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  1. Synthaholic

    Iran Attack Proves MAGA Is Fake

    The response from Trumpers over this assassination of an Iranian officialGeneral shows that MAGA was just another con from Agent Orange. There is no “MAGA agenda” - it’s a cult. They’ll follow him into war with Iran or peace with North Korea, whatever he decides to do on a given day, even if...
  2. Synthaholic

    Is Manafort Trump’s Russian Handler?

    This thread makes a lot of sense.
  3. Synthaholic

    Hillary Was Right, example #1029

    ...and Trump lied. Where are all those coal jobs he promised to bring back? And what was Hillary’s plan for those disappearing jobs that are never coming back? Oh, yeah. This: *snip* The mine closures alone were "catastrophic," according to a 2019 report by the Resource Legacy Fund, a...
  4. Synthaholic

    Wife Divorces Trumper after his Love for the president causes her ‘frustration and embarrassment’

    It’s definitely a cult. This is how cults break up families. Trump supporter divorced by his wife after his love for the president causes her ‘frustration and embarrassment’ Trump supporter divorced by his wife after his love for the president causes her ‘frustration and embarrassment’ | Raw...
  5. Synthaholic

    The Russians Are Laughing at Trump, U.S. Again

    Because he’s a laughing stock and an idiot who talks all day and night on an unsecured phone, so foreign governments all know his schemes. Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Agent’
  6. Synthaholic

    Fox News Poll 12/15/2019

    It’s not looking good for Mr. Trump.
  7. Synthaholic

    They talked about impeaching POTUS before the election!

    I mean, REALLY!!!!!! .
  8. Synthaholic

    Maxine Waters' GOP Challenger Just Got Arrested on Felony Charges

    First it was Ilan Omar’s challenger - arrested - and now Auntie Max! :laugh: You sure can pick ‘em, Republicans. Maxine Waters' GOP Challenger Just Got Arrested on Felony Charges Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) has long been a target of the Right wing due to her vociferous opposition to...
  9. Synthaholic

    Another Win For AOC!

    I look forward to her first term as POTUS in the near future. Amazon is STILL coming to New York without a single gummint handout.
  10. Synthaholic

    Want A Better Economy? History Says Vote Democrat!

    From noted Liberal source....Forbes. :lol: Want A Better Economy? History Says Vote Democrat! *snip* The authors looked at a range of economic metrics including inflation, unemployment, corporate profit growth, stock market performance, household income growth, economy (GDP) growth, months...
  11. Synthaholic

    Trump whisked off to Walter Reed for a “physical”

    ...but there are many fishy things going on. There is speculation that he had heart palpitations.
  12. Synthaholic

    Russia Takes Control of US Military Base

    This is disgusting. What a humiliation for America’s military, delivered on a silver platter by Trump to his master Vladimir Putin. Watch the video here: Brett McGurk on Twitter
  13. Synthaholic

    Border Protection Commissioner Admits No New Border Wall Miles Built

    Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Who’s the biggest loser, Trump or his army of morons who believe him? :lol: Border protection commissioner admits no miles of new border wall have been built despite Trump's claim of "great progress" President Donald Trump has been claiming that the border wall is...
  14. Synthaholic

    You’ve all been studied

    Apparently... I ran across this on the Interwebz. Does anyone remember Bridget? The US Message Board & Online Anonymity (Phase 1) With Link to Final Project Blog
  15. Synthaholic

    The Tiresome Demand to Coddle Republicans

    Excellent op-ed that everyone who’s tired of whiny snowflake Republicans should read. THE TIRESOME DEMAND TO CODDLE REPUBLICANS The Tiresome Demand to Coddle Republicans | Dame Magazine On Sunday evening, a stadium full of baseball fans banded together to boo Donald Trump, and chant of “Lock...
  16. Synthaholic

    USMB on iPad getting worse

    Have you changed anything? Where did the icon disappear to, that allowed you to expand the vertical size of the reply box? I just replied to a post and the text box was maybe 5 lines visible. Also, when you select text within a post and get the drop down containing ‘copy’ and ‘reply’, the...
  17. Synthaholic

    Intel Dem: No reason for White House to defy subpoena unless Trump is 'guilty'

    What other explanation is there? Intel Dem: No reason for White House to defy subpoena unless Trump is 'guilty' . House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Denny Heck (D-Wash.) said Friday that there is no reason for the White House to defy a congressional subpoena for Ukraine-related documents...
  18. Synthaholic

    The Trump Economy

    Now that his ride on Obama’s coattails has ended... Now that the artificially goosed economy from the #TaxScam is wearing off... We’re now left with The Trump Economy. Lets take a look...
  19. Synthaholic

    Mossad Chief: Russia Picked Trump

    Republicans love them some Israel, so there should be no argument as to the veracity of this. RUSSIA PICKED DONALD TRUMP AND RAN HIM FOR PRESIDENT, FORMER ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE OFFICER SAYS Russia picked Donald Trump and ran him for president, former Israeli intelligence officer says Russia...
  20. Synthaholic

    Republicans - They're all grifters and crooks

    Another "conservative" crook. A Roger Stone acolyte. Conservative commentator Karyn Turk admits to stealing mom’s Social Security Instead of using $17,300 in government checks to pay for the care of her mother who was ravaged by dementia, Turk used the money for herself, a federal attorney...
  21. Synthaholic

    Trump’s Defenders Have Plenty of Lame Excuses

    This is from National Review, the nation’s leading conservative publication. The author is highly respected (on the right, anyway) Ramesh Ponnuru. Trump’s Defenders Have Plenty of Lame Excuses No quid pro quo! It’s just politics! Democrats did it too! Punching back *snip* Those of us who...
  22. Synthaholic

    Missouri man flies to California, sets 13 wildfires, then tries to fly home, cops say

    Anyone want to guess who he voted for in 2016? Missouri man flies to California, sets 13 wildfires, then tries to fly home, cops say A Missouri man flew to California, spent two days setting wildfires, then...
  23. Synthaholic

    Add Another Impeachment Charge

    Criminals are gonna criminal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  24. Synthaholic

    The Original Reporting About Hunter Biden/Ukraine

    James Risen. Impeccable credentials. No bias. Republicans can’t slime this guy since they've cited his journalism for years. Sorry wingnuts. I Wrote About the Bidens and Ukraine Years Ago. Then the Right-Wing Spin Machine Turned the Story Upside Down. I Wrote About the Bidens and Ukraine...
  25. Synthaholic

    Republican Profiles In Courage - A Short Thread

    Let’s track Republicans as they try to keep any semblance of dignity. First up - Mitt Romney! Go Mittens: Ok, weak sauce. NEXT!
  26. Synthaholic

    The Socialist State Provides

    I remember so-called “conservatives” were grabbin’ their pitchforks in OUTRAGE over Obama bailing out the Auto industry for $12B. And they paid back every cent. Think the farmers will be required to repay the US taxpayer? If not this is flat-out Socialism. But now the Right is a cult who won’t...
  27. Synthaholic

    Sundowning POTUS

    His dementia is getting worse. Sundowning, or sundown syndrome, is a neurological phenomenon associated with increased confusion and restlessness in patients with delirium or some form of dementia. Most commonly associated with Alzheimer's disease, but also found in those with other forms of...
  28. Synthaholic

    Greg Craig Not Guilty

    sorry MAGA Morons. No Obama scalps for you! Obama White House Counsel Gregory Craig acquitted on charges of lying to Mueller's team Former White House Counsel Gregory Craig is in the clear. Craig was found not guilty Wednesday on a felony charge of lying to the Justice Department about his...
  29. Synthaholic

    The DOW is down 500 points

    Thanks Trump!
  30. Synthaholic

    Trump smiles, gives thumbs up with orphaned baby

    What a POS. Using this baby for a photo op, smiling and giving a thumbs up at the results of his words.

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