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  1. Circe

    The American People Want Gun Control

    I want concealed carry legal in all states -- is that gun control?
  2. Circe

    Coronavirus should give us hope that we are able to tackle the climate crisis

    The difference is that one actually happened, and the other hasn't happened. "Hasn't actually happened" is not a persuasive reason to make big changes in life.
  3. Circe

    Are Joe Biden's Brain Aneurysm Leakages Showing Long Term Effects?

    Hey, what the Baby Boom wants, the Baby Boom gets. Right now, we want the presidency. Both parties. :)
  4. Circe

    Are Joe Biden's Brain Aneurysm Leakages Showing Long Term Effects?

    It might be attractive to a lot of disappointed Hillary voters if Biden does choose her. And he would be 80 shortly after inauguration ---- so it really does make sense.
  5. Circe

    My God! The news is terrible! I have to stop reading!

    Right --- it's probably time to declare a state of emergency, as a number of our state governors have done, only as private persons in our own lives. Take a positive point of view, stop complaining, limit news intake, for instance. Plus avoiding real-life contact with other people for a few weeks.
  6. Circe

    Question for libs: what is your cutoff date for coronavirus vaccination?

    Well, are you a Trump supporter?
  7. Circe

    Have YOU done ANYTHING to prepare for coronavirus?

    I'm a little startled by the innumeracy on this forum. 2.2% is the usual figure (consistent for weeks) being cited for mortality rate of COVID-19. That's 22 times the death rate of common flu, which is about 0.1%. 2.2% is the rate given most commonly as the mortality of the Spanish Influenza...
  8. Circe

    Have YOU done ANYTHING to prepare for coronavirus?

    Yesssss…..also I just found out today that it's a good idea to have sealed buckets of water, not to drink, but to flush with in case the electric goes down and so does the pump.
  9. Circe

    Milwaukee Coors shooter....Black guy who likely supported democrats, wife supported Warren...

    They are ALL insane --- we can assume that. Discount that.
  10. Circe

    Huge rally in the low country 28 February

    I love Trump's idea of having a big rally in the very area right before a Dem primary election. It reminds everyone who they REALLY want to vote for. He'd better enjoy these rallies while he can ---- he may have to stop them for awhile if the COVID-19 kicks up.
  11. Circe

    Will This be the President to Hold Sanctuary Cities Accountable?

    He has to. These places are seceding right out of the United States! Let that go on and on and we've suddenly got a much smaller country ----
  12. Circe

    Trumps Coronavirus Presser... was that a joke?

    I thought he did a good job --- it was a boilerplate "calm down the American public" speech. Interesting that they let Trump add the extra infected person --- it was 14 yesterday, the CDC people kept saying. Now Trump says 15: this means we've turned up another community-infected person. Good...
  13. Circe

    “Biden: Sometimes I Wake Up and I Think It’s 1920 and Not 2020.”

    Oh, well, that's not a gaffe ----- there's a lot of that going on. ;-)
  14. Circe

    SJW's have ruined Movies/TVseries

  15. Circe

    This could get interesting

    Sure ---- it's creeping secession. Not whole states one after the other as in 1860--61 but town by town, county by county. The Left started it with their refusal to cooperate with federal immigration laws, and now the right is doing it against 2nd Amendment encroachment.
  16. Circe

    According to many in the Corporate Media, both Bernie Bros and Trumpsters are “Nazis”

    I was so annoyed at the leftists hating on Chris Matthews (Nazi-calling!) because he quoted from Churchill's WWII autobiography about the Fall of France that I started watching him today. He's better than he used to be, I think: more neutral reporting.
  17. Circe

    Trump Virus, what virus?

    It could certainly infect a lot of us --- but we are in better shape than most countries right now. And people are preparing and learning how to avoid it. That DOES help stop outbreaks. The death rate is looking to be in the range of the Spanish Influenza of 1918, 2.5%. Could be higher than that...
  18. Circe

    Trump Virus, what virus?

    I've been expecting that news --- we have military in all the hot spots, even northern Italy (that air force base). Military is crowded together so it spreads fast. They can't bring them back here, I don't think --- right? But deaths in the military from COVID-19 will upset people.
  19. Circe

    DOW down nearly 1000 points

    So 1900 points down on the Dow in two days. Okay, nobody jump in to buy yet --- we have at least two more waves coming. Stocks may plunge again on awful news from Europe, first. Two luxury hotels have now been locked down -- no one in no one out -- in Europe, as well as the very impressive and...
  20. Circe

    On what major issues do you support Bernie Sanders?

    That's right, and it's something we really like about Trump, too. Trump said he thought Bernie would be a good candidate, because Bernie was like him, Trump. He's right about that. The personalities have a lot of similarities. And they are likeable.
  21. Circe

    Biden totally messed up in the head

    Worrying. I do think the several mistakes Monday night are a bad sign. So Biden would be a GREAT candidate for Trump to run against. I'm a lot less worried about him winning against Trump than about Bernie. So let's support Biden for the Dems ----
  22. Circe

    Nutjob temporarily blinded after having eyeballs tattooed

    Beautiful eyes, though...………….. I hope it lasts well.
  23. Circe

    How Staged Was This?

    This is sabotage. I'd LOVE to know who paid these people to do that. I suspect it's the Dems cleaning off the stage.
  24. Circe

    Why Trump should win and why I may even vote for the guy....

    No, you're one of the few who ISN'T a Russian bot, IMO --- and I appreciate that in a poster. There are too many of those Putin minions.
  25. Circe

    Oregon health authority won't reveal how many are being monitored for coronavirus

    You know why! They are trying to stop panic in their state. Here is something that worries me: Afghanistan just reported their first (diagnosed) case. They have a long border with Iran, where the virus is running free. Of course Afghanistan has zero health system, so presumably it's running...
  26. Circe

    Here we go again, liberals...with this pandering to black voters crap!!

    Did anyone notice Bloomberg surrounding himself with nothing but blacks behind him in a speech he was giving? It looked like a Hillary Clinton campaign stop. If she EVER had any people behind her who weren't black or wrapped in those hijab things, I never saw it. Fine, they only want black and...
  27. Circe

    Going Galt?

    Sure --- good topic. I was startled this morning when Fox Business put on someone to ask if some of this market plunge today has to do with Sanders looking so strong after Nevada. They agreed not yet --- but that after March 3, Super Tuesday, if Sanders is sweeping everything or even well ahead...
  28. Circe

    Why Trump should win and why I may even vote for the guy....

    Point I'd like to make --- you all know I worry about the many Russkies infiltrating this site and often pretending to be black, because I can tell from their English that they are not. tigerred *IS* black, I would say from her language and cadence, utterly unimitable by Russians. We all need...
  29. Circe

    Why Trump should win and why I may even vote for the guy....

    Well, not CRASHED...…. it is down 3% this morning. A plunge, and no wonder, with no cases of COVID-19 in Lombardy, Italy, Friday, and 7 DEAD this morning and a cordon sanitaire set up locking in 11 villages, and the rest of northern Italy cancelling everything -- church, schools, carnival...

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