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  1. Jackson

    Me again...How to I change my avatar? Please help...:(

    I am back but I need an avatar. John Wayne gave me a picture but I couldn't get it on my picture file. I worked for hours last night trying to get pictures in my picture file. Suddenly, one popped up. Now I can't change my avatar! I am so dense! Can anyone help?
  2. Jackson

    I'm Jackson and I am BACK!

    Thank you so many of you for going through that with me. Flacaltenn helped me. He's a wizard! Hope to hear from all of you again!
  3. Jackson

    What are cities doing with the homeless?

    Started thinking of San Francisco and their homeless problem.. The streets could be called Virus Avenue! Are they putting them up in those fancy hotels? Are they going to disinfect them first? Lord, what a mess! I saw some jails are opening the doors because the virus could wipe out the...
  4. Jackson

    What to do since you cannot work

    Take a look at these elephants that found themselves on a farm. They got drunk on whiskey and are sleeping it off. My jealousy know no bounds!
  5. Jackson

    A Must Meditation tape for these trying times

    I promise you will feel better after meditating with this tape!
  6. Jackson

    Biden ad fact-checked: Campaign gets ‘four Pinocchios’ over video ‘trickery

    An online campaign ad from former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign earned four Pinocchios in a Washington Post fact-check, which said the ad engaged in "video trickery" to omit parts of quotes and leave out context in an effort to make President Trump look bad. The fact-check from the paper...
  7. Jackson

    A Time to show your personality is during a crisis...

    What is coming out most in you" Anxiety due to the illness around the globe? Blaming the president for not doing enough? Blaming our earlier administrations for not encouraging manufacturing too stay or come back to the US? Watching the news and planning your time? Taking advantage of...
  8. Jackson

    Are Biden and Sanders still on for the Debate on Monday?

    Inquiring minds want to know! And I am eager to watch Biden when he doesn't have a script. I expect him to cancel it, but hope he doesn't.
  9. Jackson

    Bernie Speech just on...Is he giving up?

    No... even though it is thought that the party wants him to give up so there is no fight in the party creating a division that would hurt them in November. Bernie is expecting to debate Biden on Sunday (CNN) he gave a list of questions that he plans on asking Biden how he would handle some of...
  10. Jackson

    Watching the primaries and thinking about our choices...Dear God, watch over us!

    Well, it looks like Biden could be the candidate for president if the statistics stay in his favor. The question is will. he remember he won? And whoa, when he finds out he said "You're full of shit and called a voter a horses ass, will he be embarrassed! And did you see him "SHUSH" a women...
  11. Jackson

    China coronavirus quarantine hotel collapses with 70 people trapped under rubble

    China coronavirus quarantine hotel collapses with 70 people trapped under rubble A five-storey hotel reportedly housing quarantined coronavirus patients has collapsed in southeastern China leaving up to 70 people trapped under the rubble. The Xinjia Hotel in the city Quanzhou collapsed just...
  12. Jackson

    My God! The news is terrible! I have to stop reading!

    The news is getting crazy. Cruise ships quarantining passengers, more and more getting sick. People putting their dogs down in fear of the virus! Airlines cutting back their flights, some won't go over seas, Black rain in Japan, Stock market down again over virus problems, not enough test...
  13. Jackson

    DOW Futures up over 200 points.

    Let's pray the crisis is over!
  14. Jackson

    Trump is in India at a rally of 125,000 people completing the great friendship

    I have to say I am amazed at the Foreign policy of Trump. Each week brings us closer to making peace in countries where we haven't had it and he solidifies the friendships all over the world. What a president! This week is a peaceful pact with Afghanistan and there are more people in that...
  15. Jackson

    This just can't be true! Hillary and Bloomberg?

    Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate, says Matt Drudge
  16. Jackson

    Hillary is thinking of running as VP on anyone's ticket. Oh Lord!

    If she does that we don't even need an election. Just give Trump the keys and we are all set. Hillary has balls, doesn't she?
  17. Jackson

    And now lets hope for one, maybe two more SCOTUS Justices....

    Just sitting here hoping...
  18. Jackson

    Hooray For The Gop! It's Over! Now All We Need Is The Vote...

  19. Jackson

    Elizabeth Warren: Out of her mind! Ask the 9 year old Trans child who will select the next Sec. o

    Warren Says Her Secretary of Education Would Have To Be Vetted By 9-Year-Old ‘Trans’ Child Warren says that she will have a "young trans person" interview her future Secretary of Education and only hire this future secretary if the young trans person approves. This in reference to a question...
  20. Jackson

    Bolton impeachment testimony could be a test for Chief Justice Roberts

    Bolton impeachment testimony could be a test for Chief Justice Roberts Early in the day, during a short break from the proceedings, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., reflected some pessimism about the chances of reaching the 51-vote threshold Democrats need to call witnesses...
  21. Jackson

    ABC's States and Capitals

    Plays just like the Countries game, but this time it has to be a US state or state capital. ARKANSAS
  22. Jackson

    ABC's Countries

    My grandson and I play this in the car. One starts with naming a country that begins with A, like ARGENTINA The next thinks of BOLIVIA now someone thinks of a country that begins with C...
  23. Jackson

    Help Me! I'm a Victim! Poor Me...

    I am a person of color...Help Me! I am a Victim! Poor Me! I am a woman...Help Me! I am a Victim! Poor Me! I am handicapped...Help Me! I am a Victim! Poor Me! I am an immigrant...Help Me! I am a Victim! Poor Me! I am an illegal....Help Me! I am a Victim! Poor Me! I come from a...
  24. Jackson

    Human Nature and factions within our Government Agencies working against the Common Good

    I have been about "Human Nature", factions and passion from the Federalists Papers. Our form of government is a Republic as opposed to a Democracy. In a Democracy, everyone has equal say to make decisions for the laws and running of the government. That sounds good, until you think about...
  25. Jackson

    I think I'm going to be my grandson's worst nightmare~

    I have been increasingly interested in the Constitution with Kavanaugh being our newest Supreme Court Justice and the questions that arise about the Impeachment, I find I just want to know more. I just bought a High School Textbook, WE THE PEOPLE, to become educated on the Constitution and the...
  26. Jackson

    Can Political Polls be trusted?

    Can political polls really be trusted? No, the polls cannot be trusted. Biased news outlets, such as CNN, Reuters, The Washington Post, and ABC News, have been found to be disproportionately polling more registered Democrats and presenting the findings as a fair representation of all voters...
  27. Jackson

    Rules of Engagement: Impeaching the President

    Rules of Engagement: Impeaching the President A Microscopic view of What this is all about 1. The House appointed a key committee that included Democrats only in a secret meeting room in the basement of Congress. Is this the proper way to begin a...
  28. Jackson

    We know about Trumps Accomplishments, but what about Accomplishments from Congress?

    I feel like I have been rude. I spout off about Trumps first three years accomplishments, blah blah, blah. I didn't give anyone a chance to tell (or brag ;)) about Congress' accomplishments. I am so sorry! Go ahead:
  29. Jackson

    Hunter Biden...What a catch! :rolleyes:

    EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden to be a daddy for the FIFTH time! New South African wife of VP's son is seen with a baby bump amid his messy paternity case and concerns over barrage of attacks from Trump loyalists Hunter Biden's new wife Melissa Cohen Biden, 32, is pregnant and in her second trimester...

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