:
  5. Maggdy

    Climate scientist wants to turn entire Sahara desert into green farmland

    This is really slow. 2008 ".....Arnulf Jaeger-Waldau of the European commission's Institute for Energy, said it would require the capture of just 0.3% of the light falling on the Sahara and Middle East deserts to meet all of Europe's energy needs." Solar power from Saharan sun could provide...
  6. Maggdy

    Climate scientist wants to turn entire Sahara desert into green farmland

    Amen. I hope and want it. But there are the business people from developed countries who also wants to get the benefit. The money is not an aid but an investment.
  7. Maggdy

    Climate scientist wants to turn entire Sahara desert into green farmland

    There is a vast uninhabited area.
  8. Maggdy

    Do you believe that we are now or will soon be overpopulated?

    Texas is a beautiful and giant area. I really like this.
  9. Maggdy


    Uniform this case just one of the things.The uniform just symbolizes the same mentality. No freedom of thought and speech. People have to think and say same what is the power tell. Where is the individuality? Yes, there is personality, but it must be kept in secret. People cannot be themselves...
  10. Maggdy


    I've seen it, moreover, I was in it when I was the kid. Hungary was behind the iron curtain in isolation from the free world. However, this was not a free choice. Hungary came into the hands of Communist in violent ways. Original version Freedom: The flag with the Famous Hole. The...
  11. Maggdy


    Do you say that something is black or white? This is already in the 21st century. Nowadays, information has come straight into own house of people. A long time ago humans had must go to church or school for some knowledge. A long time ago only reading led to knowledge. Nowadays it is possible...
  12. Maggdy


    Point of view, but the facts speak for themselves. You see what you want to see, but the facts remain as facts. In China, children are in school all day long. Usually from 8 am to 5-6 pm. They have no privacy, they only have to live for the community. The “Chinese dream” ?? "President Xi...
  13. Maggdy

    Drone footage captures Moscow dolled up and gleaming for NYE

    It seems there is a strong opposition there in the background. :-)
  14. Maggdy


    Because the Chinese are all the same. Kids wear uniforms at school and do the same for their leisure time.
  15. Maggdy

    Color in Music

  16. Maggdy

    Military song

  17. Maggdy

    Music from around the world

    From Hungary. This is a song from a movie musical. The very popular singer sings the same song in English too. The film musical title is in English the "Hungarian conquest". This is a historical film, a true story of the Hungarian people. This is the original version of Hungarian. And the...
  18. Maggdy

    Germany: Hanukkah canceled, relocated in fear of Antisemitism

    I agree.This should have been done at least 20 years ago. (Jews are celebrating just for 20 years in Hungary on street. In addition, they are living from money of Hungarian taxpayers) Everybody should celebrate their own celebration in their own community. Very good. (and everyone is spending...
  19. Maggdy

    Music from around the world

    methinks this is from Germany
  20. Maggdy

    How is Comrade Trump trying to expand his appeal?

    I do translate for you the message from image. "The storm troopers would be much more friendly if they would use the helmet inversely."
  21. Maggdy

    Unified European Language.

    I surprised, when heard this video. It is true? Is this the Scottish accent? I thought the two men German who were trying to speak English in the lift. I did not even hear such words, English words with German pronunciation.
  22. Maggdy

    How We Got Here....

    How we got it? Sting Russians Lyrics and russian translation
  23. Maggdy

    Congressman Introduces Border Wall Funding Act Of 2017 To Levy 2% Tax On Remittances To Mexico

    I understand you. I'm sorry, I have a bad english yet. BUT I did not write down my own opinion. I just asked!!! I like it when they spend the money on useful things.
  24. Maggdy

    Congressman Introduces Border Wall Funding Act Of 2017 To Levy 2% Tax On Remittances To Mexico

    There is another "enemy". Texas need more walls. But who will pay for it? Maybe God? "Texans want Trump to help build hurricane wall." Texas Lawmakers ask Trump for a 'hurricane wall' - "Texas General Land Office (GLO) Commissioner George P. Bush sent President Trump the request in a...
  25. Maggdy

    May living in another galaxy

    Do you want to spoil my joy?
  26. Maggdy

    May living in another galaxy

    I have left the EU without a loss. :-) I'm in the country of my dreams now. This is really like another galaxy. Forever USA.
  27. Maggdy

    Back hoe: You won't believe your eyes.

    This is very spectacular. And you've seen already this too?
  28. Maggdy

    Just Shoot Me

    This is really funny, because the three mountain means same as the Hungary's on coat of arms. :-)
  29. Maggdy

    Just Shoot Me

    I'm sorry, I see the question, just now. I do not know what it means three mountains, but I have interest. What it means? And you know that Kassa (new name: Košice) was in Hungary until 1920? I am now Galanta. Here, too, many people speak Hungarian. Including, the street names are written in two...
  30. Maggdy

    The "Virtuous" New Nazis.

    They want to go per falsehood way is to the finish? :-) For who this is good? Who loves that, when are cheated? Pitiable team. "Norwegian news site Vartoland said Roll and fellow actor Marius von der Fehr were behind the film, which expressed their opinion. Roll said their intention was to trick...

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