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  1. Bleipriester

    Israel´s health minister has Corona

    What can I say? Even the health ministers get it.
  2. Bleipriester

    The President who goes?

    Jair Bolsonaro faces criticism over his handling of the Corona crisis and the military says they are ready to replace him.
  3. Bleipriester

    Rick and Morty

    Wow, here comes a mini episode!
  4. Bleipriester

    Damascus Police conducts Corona Patrols

    The threat is taken seriously everywhere in the world.
  5. Bleipriester

    Toilet Paper Thieves at large

    Two men are believed to have stolen precious toilet paper. "Police and Emergency Services Minister David Elliott urged anyone with information to come forward and report to police. "I support any measures taken by police to protect our communities from this sort of disgraceful criminal...
  6. Bleipriester

    Will you take the socialist money?

    Trump´s stimulus includes free stuff for everyone, not just the fat cats. So, isn´t that bad?? SOCIALISM, it means, for everyone, not just the fat cats. Really EVIL!
  7. Bleipriester

    Corona was created by the toilet paper companies

    Isn´t that obvious? They knew if they would make a nice virus, people would get out to buy tons of toilet paper.
  8. Bleipriester

    For Sale!

  9. Bleipriester

    How does testing for the coronavirus work?

    Read here how it works. How does testing for the coronavirus work? | The China Post
  10. Bleipriester

    Each state has its own Corona website

    You can consult them all here. Here's a complete list of every state health department's coronavirus website - KYMA
  11. Bleipriester

    "Corona" is just the flu

    Dangerous for entire countries but the cause is just the hyperbole. Corona is just a common influenza virus that mutates every year. About 10 % of all flu cases are Corona, year by year. Plus we have flu time.
  12. Bleipriester

    Defender 2020 and Corona

    The aggression-maneuver is most likely to be cancelled after the US announced that no more troops are coming and only the 5500 troops that already arrived will partake and Germany cancelled its participation completely due to Corona, officially.
  13. Bleipriester

    Trump Corona Screening

    This will absolutely, 100 %, prevent the spread of Corona! A tremendous job! Terrence Daniels (Captain Planet) on Twitter
  14. Bleipriester


    Very interesting imagery.
  15. Bleipriester

    Erdogan waits

    and waits and waits...
  16. Bleipriester

    "Chemical attack" and nobody cares

    Here comes another Netflix blockbuster or something.
  17. Bleipriester

    Boy balls sucking Merkel regime annuls election using threats

    Whether you are left or right leaning, you should always know that the regime of the boy fuckers and their "parties" are after your skin, they are after your hair, after your eyes. They also were after your asshole but since you learned to read, no longer. In Thuringia, Germany, a new Prime...
  18. Bleipriester

    Refugees are storming German driving schools

    The regime of Angela Merkel is spending millions to provide driving licenses to refugees while it attempts to make invalids like me security staff and furniture mover. They surely claim this will improve their occupational outlook but the real goal is to ensure they are not going back to Syria...
  19. Bleipriester

    Trump killed Soleimani because he talked bad about the US

    So we have the actual reason for the attack on Soleimani. Imminent Threat? Trump Tells Donors He Ordered Soleimani Strike Because He ‘Said Bad Things About Our Country’
  20. Bleipriester

    Trump lied: US soldiers were wounded in Iranian attack: US Military

    Trump cannot even tell the truth when asked what is 1+1. The US military said, several were wounded in the Iranian attack. Iran missile attack: US troops were injured despite Pentagon initially saying there were no casualties - CNNPolitics
  21. Bleipriester

    25 million attend Soleimani´s funeral: Iran

    I wonder, if Trump has tweeted something about this. How many will attend his funeral, one, Trump? Iran says 25 million people attended Qassem Soleimani's funeral
  22. Bleipriester

    Actual terrorism trumpslaves are silent about

    Is there even a single thread about this? "The United States is preparing to remove more than a dozen Saudi military students from a training program and return them to their home country after an investigation into a deadly shooting by a Saudi aviation student at a Florida navy base last...
  23. Bleipriester

    Malware on your Obamaphone

    Your Obamaphone (UMX U683CL) could be full of Malware. There are preinstalled, un-removable Apps on it that might be Malware. - The Wireless Update app, a system app that can update your phone´s software, is able to install apps without the user´s knowledge and permission. It can shovel...
  24. Bleipriester

    Can the US intercept missiles?

    Trump receiving Iranian missiles could turn out to be a major game changer on the world stage. Not only are there no reactions but also no missiles were intercepted. Trump could not react to the Iranian retaliation without exposing 5000 more US troops to Iranian attacks.
  25. Bleipriester

    Can the US intercept missiles

    Trump receiving Iranian missiles could turn out to be a major game changer on the world stage. Not only are there no reactions but also no missiles were intercepted. Trump could not react to the Iranian retaliation without exposing 5000 more US troops to Iranian attacks.
  26. Bleipriester

    Did Soleimani carry a letter to Saudi Arabia?

    This is what Iraqi PM Mahdi allegedly said. "Hadj Soleimani was in Baghdad at my invitation. He was scheduled to visit me and carried a letter with him from the Iranian leadership on how to de-escalate tensions with Saudi Arabia." Of course, this explains the two events: - US kills Soleimani...
  27. Bleipriester

    Iraqi PM to Pompeo: GTFO

    They mean it. Iraq tells U.S. to lay down "mechanisms" for withdrawal in phone call between Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Mike Pompeo - 2020-01-10 - CBS News
  28. Bleipriester

    Guaido elected President of parallel parliament

    The filth of Guaido entered the National Assembly by force and declared himself its President for another year. But his action was rejected by his own followers and a new "parliament" was installed in the premises of the El Nacional newspaper, where Guaido finally declared himself President of...
  29. Bleipriester

    World Dictator Trump, what if my country asks your troops to leave?

    I wonder what happens when the German parliament asks America to withdraw its forces, but that is just my shithole opinion which doesn´t count. "We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that's there. It cost billions of dollars to build. Long before my time We're not leaving unless...
  30. Bleipriester

    Guaido composted

    Guaido is no longer President of the National Assembly in Venezuela. The parliament voted Luis Parra into office instead. Guaido trying to enter the assembly like a monkey: As non-president of the NA, Guido also can no longer assume presidential power.

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