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  1. gtopa1

    Your Favorite Things About Israel

    You are never alone while God touches your heart. Greg
  2. gtopa1

    Anything Goes Humor

  3. gtopa1

    Mitt Romney should enter the prez race .

    Mitt. He had his chance; God said "no!!". Greg
  4. gtopa1

    We're a backup according to Trump

    Hillary's supporters birthed that one!! lmao Greg
  5. gtopa1

    We're a backup according to Trump

    Are you really saying that Billy IS A TRUTH TELLER!!! lmao Why the invective? There's a pandemic on. Last I heard you hadn't died so someone is doing something right. Greg
  6. gtopa1

    Corona beer suspends production due to coronavirus

    Nearly all our beer is foreign to you. I like "barbed wire". Taste went backwards in the 1980s though. Overpasteurised due to stupid Gov regulations. Greg
  7. gtopa1

    Most famous person you have ever met?

    No one though I did see Pope JP2 in Darwin. Greg
  8. gtopa1

    Back When Late Night Shows were Funny, Remember That?

    Don Lane was good. Greg
  9. gtopa1

    My Coworker Tested Positive for COVID-19

    Sounds like BS to me. Greg
  10. gtopa1

    Tulsi: We Now Need Universal Income

    I love Tulsi but she is politically nuts. Sad!! Greg
  11. gtopa1

    Toilet Paper Crisis.Survey.How Much Do You Have?,,One Month? Two Months Supply?,Your Walmart Empty?

    Instead of toilet paper use gum leaves; also helps prevent bushfires!!!
  12. gtopa1

    The Dr. Fauci - President Trump Lack of Agreement

    Fuck you and all who ride you!!!! Greg
  13. gtopa1

    Consider this...

    You want me to post pictures of black on black murderers??? lmao Stupid irriot!!! Greg
  14. gtopa1

    Should Chinese Americans Receive Stimulus Checks For The Virus They Caused?

    Don't be such an idiot. You said "AMERICANS".......all for one and one for all...DemoKKKrats excepted of course. Greg
  15. gtopa1

    Harvey W. Gets new digs and a new roommate to try on for size!

    I agree that Weinerstein is a typical Dem; asshole jerk, but I am not convinced that he's a rapist. Three fails on serious rape charges and two gotchas on lesser charges but he still gets more than an axe murderer.........methinks the appeals will get him off. What does that do to "#metoo"...
  16. gtopa1


    Not odd at all; they are GOD'S CHOSEN ONES; stubborn beggars. But hey; that's GOD'S business; I don't interfere with it. Greg
  17. gtopa1


    The "only time" indicates you read garbage from garbage sites. I want the scum OUT OF OUR CHURCH as well as any who enabled them. One little problem; BLOODY PROVING IT!!! And damn that tiny little provision in The LAW!!! Greg
  18. gtopa1


    Huh??? Crikey; what a mash. It'll take some time to sort this out. Any anti-semitism is of the greatest evil and is the work of the devil. That does not mean that I will agree with Israel on all matters. For instance they didn't dispose of Hasafat early enough; that the wanker was allowed to die...
  19. gtopa1


    Einstein put US back at the center of creation; cool hey!!!:beer::beer::beer::beer: Greg
  20. gtopa1

    Joe Biden might not be the greatest debater or the best candidate, but at least...

    The strong ones didn't get a shoe in; the fix was in when Biden decided to run; he knew he had the Dem machine. Nothing changed. Now that I think of it there was only one really; Tulsi. She's the only one both camps in the Dems could have got behind. Glad they didn't; her policies are shit! Greg
  21. gtopa1


    Yes indeed, but of course we remain diligent to the asses within our own faiths. I had a bit of a blue with a Catholic anti-semite on more than one occasion. He was imo an jerk. I was fortunate to have nuns teach me young that, because God promised the Jews to be THEIR God, he just doesn't...
  22. gtopa1


    I don't converse with Rosie enough; she's a goodun!! Greg
  23. gtopa1


    I've not noticed that here and I'm a Catholic. I suppose we really don't care WHAT others think of us. There is one Lutheran however but I digress; amazing on how many other things we agree on. There was one Jew (non-religious) who was a right asshole but he was banned. Then again; all religions...
  24. gtopa1

    The toughest thing about the virus......

    Who's panicking?? Just ordered two pallets of Toilet Paper to be sent to my ex-boss's place. COD!!!:113::113::113::113: Greg
  25. gtopa1

    More Tales Of White Supremacy And White Privilege

    WRONG. You're a liar. Just because you're assumption is that all white men consider you inferior has ZERO to do with your colour. Your character is frankly sadly wanting if you assume such as you do. You are also very predictable. Now go vote for an old white man in November. We know which one...
  26. gtopa1

    More Tales Of White Supremacy And White Privilege

    Depends on your character. So far I've seen little to earn respect. "white man bad" is hardly an edifying assumption on your part. Greg
  27. gtopa1

    More Tales Of White Supremacy And White Privilege

    The Congo; Rwanda... Greg
  28. gtopa1

    Tom Hanks has coronavirus

    Autumn (fall) here you knob!!! And yes; Tom and his sheila are in my home town at one of the best Hospitals in Oz(No 6). They'll survive quite well I suppose. It was the closest of the major ones. Best Hospitals - Australia Greg

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