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    We need to stop over-reacting to the Coronavirus.

    1. This medical emergency has greatly distressed me. (I am 82.) a. I grieve for those who have died. b. I sympathize with those who have been infected. c. I feel terrible for those employees who will lose their job or see their hours drastically reduced. 2. Effective tomorrow, therefore, I...
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    mostly of them regret after hit it.

    Most lottery winners are just ordinary folks. When they get a lot of money, they freak out. And "friends" and relatives start showing up. Soon they have spent all the money. They are something like ordinary people who become actors and athletes who suddenly earn big money and are the...
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    Italy to turn away the elderly as PUBLIC RUN HEALTHCARE system is overwhelmed.

    1. As an 82-year-old, I read this news with some interest. 2. If I were in an overcrowded lifeboat with much younger people, and they had to throw one survivor overboard lest the lifeboat capsize, I could understand who would have to go.
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    So I'm watching a Tom Tryon marine movie

    It is not nice to belittle Hollywood actors who are in the closet. Even today in 2020, most closeted gays are afraid (quite rightly) that their careers would be in jeopardy if their private lives were known. I have to admit: If I knew that an actor was gay (not bi-sexual), and I saw him in a...
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    Putin Just Gave Trump Another Idea... Just Reset Your Term and Stay in Power!

    No one is sure. Here are some possible candidates: Alexis de Toqueville Joseph de Maistre Alexander Hamilton
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    Mayor Khan gliding to easy win

    As a wise man once said, "People get the government they deserve."
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    Newly Elected Muslim Congresswomen Favor Eliminating Israel

    It would be more productive if some people would stop their campaign to eliminate Israel and spend more time improving the economic conditions in those Middle Eastern countries and even developing some degree of democracy.
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    Putin Just Gave Trump Another Idea... Just Reset Your Term and Stay in Power!

    Congratulations to the czar. A wise man once said: People get the government that they deserve.
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    Something Ain’t Right with Sundowners Joe

    Yes, Mr. Biden is not well. He should be spending his time at home resting and relaxing with his family and friends. I am pretty sure that the DNC will make sure that his campaigning is limited so that it does not wear him out. I think that he will win (especially if his Vice President is a...
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    Trump Is Nothing If Not Petty and Vindictive

    1. I voted for candidate Trump. 2. I would vote for him again in a New York minute. 3. But I am very disappointed that he has come out against Mr. Sessions. a. That is not very nice.
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    The List Of Democrats Who Want Republicans To Die From The Virus Is Growing By The Day

    1. I really enjoy watching Mr. Oswalt on that old TV comedy "The King of Queens." 2. I am so sad that he made that statement reported in the OP. a. A while back, his wife died suddenly. All of us felt so sorry for him.
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    Behind Cruz's Florida Rampage, Obama's School-Leniency Policy

    One mistake of President Obama's administration was to cave to activists who charged that two certain ethnicities were being singled out for suspension because they were defiant toward teachers. President Obama's administration ordered all schools receiving federal aid to stop such suspensions...
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    DNC Nominee Must Pick Black Woman:NY Times

    1. I would never lower myself to read the fake news in the once great New York Times, BUT that so-called newspaper is right. 2. Mr. Biden must select an African American lady as vice president. a. Then a certain ethnicity will turn out in droves to proudly vote for such a ticket. b. Because...
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    Convenient store stand-your-ground shooter charged

    Ah! That is even worse, then. One does not confront a dangerous person's wife or girlfriend.
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    Convenient store stand-your-ground shooter charged

    My point was that the older gentleman should never have confronted the younger gentleman in the first place. Have a nice day!
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    Convenient store stand-your-ground shooter charged

    Yes, when it comes to low violent crime rates, Asians are truly the Model Minority. A big shoutout to them. When I see them coming toward me on the sidewalk, I do not fear.
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    Convenient store stand-your-ground shooter charged

    1. I remember reading about this incident back when it happened. 2. The shooter was wrong to confront the scofflaw who parked in the disabled zone. 3. I have noticed that some older Caucasian gentlemen do confront young people of ethnicity X. a. In my opinion, this is a sign of arrogance. 4...
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    some folks say Woodrow Wilson is the worst president in history. some say Obama. what do you think?!

    President Lincoln was, in my opinion, the worst president. A wiser person could have found another way to deal with the South. The Civil War not only took the lives of at least 600,000 young men, but it resulted in Reconstruction and then segregation and then the Civil Rights movement and...
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    Politics completely aside, Is Joe Biden mentally unfit to be President.

    1. If Mr. Biden's family really cared about him, they would insist that he leave the nomination contest. 2. If Mr. Biden really cared about (a) his own well-being and (b) the people of this country, he would immediately withdraw from the contest. 3. If Dems were really the humane people that...
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    When the coronovirus plays itself out, what will be the next big media story?

    The next big media story (which the liberal media will downplay as much as possible) will be the failure of the Dem candidate for president to campaign adequately because of mental confusion and physical exhaustion. Between his nomination at the Dem convention and the November election, it may...
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    Liberal policies lead to broad daylight store looting in San Francisco

    What's happening in Frisco is just a harbinger of what the whole United States of America will be like in the coming decades. Pity our great-grandchildren.
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    Myths and Facts: The Right of Return and UN Resolution 194.

    That was then; this is now. Israel deserves to be a Jewish state. That is why it was established. The Palestinians should negotiate over the West Bank and Gaza. They are not returning to what we now call Israel. That would mean the effective end of Israel as a Jewish state and a democratic...
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    Biden Bombshell: FOX News digs up old clips of Sleepy Creepy Joe using N word & disparaging women

    As the old joke goes, "Nothing can stop his being elected except for his being caught in bed with a teenaged boy."
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    Was Bernie always over-rated?

    In all fairness to the Distinguished Senator from Vermont, all politicians are overrated. Just as all movie stars, athletes, etc. are overrated. As a wise person once said, "Never meet your hero in person, for you will be sorely disappointed."
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    White Supremacist writes "white pride” into the sidewalk in front of a black-owned fitness center

    Hoax hate crimes (and hoax charges of rape) should be severely punished. But, of course, they never are, for the hoaxers are considered "victims" because of their ethnicity and/or gender. This country, I feel, is headed for a grim future.
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    Joe Biden is fighting Sanders on rules for next debate. Biden wants to sit rather than stand.

    If the thread title is accurate, I think that sitting down would be fine. In fact, if Senator Sanders is truly a humane Socialist, he will realize that making frail Mr. Biden stand for two hours would be very bad for the latter's mental and physical health. And if there is a Biden - Trump...
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    Kamala Harris Endorses a Known Racist!

    Many people assume that Ms. Harris is on Mr. Biden's vice presidential shortlist. Received wisdom is that the vice president must be a woman and a woman of color.
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    Why almost all african states are poor and failed?

    Nothing is sadder than the corruption, brutality, and poverty of almost all African nations. I sincerely feel that one reason is that their European tutors granted independence too early. Actually, this idea does not apply only to Africa. I have never forgotten reading the comments of a...
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    Who are the Israelis?

    Who are the Israelis? 1. I feel that they are people who want to have a safe place to live. a. For thousands of years, they have been persecuted and slaughtered. They just ask to be let alone in that tiny strip of land called "Israel." 2. I feel that they have a right to consider Israel as a...
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    Yuge: Ohio Family Bakery Stopped Shoplifter, Protesters Called Them Racist, Jury Awards Them $11M

    1. A shoutout to the jury members for supporting the bakery's owners. 2. If the trial had taken place here in liberal Los Angeles, the jury would probably not only have refused to grant any financial compensation but would probably have demanded that the bakery pay that thief compensation...

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