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  1. Johnlaw

    Biden wants you to risk your life and vote for him...

    LOL..Trump appoints his arrogant basket case son-in-law Jared Kushner to the coronavirus committee and the OP says Biden wants to risk your life! You can't make this up. Trump is playing Russian roulette with this nation by his inept decision making and incompetent appointees. Kushner being...
  2. Johnlaw

    Which songs by the Beatles are your favorites?

    I thought for sure yours would have been, "Why don't we do it in the Road".
  3. Johnlaw

    Bill Withers

    Great singer and great songwriter. RIP Bill Withers.
  4. Johnlaw

    Joe Biden is unfit to hold ANY public office

    I just did. You just don't like my answer.
  5. Johnlaw

    Joe Biden is unfit to hold ANY public office

    LOL...A plank of wood would make a better president than Donald Fuckup.
  6. Johnlaw

    How Do You Rationalize Kushner? just proved my point. You would have asked the same question if Trump appointed Melania.
  7. Johnlaw

    How Do You Rationalize Kushner?

    Trump bootlickers would praise Trump if he put Eric, Melanie or even Barron in charge of the coronavirus crisis team.
  8. Johnlaw

    Man tried to use a train to ram the USSN Mercy hospital ship

    Trumpers/conservatives are saps for conspiracy theories. Look at all the Trumpist/Conservative Conspiracy theories that are posted and abound on this board. It does not surprise me in the least that there are conservative whack jobs out there who look at everything as a government conspiracy...
  9. Johnlaw

    U.S. intel concludes China reported fake numbers to conceal true size of coronavirus outbreak

    Anyone worth their salt knew that the Chinese were under representing the number of people with the virus. Of course, if you believe that the Trump administration was gullible enough to beleive those numbers, then who is to blame that we did not eyes and ears on the ground in China to confirm...
  10. Johnlaw

    Former Obama white house physician: Trump is saving lives.

    He withdrew because he was blatantly unqualified.
  11. Johnlaw

    Former Obama white house physician: Trump is saving lives.

    Ronny “the Candyman” Jackson???? That moron who was nominated by Trump to lead the Veteran’s affairs office and whose name had to be withdrawn. Is that who the OP is relying on? Now that is the very definition of desperation.
  12. Johnlaw

    Fauci getting threats

    Can you smell me? Is that what you ask under your avatar? The answer is yes. You reek of stupidity. It is morons like yourself that are encouraging, perhaps unintentionally, death threats against heros like Dr. Fauci. He is aiding America in its time of need and trying to keep us alive. You...
  13. Johnlaw

    No excuses for Trump and Moscow Mitch

    Trump and Trumpists are just making excuses for Trump's cluster fuck response to the crisis. Trump downplayed it at every opportunity. He didn't give a shit about it until the pressure was too much. This excuse is just laughable.
  14. Johnlaw

    Cuomo's presidential press conferences.

    When will the nursing home take away you computer? Your threads get more whacked every time you post.
  15. Johnlaw

    trump's Corona Virus Bounce Fizzles

    Sez Chaz Bono's dobbleganger.
  16. Johnlaw

    trump's Corona Virus Bounce Fizzles

    The Trump Administration response to the Covid-19 virus has been one big clusterfuck. Trump's screw ups are becoming clearer with every passing day and every time he opens his mouth.
  17. Johnlaw

    de Blasio Was Too Busy Fighting Climate Change to Prepare NYC for This Pandemic

    Exactly, LOL this thread is hilarious as these same Trumpers called this pandemic a hoax, media hype, etc. and they were all wrong. Hey Weatherman,..thanks for proving that you Trumper conservatives don't know your science from a hole in the Wall.
  18. Johnlaw

    Trump catches Melania furtively watching daily Cuomo briefing!

    Melania wanted to see a real man at work. :dance:
  19. Johnlaw

    Trump Was Fighting COVID-19 While The Democrats Were Spending Millions Trying To Destroy Him..Yet They Claim He Did Nothing

    "Impeachment" is the newest excuse by Trumpists to defend Trump's clusterfuck response to the pandemic. Everyone is to blame except Trump. Forget that Trump played down the virus at every opportunity until just recently.
  20. Johnlaw

    "Crazy" Trump Just Told the Truth About Voter Suppression

    That is just a lie Trumpist use when you have nothing to argue.
  21. Johnlaw

    Do You Feel Safe At This Time With Trump At The Helm?

    Having Trump at the helm is like having a cross between Capt. Ahab and Capt. Edward J. Smith guiding us. Combine them and you have Trump leadership in a nutshell.
  22. Johnlaw

    He thinks they're tuning in to see him.

    Let me translate this for you: Elect a game show host as president expect him to act like a game show host.
  23. Johnlaw

    We need to get Trump out of office, we need to vote for whoever is the Democratic potential Pres.

    So, who is the right candidate who “isn’t a piece of shit” we can vote for. Give us an example.
  24. Johnlaw

    We need to get Trump out of office, we need to vote for whoever is the Democratic potential Pres.

    We can only hope. The Country needs that corrupt, incompetent moron out of office. However, I have my doubts, as of today anyway, whether Biden can beat him In the states that matter.
  25. Johnlaw

    "It's like pneumonia times ten!"

    You are right. These conservative coronavirus denying dimwits will never apologize for dismissing the severity of this virus or for the deaths their obstructionism has caused. Pathetic pro-life hypocrites. How many nitwits took Limbaugh seriously and caught the virus we can only speculate.
  26. Johnlaw

    When the US reaches 250,000 deaths, how will republicans respond?

    Heaven’s you are one dumb fuck.
  27. Johnlaw

    Of Course Trump Wants His Name On Checks

    Best Post of the Thread!
  28. Johnlaw

    Of Course Trump Wants His Name On Checks

    So we all work for Donald Trump. Is that what you are saying? According to Trumpists, the USA is now Donald Trump's personal fiefdom and is apparently our new Big Brother. Trumpists truly are a cult. Only those on their knees to Donald Trump would ever say something so inane. These folks are...
  29. Johnlaw

    Trump Is Considering A Federal Quarantine Of NYC -- Totally Owning The Libs

    You obviously don't have a clue what the definition of treason is. As far as China, the only person I know that has praised communist China, Mao and the cultural revolution is Trump himself: Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump...
  30. Johnlaw

    Trump Is Considering A Federal Quarantine Of NYC -- Totally Owning The Libs

    It is friggin Trumpist morons like yourself that have brought up sacrificing grandma and grandpa for the economy. You Trumpist asswipes are all the same. Trump caused his own problems, but you idiots have to blame everyone but Trump.