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  1. Obiwan

    New POLL: 72% of Americans choose saving lives over the health of the U.S. Economy.

    So you think that the average person should get a few bucks, and universal health care (which will have to be paid for from this point on)... But the corporations and business owners that actually hire people should just be left to absorb the losses or go under...
  2. Obiwan

    Trump Fires Inspector General Who Sounded Alarm On Ukraine Call
  3. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

  4. Obiwan

    Biden campaign says he backs Trump’s China travel ban

    Does this mean Crazy Joe and Hunter won't be flying back to China for another payoff???
  5. Obiwan

    We're a backup according to Trump

    Well, THAT sure brings us to an interesting scenario... Since the blue states refuse to work with Trump, he apparently needs to take primary responsibility by placing them under martial law, and having the federal government run things in those states, right???
  6. Obiwan

    Venezuelan warship attacks German cruise ship and gets sunk.

    Or possibly France....
  7. Obiwan

    Has Trump Forgot That Ben Carson Is A Doctor???

    But then what would the Democrats do when we don't have anybody to take care of their housing???
  8. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    Actually, Manafort has a record of working with Democrats.... Just ask Podesta...
  9. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    What harm will it do??? As a matter of fact, it could give Biden a chance to clear his name... Unless Biden is hiding criminal behavior...
  10. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    OLD NEWS??? They were trying to get Biden to testify just over a week ago...
  11. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    Maybe you should actually read the source, and see who's humiliated... At a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Wednesday, MP Andriy Derkach announced that deputies have received new materials from investigative journalists about international corruption and the participation of...
  12. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    Actually, if you weren't so retarded, you would have noticed that I used an official UKRAINIAN news source for my first source.... And if you would have even bothered to read it, the source laid out the ties between Burisma and the Democrat Party in detail...
  13. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    Actually, you didn't know because you're either too partisan, or too stupid to do your own research...
  14. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    You didn't know Ukraine is investigating Burisma and the Democrat Party again???
  15. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    Then be glad we didn't have Biden to import even more Coronavirus carriers...
  16. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    So you're counting on all of those new Democrat voters Biden found???
  17. Obiwan

    COVID19 Now Third Leading Cause of Death in the USA
  18. Obiwan

    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    Who says Biden isn't interesting??? Everybody is following Crazy Joe to see what insane stuff he comes up with next!!!!
  19. Obiwan

    Oh dear god, they're now saying the virus can be spread by merely talking or breathing

    So now the leftists can fight the Coronavirus and globull warming at the same time if they just stop breathing???
  20. Obiwan

    Black Communities Ravaged by COVID-19. Black Churches Still Meeting.

    Well, the Democrats can't let a little thing like COVID-19 get in the way of their narrative, can they??? Even though they have a different pastor now, Obama's old church in Chicago is still having their Sunday worship service... And COVID-19 is taking off in...
  21. Obiwan

    Texas semi fire, destroys TP

    24 rolls??? We knew you were full of shit, but isn't that going overboard???
  22. Obiwan

    Biden's dementia getting worse.

  23. Obiwan

    Biden's dementia getting worse.

  24. Obiwan

    Sundowners Biden Teases Three-Point Plan To Fight Coronavirus, Can Only Remember Two Points

    Should we remind him that he needs to diagnose the disease by sniffing people, then cure them with his "magic hands"???
  25. Obiwan

    Top Democrats say party's convention may be canceled over coronavirus threat

    They almost act like they're afraid any of them that die from the Coronavirus won't still vote (multiple times if necessary)...
  26. Obiwan

    We need to get Trump out of office, we need to vote for whoever is the Democratic potential Pres.

    Translaton: "I'm a brainwashed Democrat, and I'll vote for a steaming pile of dogshit as long as it has a (D) after it's name"...
  27. Obiwan

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    I actually think they were idiots that let the media scare them into taking fish tank cleaner.... And if they didn't vote Democrat before, they sure will now!!!
  28. Obiwan

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    I think Trump should just tell them NOT to take cloroquine phosphate (because it WON'T cure the Coronavirus), and the Libs would eliminate themselves within a matter of days....

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