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  1. ba1614

    Black Sabbath up for 3 Grammys

    Growing up as a teenager in the 70s I was nuts for Sabbath, and here they are back together and kicking ass once again! This 13 is an outstanding album, same distinctive sound as ever! Black Sabbath (13 - 2013) - full álbum - YouTube
  2. ba1614

    What one good guy with a gun can accomplish

    British hero of the mall massacre: Ex Royal Marine with a handgun saved 100 lives as terrorists ran amok | Mail Online Wonder if we hear about this heros actions by the gun grabbing crowd?
  3. ba1614

    al-Qaeda attack averted, 2 arrested

    Good work Canada! Plot to blow up passenger train averted Sun News : Major terrorist attack on Canada averted
  4. ba1614

    Bravo Mr Harper, Bravo

    Man, I wish America could find a leader like this guy. "And then there was the big bombshell dropped by Canada, on the eve of the APEC summit, that it would cut ties to Iran and declare that country a state sponsor of terrorism. That made headlines around the world." Iran, global security...
  5. ba1614

    What the fuck Canada

    Ont. dad arrested after daughter draws picture of gun: Reports | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun I've been spending a lot of time in Canada the last couple years(Northern Ontario) and this isn't the Canada I know. What the fuck?
  6. ba1614

    UN Moment of silence for Kim Jong Il?

    How much more evidence is needed to demonstrate the uselessness of this organization. UN moment of silence for Kim Jong-il | Video |
  7. ba1614

    Screen is stretched?

    I admittedly am not a google/search cowboy, but I did try to search for my answer but was unsuccessful. Viewing a thread I have to keep scrolling to the right, Viewing the topics is fine, it is only when in the thread. It looks like it is something to do with the user rankings, they...
  8. ba1614

    USA Vs Canada for mens hockey Gold

    USA Vs Canada on Sunday for the Gold! With the way Smith has been playing all year, and especially in this tourney, I'm feeling awful confident!:smoke: Should be a great game!
  9. ba1614

    Base Commander charged with 2 murders

    WTF? This is some scary shit and I'm wondering what they find when looking at past postings of his. I find it hard to believe he just started this sickening shit. UPDATE: Trenton base commander charged in Lloyd's death - Belleville Intelligencer - Ontario, CA
  10. ba1614

    Big day for USA hockey!!

    Team USA just defeated the powerhouse Team Canada, in overtime, to win the World Jr Hockey Championships! In Canada no less!! This stops the Team Canadas streak of championships at 5. Way to go boys!!:woohoo:
  11. ba1614

    Mother murders infant, no charges filed

    I just seen this on tv and couldn't believe it. Because the mother didn't cut the umbilical cord, she won't be charged for smothering her newborn. If this is actually what happened it's sick. Mother won&#39t be charged in newborn baby&#39s death | Lynchburg News Advance
  12. ba1614

    Cap and trade fraud already in Europe

    It didn't take crooks long to figure out how to fuck the taxpayer over. CBC News - Money - European fraudsters steal $7B in carbon credit scam
  13. ba1614

    Will Obama do anything about Van Jones?

    What do you think?
  14. ba1614

    Defeat the debt pledge :clap2:
  15. ba1614

    George Washington Bridge security guards fired

    lol, just seen this on the news, too fuckin' funny. Guy on a bike caught some poor fella sleeping 3 times in one day so he snapped some pictures and turned them over.:lol: Read more: George Washington Bridge security guards fired after being photographed sleeping on the job
  16. ba1614

    ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan

    Interesting Do these assclowns not yet realize they are going in the tank because people are aware of their obvious bias? ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan
  17. ba1614

    Changing the meaning of 9/11?

    So instead of a day of reflection on what happened, and those that perished on that day in 2001, it's now going to be the "National Day of Service"? The American Spectator : Obama's Plan to Desecrate 9/11
  18. ba1614

    John McCain townhall

    It's on fox, the ole boy looks pretty fired up so far.
  19. ba1614

    GE pays $50M to settle SEC fraud suit

    Is there anyone in bed with this admin that isn't crooked? SEC charges GE with accounting fraud - Aug. 4, 2009
  20. ba1614

    Steppin' up the media tour

    Looks like the dems have been busy getting every bleeding heart story in the land to a camera today, in preparation of tonight's "major" address.
  21. ba1614

    Lawmakers Warned About Health Costs

    CBO Chief Says Democrats' Proposals Lack Necessary Controls on Spending "Under questioning by members of the Senate Budget Committee, Douglas Elmendorf, director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, said bills crafted by House leaders and the Senate health committee do not propose...
  22. ba1614

    USMB Fantasy Football

    I'm just looking if there's enough interest to put together a freebie USMB Fantasy Football league on Yahoo, ESPN, or wherever. I could set it up, or someone else, I don't care. So, anyone interested?
  23. ba1614

    Obama buying houses now?

    and folks here were laughing about getting their mortgage payments made for them too. Because someone tries to live above their means to the point that any of life's hiccups will sink them, we'll buy their property that is worth less than they owe, pay off the mortgage, then we'll charge...
  24. ba1614

    Supporting Member

    Just wondering if people who donate with the "support this site" are "supporting members" as well, or it's only people who upgraded their membership?
  25. ba1614

    Al-Qaeda kidnapps US Soldier?

    Fox just announced that Al-Qaeda has published a message that the have in fact kidnapped the US soldier who's been missing for a week. I can't find a link on it yet however. I'll be praying for this young man and his family.:sad:
  26. ba1614

    The great sperm race

    I just saw a commercial for this and hadn't heard of it yet, fuck, what' next? lol:lol:
  27. ba1614


    It looks like you have an interesting place here. I'm looking forward to participating. I'm not a Liberal nor a Conservative. I think for myself and make my own decisions based on information I can gather, and my personal beliefs. Cheers

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