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    CNBC and MSNBC are liars

    We know.
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    Gun legislation even I can support

    This is how it starts. What is so hard to understand about "Shall not be infringed"? This bullshit is the fringe.
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    Republican bill stops funding to states issuing DL's to illegals

    HAHA,HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN TO THE HEARTLAND? ever? You wanna guess at how LONG it's been since I even SAW a beaner? or a black, for that matter? Go ahead, guess. Here's 1 clue, I was in Wallyworld back last year sometime and I saw a black woman there, I had to look twice to be sure. No, get away...
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    Pathetic Obama Claims Credit For Trump Economic Boom

    Obama Tries To Take Credit For Trump’s Economy. It Backfires Bigly.
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    Republican bill stops funding to states issuing DL's to illegals

    Another dumbass comment. It also let's illegals get to and from American jobs they should not have, it gives them the "semblance" of legality and being citizens. It allows them to open bank accounts illegally and too many other things to mention to a know nothing moron. Sheeese.
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    More than 6 in 10 Americans say they feel better off after first 3 years of Trump, poll finds

    My "economy" is locked in, I am retired, get a VA pension and live within my means. Which means, I remember Ike when he was my President and right after WW2 and during Korea, I felt safe in America. Never noticed it much, til it was gone, but NOW, I feel safe again under Trump. Know what I mean...
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    Something for Trump's supporters to think about

    There's only one thing to think about knucklehead...
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    Easiest photo editing software for a beginner

    You don't need Photoshop just to resize, trim, clip, lighten, darken or change hue. He asked for something simple and I imagine, free or cheap.
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    Easiest photo editing software for a beginner

    If you bought it new, look in the box, there should be a DVD with software on it. Install it and use it. It'll do all you will want to do.
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    Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman: Account of Trump’s Ukraine Call Omitted Key Details

    When does questionable become questionable? who determines that? If it's one man, it's just an opinion and we all know about those. Questionable ought to be decided by a committee.
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    Bad week for the Democrats

    Maybe you should leave if you don't like it, cause there is at least 5 more years of this. :206:
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    Bad week for the Democrats

    What Nasty Baloni REALLY did with her copy of the SOTU; on Twitter
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    Pelosi tears up SOTU at SOTU

    Nasty Baloni won't survive this one. She's a whack job. Nobody likes a whack job.
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    Trump acts like a child while everyone else stands for the anthem

    Anyone who has built a video from scratch knows this is fake, the joke is on you for being stupid enough to post it. HAHAHAA Now THIS is real... Turned Lib For What?
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    Pompeo verbally assaulted an NPR reporter.

    LOL, Tards, you can really start whining now, Pompeo got that NPR bitch kicked off the plane and she's walking back now. LOLOL
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    Pompeo verbally assaulted an NPR reporter.

    I heard the interview, a couple times. The NPR swine was being a ****. I'd have knocked her on her ass.
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    If Hunter Biden takes the 5th, Trump is 100% vindicated, and Joe Biden needs to drop out

    In the good old days, people would have just diappeared forever.
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    Fantastic Political Ad

    She was on Fox yesterday I think, She'll win.
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    Does Trump make people feel like they should do better..could that be why the Left hates him?

    Even the left can't answer that. Go ahead, ask one or 50. I been trying to get an answer why they hate him since he rode down the escalator.
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    IG Report Reveals After Steele Was Terminated For Speaking To Media, He Funnelled Claims Through....

    You really are a numbnutz. Twist it any way you desire, you have not changed anything I said. But, you goofy fucktards are always like that. Not sure if I expected anything else though. ftttt
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    IG Report Reveals After Steele Was Terminated For Speaking To Media, He Funnelled Claims Through....

    Hi again numbnutz. Still hating on your duly elected and honest president I see. Too bad you are too illiterate to read some real history. My brother knew John McGoon on the Forrestal. He told me after the famous fire that McShit started by horsing around and that killed so many good men, that...
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    The fast way to solve California homeless?

    It's not the cost of the mini-house and materials. It's the lot it sits on.
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    Trump lies to attack industry sector

    Only a fucktard thinks he's lying.
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    "EPIC! Fearless Veteran Actor Angrily RIPS Adam Schiff and NANCY Pelosi To SHREDS"

    Why the surprise Voight? The left are communists. Godless, ignorant, treasonous communists.
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    Harvard Law Begs Students To Work For Trumps Judges, But There Are No Takers

    Ain't saying much for the quality of students at harvard. Bunch of stupid bastards if that is true. Parents are probably stupid tards too. If you are an employer, please, never hire a leftard.
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    Revenge of the Sith Lord: Trump Turning the 9th Circuit Conservative

    Lower prices at the pump, in the store, at the tax counter, but a lame brain wouldn't be expected to ever see that. He'd credit that black traitor for it.
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    Ruh Roe - AG Barr going after Soros?

    I hope soros is whacked with a brand new shiny 50 cal. slug.
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    Economy Reaches Longest Expansion in U.S. History

    So what we gonna do??? I know, let's impeeech foteyfi.

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