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  1. SeekAndProtect

    Looks like DEMs could be headed for a brokered convention.

    After the retribution against Manafort for helping Trump to win what looked to be a contested convention for populism against the establishment, how many capable people are willing to step up now? Last I heard Manafort was chained to a wheelchair in solitary confinement. Most people can't even...
  2. SeekAndProtect

    The Earth was made for Human beings. There is no need for space travel.

    If we really have satellites in geocentric orbit 22,236 mi away, then give us high resolution pictures of the earth, and real time pictures of the earth from this distance
  3. SeekAndProtect

    Impeachment Proves Nancy Pelosi Is an Idiot

    And also baffling considering Joe Biden was the dnc establishments choice. Not only is he a known commodity, easily blackmail-able, and will go with the plan, but he was also the only one capable of peeling away a rural/southern/'flyover' state to their side. Her actions completely destroyed his...
  4. SeekAndProtect

    In Case You Missed It: Just A Heads-Up On Krystol

    Krystol is a Trotskyist. Trotsky was kicked out of Russia because he wanted to use all of Russia's resources to foment revolutions around the world and Lenin was more practical and realized the needed to feed the people starving under Socialism. He will support the party that will start the most...
  5. SeekAndProtect

    For all the people concerned about 40% of Americans believing in Creationism

    The Big Bang is the creation of all matter out of nothing. Most people railing against Creationism are fanatical Creationists. They believe in the big bang theory invented by a Jesuit creationist, and are disturbed anyone could believe something else or have a different creation date other than...
  6. SeekAndProtect

    Ohio pastor threatens to sue NFL over ‘lewd’ Super Bowl 2020 halftime show

    I enjoyed the show but don't think it was appropriate for children. If you heard women complaining about a 50 year old man unexpectedly shaking his junk in women's faces, would you ask them why they hate men?
  7. SeekAndProtect

    FBI covered up Strzok & Page emails regarding Seth Rich now the FBI is doubling down in their cover

    The FBI and DOJ need to be overhauled to restore their credibility imo. Since this is the conspiracy theory section I suppose I can comment on how the mass shootings which seemed to happen every week under Obama have largely died out under Trump. And it's also troubling that undercover FBI, in...
  8. SeekAndProtect

    All Roads Lead To Ukraine

    Nice summary of Info. I find it suspicious Obama had Guccifer extradited and locked away, even though there is no evidence he saw any of Hillary's emails other than his claim to. I wish more in the news kept us up to date on what happened to him. Can somebody add a source on Obama sealing his...
  9. SeekAndProtect

    Conspiracies Are Bullshit

    Santa Claus is a innocuous conspiracy which teaches children conspiracies are a real part of life.
  10. SeekAndProtect

    Michican state university rolls out website for undocumented students

    There goes the Big10's reputation for well regarded academics
  11. SeekAndProtect

    The Earth was made for Human beings. There is no need for space travel.

    Agree OP, but don't worry if it was possible we'd have bases on the moon by now. But oops we 'lost' that tech haha
  12. SeekAndProtect

    Introducing the Google TV Forums @

    The reason I joined this site is because google and the other platforms were tracking me and I live in a place that's not conducive to political views similar to President Trump. Hope this place isn't affiliated with google

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